9/27 1:24 AM 83 degrees Midtown

It was a very warm and humid Saturday night in midtown sac.   The evening began at the Marriott’s Residence Inn. It’s hotel central , if you clubbing midtown.  It’s 3 Fires Lounge was surprisingly busy.

across the street, fashionable Park Ultra Lounge was slow…..
The Capitol Garage was winding down

Speaking of Fashionable………….     Somewhere on 15th   Between Capitol Garage and Dreams


In a Midtown Poseoff   America’s Next Top Models?
A Block away was Limo City at  Dream

After 1 am there were a few people in line…..

For those who prefer there music Live….
The Torch Club still Rocks (right next door)

Are Sacramentians Stylish?

Women:  Jeans, Short Black Dress with little or no accessories or Short White Dress with little or no accessories.
Men:  Jeans, or black pants.

The Style Club this Saturday was Avalon….
The women were imaginative, with vibrant colors, one woman was wearing a excellent and sexy take off on a school uniform…     Some on the men were in dress wear…but they were in the minority..others who looked as if they stepped out of tired an early nineties rap video…with tee shirts and and chains…

Back on L Street
Couldn’t tell if the large Crowd was for the DeVere’s Irish pub or Mix on the roof….
(they are both new clubs in the old Firestone building )

A New Restaurant Across the Street

Meanwhile on 20th &K Street…….
The new venue in the area Lounge on 20 is drawing a new crowd to Lavender Heights.

Drinks, Dinner and The Best Venue in the City for People Watching.
Headhunters maybe the causality of all the new venues opening..
Its not uncommon for the bar to close by midnight.

Even with all the newcomers
in on K Street

It’s sister property, Faces is STILL the Monster in Midtown!
With over 20 bar Stations, VIP rooms, two very large dance floors and an outdoor Pool.
Faces is not only the most popular gay club in Sacramento its the #1 dance club in Sacramento.

Around the corner from Faces is another sister property  Club 21 at this club nearly everyone is in black, but here there was some creativity …  For style  Club 21 gets an honorable mention.

While there are many restaurants downtown and midtown most close by midnight and choices after two are very limited….

There’s Hot Rod’s on K
Where we met these nice people

On the corner of
We ran across this restaurant, while we haven’t sample the food, we ARE very happy to report, it is family owned and has been opened since January.

Need More Volume in your Hair?

Her Car is Art!

Second to Zelda’s and they both are closed !
My Ferrari (u believe me right?)
Nuff Said
We really didn’t have any spare change and he posed for us any way at 21&K

It’s not white and its not black (wiping a slow tear)
When we saw these two dresses in the winda, we fell to our knees*
* actually we tripped over something….   Get to 2228 J and show the world some color!!!

Speaking of color

This dress is blue….

Just in Case…..
Just in Case

My midtown home


Look at that face…. (its after 2am) and this man is Guilty!!!!
Guilty of abandonment. His friend who stopped us and insisted we take a picture of this loser!!!!.
The player became tongue tied when four beautiful women walked by, leaving his friend all alone.
Four strike outs in a row-would leave u pissed!
They were closed (surprised) we considered breaking in………..
(we could use the sugar defense)
Nite Light
A Great Special Thanks to Kristine Silva Photographer
(hope u soaked your feet)

The Building That Stopped Traffic

Esparto,is a rural community in Yolo County California its home to nearly 1900 people

. The unincorporated town is surrounded by Almond, Peach,Pear and Apricot orchards.

State Route 16 travel through the business district which had been on the decline for several years.

In 1985, Cache Creek Casino opened in Brooks, about 20 minute northwest on State Route 16. Cache Creek is one of the largest Casinos in Northern California.    Ten thousand cars from the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento  travel state route 16 every day to and from the casino.

Built in the late 1800’s and located at the corner of Yolo and Woodland Avenues, Wyatt’s General store once sold hardware,groceries and dry goods. In May, Cal Trans shut the five block stretch of Highway 16 over concerns of the condition of the building.   Much of the roof is gone and there is a fear that the brick walls could fall into the streets.   Ten thousand cars a day have been rerouted around the town.

Business have failed in this town that has one service station. One restaurant that opened two years ago across from the Wyatt building, Los Tios estimates he is losing a thousand dollars a week. Even the post office has felt a drop is business.

The owners of the building, The Healing Nations Foundation-based in San Diego, had hoped to rehabilitate the building say’s they are short the $82,000 needed to tear down the building.

Many of the locals are understandably angry.  This town without a bank and many services believe Yolo County has

abandoned them and if the town were  Davis or Woodland the county would have found the funds to demolish the building.  So the bleeding continues…………..

sacraTOMATOville….. Night life Style in Sacramento?

Does Sacramentans have a sense of style?   Is there a regional look that defines us.?

Last night we were out in force with our small digital cameras in  midtown..    So far the theme for women has been short and black…..or short and white…. no real accessories or imagination, dull…

Captiol Garage, MX, Park Ultra Lounge, Dreams, Faces, Badlands and Lounge on 20, the bright spot last night was Avalon,(honorable mention Club 21)  some blacks dresses, no white.. but there were bright blues, green, reds and there was accessories, capes… one spectacular women had a very sexy take on a school girls uniform……

However, for some of the men at Avalon, was throw it back Hip Hop with tee’s and very tired jewelry ( did two live crew get back together?) at the other clubs.  it was the long shirt and jeans or the tee shirt and jeans…..

Major Thanks to Kristine Silva….

(Looking for other photographers to roam the streets with us.-simply email BigmanTravel@yahoo.com for information)

Fresh Hot Damm- Molester Gets 1 Year

Mother said, Life is unfair……..

Former Cailfornia Highway Patrol Sargent Wayne Robert Alger,COULD go to jail for up a year for molesting a 12 and 16 year old girls in his Roseville home.

Mr Alger was charged with seven sex offenses and pleaded guilty to three counts.

Two misdemeanor counts of molesting children and one count of posession of child pornography.

Placer County officials said they were pleased with the maximum 365 sentence. His lawyer had argued for a 90 day sentence.


This man’s actions has forever altered how these two young girls view men.

One wonders if his former occupation had any influence.

1426 F Street

Perhaps inspired by the film Arsenic and Old Lace. Dorothea Puente operated a boarding house just outside of Downtown Sacramento, this was 1982. Similar to the film Dorothea’s tenants were elderly and receiving monthly checks.

In April of that year her friend and business partner Ruth Monroe, died of an overdose of Codeine and Tylenol. Dorothea told police Ruth was depressed because her husband was terminally ill.

A few weeks later, one of her tenants Malcolm McKenzie accused Dorothea of drugging him and stealing his money. She was convicted and sentence to five years in Jail.

In Jail, she developed a pen pal relationship with a 77 year old man who lived in Oregon. After serving three years she was released and planned to marry her pen pal. They moved into the F Street house. Her future husband owned a Red 1980 Ford Pickup.

November 1985 ,Dorothea hired handyman Ismael Florez to install some wood paneling in her apartment. She also asked him to build a box 6 feet by 3 feet by 2 feet to store books. After constructing the box, she filled the box and nailed it shut and asked Florez to take the box to a storage depot. On route, she had a change of plans and dumped the box on a riverbank off Garden Highway in Sutter County. For his labor Doretha Paid the handyman $800 and the 1980 Red Ford Pickup.

A fisherman discovered the box and called police,they found a decomposed and unidentiful body of an elderly man. Dorothea continued to collect his pension and wrote and told his family that he was ill.

After being ordered to stay away from elderly tenants, Dorothea began taking in drug addicts and taking the tough to place tenants. Her looks and demeanor  as a kindly grandmother made her popular with Sacramento County social workers. She was allowed to cash their checks and give them a stipend and keep the rest for expenses.

She befriended many of the homeless people in the area who did odd jobs for her around the home.

Neighbors complained about odors coming from Dorothea’s house. She was seen poring Lyme in her backyard.

On November 11,1988,police inquiring after the disappearance of tennent Alvaro Montoya, a mentally retarded schizophrenic whose social worker had reported missing. After  noticing disturbed soil on the property, they uncovered the body of tenant Leona Carpenter. Seven bodies were eventually found and Dorothea was charged with a total of nine murders.

Dorothea is currently serving two life sentences in a Women’s Facility in Madera County.

After corresponding with Shane Bugbee, who interviewed her.. In 2004 the Book ” Cooking With A Serial Killer” was released filed with 50 of Dorothea Recipes.

(Information Unauthorized Provided by The Sacramento Bee,and Wikipedia)

‘HOTEL CONFIDENTIAL: Stop in the name of love

It’s 5:36 am, the nearly full airport shuttle is filled with angry guests (some of the passengers sat in the lobby a half an hour waiting for the van) who are concerned about making their flights this morning.. The shuttle was scheduled to depart the hotel at 5.30.

One guest is standing in the doorway of van, preventing any movement of the shuttle,. his girlfriend hasn’t come down for the shuttle. What began as quiet irritation for the seated guest has become verbal assaults, directed to man holding up the van and the driver, demanding the shuttle get moving!

Plea’s from the passengers and driver are being ignored by the guest,who is looking towards the lobby.

A cleaver and quick thinking security guard, took off his badge and put on his personal jacket and asked to board the van. Once on board he quickly closed the door and the van sped towards the driveway, letting the guard out a few feet away.

There was some applause from some of the guest as he left the van.

At the hotel, were two very angry guests, their luggage was on the van and they felt inconvenienced, they demanded to be compensated.

They weren’t

YOUNG STATEMENT: I go to the gym every day, and I always will. I will never let myself go!

Super Young Arnold Schwarzegger

Come on Girls, I want you to touch it……..
I do this just B 4 bed
Okay, this is when I started really disliking him, he sent the rest of us to the Gym
like the rest of us.
When I saw this picture, I fell to my knees and started sobbing, right there at the check out  at Safeway
I looked to the heavens and Screamed ” There is a gawd! There is a gawd!
(Shortly there after security escorted me from the store)
I  am not making fun of the Govenator, in fact I think we have the same cup size.
At the end of the day there is always room for improvement…
But in the meantime love who you are at this very moment.

Mayor Kevin Johnson, (Soap City Part 2)

Will he throw a tantrum? Will there be new inductees to the enemies list?

Le Mayor has been in office less than a year. With the exception of raising much needed money for the arts… There isn’t any other checks in the done column.

After six months of research and 30 hours of meeting, the committee formed to find alternatives to Le Mayor’s “Strong Mayor” proposal basically thinks if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Le Mayor’s and his supporters wants the citizens to decide in June. When you consider, cost of this special election during these layoff-furlow-deficit times, one had to question his allegiance to the citizens.

For the Record….

He would like the Mayor’s office to have Veto power similar to the Governor’s office.

To have the power to appoint the City Manager with council approval and the power to fire the manager without approval from the council.

The power to appoint the City Clerk,Treasurer and the City Attorney,again with the approval with city conncil, but fire them without.

The power to appoint key department positions with council and fire them with out.

Finally, the power to submit the budget and the power to veto changes made my the council.

But the committee findings (all is well in the city) will not warm Le Mayor heart. The sides has been drawn…there are council members and staffers preparing for a fight,as they view his position as too strong.

Le Mayor is in the middle of “Mayor’s Tour” traveling to 15 cities acrostic the country getting insight. (Wouldn’t a phone call, or letter be as effective) He is visiting, San Diego’s Gaslamp district to get ideas for developing K,L and R streets.

One would think in light of the current economy(where is the budget for these trips?)  he would simply talk to  Redevelopment department,as there is and has been an official plan in place for those areas for several years.

I support Le Mayor.
Sacramento (like many cities across the country) is in a major financial crises. Homelessness is on the rise, school budgets have been slashed,retail continues to close-reducing tax revenues,effecting police and fire department. It would seem his time is better spent in Sacramento.

He plans to hold a series of town hall meetings (ah la Le President)beginning tonight.

One would hope that he would stop re-inventing the wheel and use his influence and contacts, to slow the bleeding in the city.

A few check marks in the done column, might give him the support and respect he needs.


Chubby at Wal Mart

Say it isn’t so….the lower cost the store is the more chubenell the customer? Not sure where I heard that saying…it isn’t scientific. But its one of those statements where your first reaction is nooooo…then hmmm.

In 2006, the Super Wal Mart store opened in Antelope, I noticed a large population of overweight customers. I remember telling a friend that after several years I had finally found the fat ghetto. My regular store at that time was Bel-Air in South Natomas, in the thirteen years I shopped there, I don’t recall seeing a lot of obese people in the store. In fact I think I was the token fat guy. “Having your regular order?- “Super Cinminion roll and maple bar” “Paper or plastic or are you going to eat it here?

On one memoriable visit at the Antelope Super Wal Mart, I remember a large woman in one of those electric carts, scarfing down a barrito, following the cart was her two overweight children also eating. She was angry that she had to wait 7 minutes for some fried chicken she ordered. she was telling her children she was soooo hungry.

So could it be true?

At the Elk Grove, Winco Foods, every other adult seem to be overweight. Carts filled with High Frutose Sodas and chips. This was also true at Foods Co on Northgate, The Super Wal Mart in West Sacramento.

However, at the Whole Earth Foods on Arden, there was one obese man in the store, me. Trader Joe’s on Marconi, a couple. Sacramento Food Coop one. Raley’s on Watt and Marconi…a few.

So is there truth to the statement?

You be the judge?

Basic White Tee’s

It’s Saturday afternoon, and on this day I am shopping in South Sacramento and Elk Grove.   With trusty and descreet phone camera in hand, I am snapping way.

There seems to be a theme today, oversized white tee shirts.   Worn out side of pants…  While I would agree that they are cool on this hot Septemeber day…   But they aren’t flattering on 90% of the wearers….   One person reminded me of the movie screen at the Regal Cinema’s, I’m sure that was not his intention when he left his house.

There are many ways one can wear a simple white tee.   Vanessa Williams, Justin Timberlake and Fergie can take a Fruit of the Loom to the next level.

Is there a style in Sacramento?

The search continues

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