News From Downtown Concord New Hampshire: Pastorgate?


loan documents lead to site behind church

By DANIEL BARRICK  (Concord Monitor)

Lawyers investigating an alleged financial scam in the Lakes Region say the father of the man accused of orchestrating the fraud received $2 million in bogus loans with his son’s help.

Robert Farah, pastor of Center Harbor Christian Church, says he’s a victim of the alleged scam run by his son, Scott Farah. But in Belknap County Superior Court yesterday, lawyers investigating Scott Farah and his former business partner said Robert Farah profited from his son’s alleged fraud.

Attorney Thomas Donovan, who’s representing several former investors of Financial Resources Mortgage in Meredith, said he and the trustee overseeing Scott Farah’s bankruptcy recently uncovered loan documents, signed by Robert Farah, that detail money collected from investors, supposedly to finance a housing development behind Robert Farah’s church more than three years ago. But only two houses have been built so far, and lawyers say they don’t know where the rest of the money is.

“If that doesn’t implicate Robert Farah, I’m not sure what will,” Donovan told Judge Kathleen McGuire yesterday.

Jim Donchess, a lawyer for the trustee overseeing Scott Farah’s bankruptcy, said his records confirm Donovan’s claims.

“There is a total of $2 million in loans guaranteed by Robert Farah. And there doesn’t seem to be anything close to $2 million in assets to back that up,” Donchess said.

Outside of court yesterday, Robert Farah said those claims were news to him. He did not deny signing the loan documents and guarantees but said, “I didn’t know what I was signing.”

“I did not know that,” Robert Farah said of the loans he’s alleged to have guaranteed. “I know this is going to sound stupid, but I did not know that.”

Robert Farah said he wanted to review the documents with his lawyer. Asked where his son was, Robert Farah said, “He’s somewhere,” and walked away.

Robert Farah’s attorney, Erland McLetchie, did not return a phone call yesterday.

According to the trustee overseeing the case, Scott Farah used his business, Financial Resources Mortgage, as a front for a massive Ponzi scheme that swindled as many as 500 people out of at least $80 million. The company closed its doors without warning in early November, and Farah’s former investors say they have no idea where their money is.

State officials have forced Financial Resources Mortgage and a related company, CL&M, into bankruptcy, and the FBI and Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating the matter. Neither Farah nor his former business partner, Donald Dodge, have been charged with a crime.

Yesterday’s hearing was the latest court proceeding to tie the elder Farah to his son’s alleged scam. At least one former investor has sued Robert Farah claiming that the pastor induced him to invest with Scott Farah, a charge Robert Farah has denied. The trustee overseeing Financial Resources Mortgage has also been granted permission to question Robert Farah and gather information about his ties to his son’s business.

The property Robert Farah is alleged to have solicited loans for sits behind his church, on the Center Harbor-Moultonboro border. According to Donovan, the land was donated to Robert Farah several years ago.

The property is divided into 14 lots of about 1 acre each. A quarter-mile road, called Colonial Drive, runs through the property. Just two of the lots have houses on them; several others have foundations or piles of dirt, or are covered with thin woods.

Friday Funny From Sweeden: Floor collapses at Sweedens’ Weight Watchers Clinic

The floor of a Weight Watchers clinic in Växjö in south central Sweden collapsed on Wednesday night beneath a group of about 20 participants in the diet programme.

The Weight Watchers participants had gathered in the group’s facilities to see how much weight they had lost.

As it turned out, however, people’s weight was not the only thing to fall.

“We suddenly heard a huge thud; we almost thought it was an earthquake and everything flew up in the air. The floor collapsed in one corner of the room and along the walls,” one of the participants told the Smålandsposten newspaper.

Then floor then started to give way in other parts of the room. Shortly thereafter, the smell of sewage began to waft up into the room.

“We’re going to have to find a replacement premises,” Weight Watchers consultant Therese Levin told the newspaper.

But the Weight Watchers didn’t let the damaged floor stop the evening’s weigh-in.

When everything had calmed down, the participants instead moved the scales to a nearby corridor and set about seeing how many kilos they had shed. And this time the floor held.

No one was injured in the incident, the cause of which is still under investigation.
TT/David Landes (

SCHWARZENEGGER VS THE POOR (Part 73) attack on public transit


election wasn’t a referendum, it was a call for action from an actor.    One day you were watching Day’s of our lives and the next moment you weren’t and gone was your lights.    No Power?   Rolling brown outs…  What the hell……

Hitler had a larger fan base than then governor Grey Davis.   He was responsible for everything, the fat content in Snickers bar and the Pontiac Aztec and had to go.

Legitimate  candidates  stepped  up from both sides  but it was difficult to compete with the Terminator….  Unlike the other candidates,  Arnold had no real plans to fix our energy crises…..and told the voters ,elect me and then I will tell you my plans once I’m in office and in record numbers the electorate turned out for the Running Man.   For a second time in the states history, elected an Actor and Sacramento had a tourist attraction.

Sometime you get what you ask for…..

He made good on his promise for repealing an unpopular increase in the vehicle registration fee  the problem was that increase was needed for the state’s budget  and he didn’t have an alternative.    He has rejected luxury taxes on the wealthy, his reasoning the taxes wouldn’t bring in enough revenue to be affective.

Today, the state and its assets are up for sale.    Services for the poor and middle class have been slashed.   Funding for public education has been cut .  Public Schools are being closed and consolidated all over the state to make up for the short fall.    Taxes for the cities has been cut.

In the last three years the governor has raided transit funds by diverting  gas tax money that’s dedicated to public transit.   So far over three billion dollars.

In 07, the California Transportation Association, a coalition of local transit agencies,  like MUNI in San Francisco, RT in Sacramento and  La’s Metro, sued the state,saying the repeated raids on transit funds were illegal under rules set by Proposition42 and other transportation funding  measures passed by the voters over the pass 10 years.   The court agreed and last year ordered the state to pay back 1.2 billion dollars.  

So far, none of it has been paid back , and transit advocates say it probably never will be if the governor’s gas tax scheme becomes law.

Meanwhile, transit agencies are cutting service, eliminating lines to make up for the short fall.

8 million Californians take one form of transit,  if your concerned email your elected representatives.

Politician blames Transvestite alter ego for sunny Island Freebie

From The Local,  Stockholm Sweden

This is Ursula at the Ice bar, posing for Smirnoff Vodka promo

High profile Centre Party member of parliament Fredrick Federley passed the buck to Ursula, his transvestite alter ego, when put on the spot for accepting an all expenses paid trip to Gran Canaria.

The politician told newspaper Aftonbladet that his trip in early January was sponsored by around ten different companies, including budget airline Norwegian.

Pressed by the newspaper on why he had accepted the paid trip, despite claims that he generally refused offers from the airline industry, Federley replied:

“Well, this was pretty much tied to my drag personality, Ursula. It’s not me as a member of parliament doing this; it’s more a case of me travelling as my drag personality,” he said.

Federley has not made any secret of his predilection for cross-dressing, recently arriving as Ursula at the Swedish Mr Gay competition.

Dismayed by the newspaper’s line of questioning, Federley dismissed what he felt was an insinuation that he had only taken on the job for the sake of a free holiday in the sun at a newly built four-star hotel.

“Sometimes I get asked if I want to do something extra that has nothing at all to do with my parliamentary work. If it doesn’t clash with the job, I’ll take on a commission. And like anybody else I’ll ask to be paid for it,” he writes on his personal website.

Federley explained that the purpose of the trip was to prepare travel tips for people intending to travel to the Spanish island’s annual drag queen carnival. The invitation had come from gay community website where the politician maintains a blog, the title of which translates as “The Other Side of Federley”.

Though apparently baffled by media interest in his extra-curricular activities, theMP was sure to maintain his keen business instinct.

“Maybe this will mean more publicity for Ursula, which in turn will lead to more work,” he writes.

HOTEL CONFIDENTIAL: It’s My Pleasure to Be Your Night Auditor

By: an unknown and wonderful lady in the Sacramento Area.

Of all the nights in our hotel, I must say that I primarily  enjoy the u most has to be those incredible weekends.

I  looked forward to parties ,weddings,soccer and baseball matches and those we can’t  do this at home so lets rent a room  types of frivolity, that make my job as your night auditor so intriguing.

Yes, it’s my pleasure to serve you.

In fact, it’s begins just when your check in.  I can feel the excitement stirring in my breast when I watch your children grab fists fill of our complimentary candy.  Of course , I totally  understand why,when they don’t like a flavor, they spit those horrid morsels onto my nice clean floor.  And  that cute little  “oh well”,they’re just kids type of shrug you give me just makes my night.

Goodness, I am so sorry that of all the hotels  our Marriott chain that you’ve stayed at, I’m the only…..what was that you mentioned? ah yes-imbecile that has dared ask your for your ID, along with your credit card.     How moronic of me that I wouldn’t take your word for it. when I’ve never seen you in my life.   I’m sure someone’s see you lately.

And to think I couldn’t tell from the beginning that little fluffy was a trained guide dog when you actually carry her wherever you go.    I can’t believe how thoughtless and cruel I could be for asking to see her Service Dog tags.  I sincerely hope I didn’t hurt Fluffy’s feelings.

Naturally, I realize that being chaperons for a very lively ,Little League team is horribly demanding, so not I certainly don’t mind all nine of your relaxing on our back patio with five twenty four packs of Miller Highlife to take the edge off., while I chase down all your sweet ten year olds.   Happy to help out.  Anytime, tomorrow night too?    Sure-no problem.

I also enjoy those imaginative little surprises you leave me in the stairwells.   The unwrapped poopie diaper, the chunky vomit (which I find easier to clean than the purée type), and of course ,the night wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t get to clean up a hallway full of chewed and spat out  sunflower seed husks.   My all-time favorite by far was the cleverly devised  trail of partically sucked-on jelly beans during easter weekend  that led me on a merry cleaning spree down two hallways and up three flights of stairs ending at a colorful,sticky pile near your doorway.   I wonder if you’d noticed your little dears were out on their own having such fun.  It must have been thrilling.

Again, my humblest apologies for looking so shocked when you called me that interesting name  after I so rudely interrupted your fun little scream fest in the pool.  How insensitive of me to inform your that the pool had closed ten minutes ago-when I’d last informed you-just as your girlfriend ran outside without her top on. (I’m still wondering where she went.)

I realize, much to my chagrin that it’s my fault someone broke into your car and stole your laptop and cell phone that were sitting in plain view on your front seat.  I should have informed your that California actually has a thief or two.  Stupid of me not to mention it.

Of course, even through I’d informed you at check in about the breakfast hours, I’d be honored to bring out the whole menu of food because your hung over wedding party (who’d kept me  busy all night asking them nicely to vacate several choice locations)overslept and showed up a half hour after closing demanding your free breakfast.

I’ve nothing better to do.  The log entries, towel found, toilet cleaning,reservations taking, window washing, phone answering,sweeping and mopping can most assuredly wait.  Nothing is more important that catering to ten cranky family members with the munchies and very slow eating habits.   Certainly I’ll stick around hold the coffee carafe.  My pleasure to serve you.

And did I tell your how perfectly clever and hilarious your drunken friend’s suggestive pun lines and dirty little jokers were last night ( I guess he didn’t notice my reddened face.) My, but he was all the rage-especially when his equally tipsy girlfriend (or was she paid for ?)

The cheek-high skirt was a bit of a giveaway.) fall right intro our decorative plant. At last she sat down looking like she meant it-a very nice cover if you ask me.   And it’ll take  no time to fluff up the flatten branches.   My pleasure to help out.

Of course, I think its deplorable that nasty smoke alarm went off when you and your slightly unbalanced(at least he didn’t look like he could move)grandson smoked a pack of cigarettes-or something or other in our non-smoking rooms.   I can understand how easy it was for your to stand amidst your collection of empty beer bottles and scream wholeheartedly at the horrid device on the ceiling.  Once again, I apologize profusely that I couldn’t jump up and yank if off a ten foot high ceiling.  Forgive me for vacating the premises to fetch a ladder but I could barely see a thing in that dark room.  Actually, your room brought to mind a romantic moment I spent at four a.m in a London fogbank-how splendid of you to set the stage so well for me!  Oh you needn’t worry about your ghastly neighbor.  Complaints of being startled away by screaming and a loud alarm.  I can easily calm down all four families in no time.

Certainly, I’ll talk with my manager about lowering your rate for the inconvenience I’ve put you through.   I’ll call and wake her up straight away- as soon as I clean our last vacated room so your can transfer over  because I know you find in insufferable to stay near such outrageously rotten neighbors.  I so sympathize with you and your darling(are you sure he’s alright-that other interesting odor and the way his tounge is rolling out) ah, well, I’m sure your grandson is delightful during daytime.   No let me just go tidy that room for you.

Oh, the joys of adventurous weekends.  How love that I can serve such a vast variety of carefree companions.  Even the police enjoy their little chats and visit’s with you.!

But you must forgive my exhaustion as I’ve been happily racing back and fourth all night.  And truly , it must have been damaging to you and your family to see my perspiration.

To this is say, its been my pleasure to be your Night Auditor……

City living: Blood on my car

Urban living is the life,  I can walk to shopping, breakfast is a couple of blocks away if I choose, the library, and movie theaters are in walking distance…..      W A L K I N G distance.    With a phone call, my dry cleaning will be picked up and my groceries delivered.

Suburbia is dull, lifeless, with its sterile shopping malls, with the same stores , the same eateries can be found in Natomas, Elk Grove,Vacaville,  and Roseville.   There are many retailers who  can’t afford  the expensive mall rents and choose downtown.     Diversity  in the burbs is limited.  Arden Fair, recently banned hoodie’s. you can purchase a hoodie at one of there 165 stores, you simply can’t wear it with the hood up…  your suspect if your  look is too far from the mainstream.

The mainstream is the reason some people choose the suburbs…    There is nothing or no one who looks threating or intimidating.  And there’s  lies the danger, I have seen families run into streets filled  traffic in large cities to avoid a group of teenagers of color simply walking on the same sidewalk.   AS simplistic as this sounds this is often where the seeds of racism begins, people being afraid, with no real rhyme or reason. simply afraid. These colorless seeds travel from group to group often relying on rumor and validated by unchallenged images on television.

Downtown is the melting pot, its where most government offices are located.  Its the place you go to court ,its where a lot of us work.   Not only is  the convenience that attracts me to downtown/midtown its the diversity.     I’m not afraid, or threatend when someone doesn’t sound or look like me…  it’s often the opposite, I become the stalker, as I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

There is a downside to urban or downtown living….  The bright lights attract people, like a moth to a flame, people at drawn to downtown… From the kids from the burbs who want to express themselves by tinting their hair orange and blue, to the homeless persons.

On the weekends, there is a symphony of sounds outside my windows,  I hear people screaming, sounds of people pushing, fighting, tires screeching, and more.   It’s common, to see homeless people in my area, walking and holding blankets, pushing carts on route to the shelter for a bite to eat.

Yesterday, I found drops of blood on my car, a large blot on my left  window.   Was there a fight?   Did someone get punched in the mouth and decided to drain on my car?    With the discovery, I got out of my car and looked for blood on the ground, nothing.     Every time, I looked to the left,  I saw this big blot of blood.    Gross…….

For a moment, I thought about stopping at a service station to wipe it off-before someone declared my car a crime scene…    But hell it’s supposed to rain today…………

Fast Food Friday

Crabby customer charged with assault of store manager

By MELISSA TOPEY Thursday, January 28, 2010 11:21 PM EST


A 61-year-old man slugged a store manager over seafood Monday afternoon, police said.

Perkins police arrested Ralph Barr, 61, 1000 block Tiffin Ave., for assault and criminal damaging after he repeatedly punched Kroger store manager Monte Erwin, 44, in a dispute over the price of crab cakes.

The store apparently made a mistake in the price of crab cakes, and Erwin offered to sell the man the first pound at a discounted price but the rest at the correct price.

Barr allegedly spit in the manager’s face, head-butted him and hit him five or six times in the face, breaking the manager’s glasses, according to reports. Barr claimed the manager hit him with a price gun. The manager told police he had a price gun around his wrist and might have hit the man while protecting his head but didn’t do so intentionally.

Witnesses said the manager didn’t fight back.

Barr did not appear for his scheduled court date Tuesday, but a new date will be set once he hires an attorney.

Kroger manager Ken Koch said Erwin was doing fine.

He said they’ve never had a customer act that way before.

From Downtown Kalgoorlie Australia:Man stole friend’s vibrator

A Kalgoorlie man has admitted in court he stole his housemate’s vibrator with the intention of using it himself.

The man, 36, was at his house last month when he found a box containing a vibrator sex toy in his room.

The man put the vibrator in a suitcase, planning to take it to Perth with the intention of using it, but his housemate found the suitcase and reported it to police, prosecutor Sergeant Mark Bolitho said.

In the Kalgoorlie Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday he pleaded guilty to stealing the vibrator.

Defence counsel Anna O’Connor said the box was in her client’s room and he decided to take the vibrator to “use it as his own” but she said the man did not end up using the item.

He also pleaded guilty to stealing a mobile phone after he kept a lost mobile which was handed in by a customer at the fast food outlet where he worked.

Magistrate Greg Benn imposed no further penalty for the offence of stealing the sex toy, but he made an order for the property to be returned to its owner.

The man was sentenced to a three-month good behaviour bond for stealing the mobile phone.

When Billionaires Bite! (This is getting good)

It’s early and its getting nasty.   Former President and Ceo of EBAY  Meg Whitman and Former silcon valley president of Qualcomm  and Current California State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner are running against each  other  Republicans primary. What began as a snooze festival has gone from stone cold to hott.  Meg, who failed to vote for several years has spent nearly 19 million hard core smackers and when you consider that was Jan with the primary in June, and the general election in November,we are on track to see big money like never before.     Read on….and stay tuned.

Dan Walters: California GOP race turns nasty and exciting

From. The Sacramento Bee

The Republican duel for governor turned nasty – and thus became much more interesting

 Monday when Steve Poizner accused rival Meg Whitman of using threats and bribes to get him out of the race, and her campaign questioned Poizner’s mental health.

Poizner released an e-mail from Mike Murphy, a top Whitman campaign adviser, to Poizner’s pollster last week asking, “Is there anything we can do to get SP to reconsider this race?” and suggesting that Whitman, the very wealthy former eBay honcho, “can spend $40M+ tearing up Steve if we must.” A mudslinging primary battle would be “bad for him, bad for us,” Murphy continued, suggesting that if Poizner would drop out, “we could unite entire party behind Steve right now to build a serious race against (Sen. Dianne Feinstein) in 2012.”

“Thought I’d try one more time before it’s 1914,” Murphy concluded, referring to World War I. Poizner, the state insurance commissioner and also a very wealthy former technology executive, said it was the latest in a series of moves by the Whitman campaign to force him out. “This is not politics as usual; this is a threat,” said Poizner. He sent letters to federal and state law enforcement agencies, including the presumptive Democratic candidate for governor, Attorney General Jerry Brown, asking for an investigation of “improper conduct.”

 Murphy responded in kind, terming Poizner’s charges “ridiculous” and adding, “I’m starting to worry about commissioner’s mental condition.” Murphy said he e-mailed Poizner pollster Jan van Lohuizen” after hearing that Van Lohuizen “had been expressing grave doubts about the viability of the faltering Poizner campaign.” ”

Many Republican leaders are more and more concerned that the Poizner campaign, now 28+ points behind in the polls and still sinking, is becoming little more than a stalking horse for Jerry Brown and the Democrats,” Murphy said, “especially since Commissioner Poizner has been loudly threatening to run a multi-million dollar negative campaign against Meg Whitman for months.” Murphy termed any threat of prosecution a “silly matter” but, while highly unlikely, it’s not completely out of the question.

In 1986, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ed Davis accused a GOP rival, Rep. Bobbi Fiedler, of offering him $100,000 to pay off campaign debts if he would drop out of the primary race. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office prosecuted her, but the case was thrown out of court. The real import of Monday’s dust-up may be that Poizner, despite trailing Whitman in the polls, will remain in the race and the two will spend millions of dollars beating each other up. Murphy said in his e-mail that such a battle would result in a “damaged nominee” and it could have that effect – or it could raise the profile of the eventual winner and make him or her a stronger opponent for Brown.

restaurant review: JOHNNY CARINO’S- “The bread was good”

With the exception of the magnificent Biba’s, good Italian eatery’s are in short supply in Sacramento.   Most of the popular Italian Restaurants are chains.  The Olive Garden,and Buca De Beppo’s . All of the Macaroni Grill outlets have closed in the Sacramento Area.

On this outing, we chose the Johnny Carinos in Natomas.    Even though the restaurant was half full, many tables were dirty.    We waited while staff cleaned a table.   The decor was a why bother. its seemed more pancake house than Italian..   Our waiter was very animated and positive.   The bread arrived fresh and warm, the problem was there were six of us…and two small loaves.  The salad’s slowly arrived the blue cheese was flavorful.

The Fettuccine Florentine, was watery, the sauce splashed about the bowl onto my clothing.

The Grilled Barbecue Chicken Pizza, seemed dry, the crust seems pre made.

The other dishes were bland….. but there never seemed to be enough bread.

The service was fair… our energetic waiter never asked how we were doing?  Perhaps he knew….

No one wanted dessert, they simply wanted out..


Out of Five

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