YOUNG STATEMENT: I go to the gym every day, and I always will. I will never let myself go!

Super Young Arnold Schwarzegger

Come on Girls, I want you to touch it……..
I do this just B 4 bed
Okay, this is when I started really disliking him, he sent the rest of us to the Gym
like the rest of us.
When I saw this picture, I fell to my knees and started sobbing, right there at the check out  at Safeway
I looked to the heavens and Screamed ” There is a gawd! There is a gawd!
(Shortly there after security escorted me from the store)
I  am not making fun of the Govenator, in fact I think we have the same cup size.
At the end of the day there is always room for improvement…
But in the meantime love who you are at this very moment.

Mayor Kevin Johnson, (Soap City Part 2)

Will he throw a tantrum? Will there be new inductees to the enemies list?

Le Mayor has been in office less than a year. With the exception of raising much needed money for the arts… There isn’t any other checks in the done column.

After six months of research and 30 hours of meeting, the committee formed to find alternatives to Le Mayor’s “Strong Mayor” proposal basically thinks if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Le Mayor’s and his supporters wants the citizens to decide in June. When you consider, cost of this special election during these layoff-furlow-deficit times, one had to question his allegiance to the citizens.

For the Record….

He would like the Mayor’s office to have Veto power similar to the Governor’s office.

To have the power to appoint the City Manager with council approval and the power to fire the manager without approval from the council.

The power to appoint the City Clerk,Treasurer and the City Attorney,again with the approval with city conncil, but fire them without.

The power to appoint key department positions with council and fire them with out.

Finally, the power to submit the budget and the power to veto changes made my the council.

But the committee findings (all is well in the city) will not warm Le Mayor heart. The sides has been drawn…there are council members and staffers preparing for a fight,as they view his position as too strong.

Le Mayor is in the middle of “Mayor’s Tour” traveling to 15 cities acrostic the country getting insight. (Wouldn’t a phone call, or letter be as effective) He is visiting, San Diego’s Gaslamp district to get ideas for developing K,L and R streets.

One would think in light of the current economy(where is the budget for these trips?)  he would simply talk to  Redevelopment department,as there is and has been an official plan in place for those areas for several years.

I support Le Mayor.
Sacramento (like many cities across the country) is in a major financial crises. Homelessness is on the rise, school budgets have been slashed,retail continues to close-reducing tax revenues,effecting police and fire department. It would seem his time is better spent in Sacramento.

He plans to hold a series of town hall meetings (ah la Le President)beginning tonight.

One would hope that he would stop re-inventing the wheel and use his influence and contacts, to slow the bleeding in the city.

A few check marks in the done column, might give him the support and respect he needs.


Chubby at Wal Mart

Say it isn’t so….the lower cost the store is the more chubenell the customer? Not sure where I heard that saying…it isn’t scientific. But its one of those statements where your first reaction is nooooo…then hmmm.

In 2006, the Super Wal Mart store opened in Antelope, I noticed a large population of overweight customers. I remember telling a friend that after several years I had finally found the fat ghetto. My regular store at that time was Bel-Air in South Natomas, in the thirteen years I shopped there, I don’t recall seeing a lot of obese people in the store. In fact I think I was the token fat guy. “Having your regular order?- “Super Cinminion roll and maple bar” “Paper or plastic or are you going to eat it here?

On one memoriable visit at the Antelope Super Wal Mart, I remember a large woman in one of those electric carts, scarfing down a barrito, following the cart was her two overweight children also eating. She was angry that she had to wait 7 minutes for some fried chicken she ordered. she was telling her children she was soooo hungry.

So could it be true?

At the Elk Grove, Winco Foods, every other adult seem to be overweight. Carts filled with High Frutose Sodas and chips. This was also true at Foods Co on Northgate, The Super Wal Mart in West Sacramento.

However, at the Whole Earth Foods on Arden, there was one obese man in the store, me. Trader Joe’s on Marconi, a couple. Sacramento Food Coop one. Raley’s on Watt and Marconi…a few.

So is there truth to the statement?

You be the judge?

Basic White Tee’s

It’s Saturday afternoon, and on this day I am shopping in South Sacramento and Elk Grove.   With trusty and descreet phone camera in hand, I am snapping way.

There seems to be a theme today, oversized white tee shirts.   Worn out side of pants…  While I would agree that they are cool on this hot Septemeber day…   But they aren’t flattering on 90% of the wearers….   One person reminded me of the movie screen at the Regal Cinema’s, I’m sure that was not his intention when he left his house.

There are many ways one can wear a simple white tee.   Vanessa Williams, Justin Timberlake and Fergie can take a Fruit of the Loom to the next level.

Is there a style in Sacramento?

The search continues

12:06AM 72 degrees

The streets seems quieter than normal last night in Sacramento.  While there was activity outside at traditional hot spots  Harlow’s, Faces. It was relatively quiet.

Old Sac was a Ghost town…. A victim of the Economy? or two much competition from the midtown/downtown clubs…

While there were lines outside of Dreams (which is reportedly for sale)there was no waiting at  Capitol Garage, Badlands Avalon, The Park and most other Midtown/Downtown night spots,  there was a lot of activity on lower J street, fairly long lines were outside of Images The surprise was in Lavender Heights Midtown….20th and K.

The Lounge on 20 was hot, with the crowds spilling on to the streets.  The Lounge isn’t a dance club. Located in the epicenter of Gay Sacramento across the Street from Faces, Headhunters,and the Depot. is drawing a large straight crowd.        This say’ a lot about Sacramento.

peace love out

Dress Flip Flops and 100% Cotton Shorts…. Sacramento Style?

New Yorkers bathe in black sophistication. San Franciscans are always appropriately dressed for the occasion.

A few years ago someone gave me tickets to a Gala here, I don’t remember if it was for the Ballet or the Symphony. While I was thankful, I remember going into a mild panic. What to wea?r.. In San Francisco, it was very clear, rent a tux. Galas are huge in San Francisco, it is the red carpet, its not unusual for Hollywood A listers to appear at these events. Even the street people dress up around the Opera House.

Relatively new here, I scoured the Magazines… ( there isn’t a society page in the Sacramento Bee) the only people who seem to be wearing tuxedos where the musicians. Relieved, I chose a gray pinstripe suit and a white shirt and gray tie.

At the party, there were several elegant women wearing formals a few men in tuxedos and there were men wearing sports coats and shorts. Some wearing long socks. From what I could tell, there wasn’t a “style” .

Due to are hot summers, tee shirts shorts and flip flops or casual shoes is the standard. Its not unusual to see tee shirts,shorts and flops during the winter months.

You do see coordinated outfit worn by mature patrons leaving the matinees at the Music Circus and Community Theaters. Occasionally you will see very stylish groups of gay men at the evening. But many of the patrons of the arts are in tee shirts ,jeans or shorts, even at the Magnificent  Mondavi Center.

At the clubs, its a miss mash from, over dressed and under exposed at Harlow’s and Ma Jung’s, To who’s the “ho” at Avalon and Empire

So does Sacramento have a style or is it flip flops and shorts?


The 2009 MTV “Music Video Awards——— The View From Sacrotomatoville

Djimon Hounson & Kimora Lee Simmons

Beyonce- Serving Legs
Lady Gaga                            Mae West
Amber Rose
(wasn’t she on Star Trek?)
Kanye West (Butching it up) with Amber Rose
“This is NOT a weave”
Yeah, I’m hott- Next Question?
Keri Hilson
Is Kate Perry A Zena Princess Warrior Fan?
Pink is his signature color
Tyson Ritter
Speaking of Pink…….

Lookin Good Pink……..but.
U betta open a BIG can of whoop ass
someone sold Shakira the same dress.
Look who shops at Sears
its me
Taylor lautner

Russell Brand
maybe this would look better up close?
No Comment
Buzz Aldrich and His wife Lois
Good Looking Bastard
“Gossip Girl’s”
Chance Crawford

Solange Knowles
“These are our Church Clothes”
P. Diddy and Dirty Money
Not sure why I’m here-thought this was a botox party.
Faye Dunaway
I wasn’t there but I am still fucking pissed
“No I’ll Stand”
Melody Thornton
Out of Mascara!!!!
Green Day
J. Lo you are so beautiful
but baby, that dress is jacked!
Did jall just come from rehab?
Taylor Swift
you look fantastic.
were gonna kick some Kenye ass-
“See I told ya we would blend in-we both look like we are in our late twenties”
Joe and Billy Perry
Joe is that you?
Jermaine Jackson
Lookin Good
Kristin Cavallari
” I was in the bedding department at Target and thought I would make me a dress”
Lauren Conrad
Clearly from the Upper East Side
Gossip Girl’s
Leighton Mester
Julie Henderson
Mae Madonna Mae
2009-0r 1983
Fashions and Hair Inspired by The Cosby Show
Vanessa and  Angela Simmons and Jessica Brown



Man………   u   ANIT AT HOME.!!!!!!…………..

Joe Wilson calling President Obama  a Lier!!!!!!

B Scared B VERY scared

Serena Williams Losing it at the US Open
you don’t know me……I’ll……
His stupid azz……  somebody needs to kick his……….
Kenya West basically telling Taylor Swift she didn’t deserve to win….

She’s the kind you’d like to flaunt and take to dinner

She’s a Lady!
Beyonce, graciously allowing Taylor Swift to have her moment.

Review: MARKET CLUB unglamorus and straight foward-just good food.

The egg, easy,medium,hard,scrambled, sometimes poached and boiled. Difficult to ruin and the center of most breakfasts.

When choosing a place for breakfast, my friend and I prefer non-chain restaurants, where many of the items (eggs,potatoes,pancakes) is poured from a box and where the meat is sliced so thin that it can only be eaten with your hands.

Today’s adventure was the “Market Club” a restaurant in the center of warehouse area on 5th Street off Broadway. about a mile from the Tower Theater.

This morning I thought I wanted pancakes..and eggs and bacon. and that’s exactly what I ordered. However, across the counter from me was man eating two large pork chops,eggs,hash browns and tortillas. My I am watching my intake… But I couldn’t help staring at this huge plate of food.

My friend’s ordered  fried rice with egg,which is only prepared on Sundays.

There is nothing glamorous about “Market Club” it is straight forward. The service is friendly and pleasant, the patrons from what I could tell were regulars. There were smiles all around.

My egg was an egg, the bacon was bacon, but the pancakes where intense.. Thick and flavorful, my short stack (2 pancakes) was the equivalent of four pancakes at your average chain.

My friends fried rice was moist and the Zucchini was perfect topped with a buttery egg.

Market Club was a pleasant surprise and very much worth a visit. The restaurant is closed on Mondays…

On my next visit….I’m having the chops…

Market Club 2630 5th Street, Sacramento (near Broadway)
Hours 4:30 am to 2pm (closed Mondays)
If the see these trucks, your there.


Briefly: President Omaba and Racism

A black president? Not in my lifetime I believed. An Asian,Latino, or any other race than white? not in my lifetime.

How many of us worried that he would be killed shortly before or after the oath?

Joe Wilson’s( Member of the House of Representatives from South Carolina) blatant discrepant of the President, isn’t surprising. His apology of “Letting his emotions get the best of him” is shallow water when you consider he s isn’t a freshman politician.

Conservative talk radio questions if the president is American citizen. These and other attacks questioning his qualifications will continue through his presidency. Despite his overwhelming victory, there are many who will resent the fact that a non white is president. Many are Very angry of his appointment of a Latino woman to the Supreme Court.

It is never simple being the first. From Jackie Robinson,Sandra Day O’Connor,Althea Gibson to Barbara Walters and Thurgood Marshall.

Nancy Pelosi (the first Women Speaker of the House) is also under attack. Unlike the male speakers before her she is Her looks,her voice, her mannerisms are all scrutiny

There are some who believed a black president signaled the beginning of the end of racism.

I believe this IS a beginning, but we are a long way from the end.

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