Dress Flip Flops and 100% Cotton Shorts…. Sacramento Style?

New Yorkers bathe in black sophistication. San Franciscans are always appropriately dressed for the occasion.

A few years ago someone gave me tickets to a Gala here, I don’t remember if it was for the Ballet or the Symphony. While I was thankful, I remember going into a mild panic. What to wea?r.. In San Francisco, it was very clear, rent a tux. Galas are huge in San Francisco, it is the red carpet, its not unusual for Hollywood A listers to appear at these events. Even the street people dress up around the Opera House.

Relatively new here, I scoured the Magazines… ( there isn’t a society page in the Sacramento Bee) the only people who seem to be wearing tuxedos where the musicians. Relieved, I chose a gray pinstripe suit and a white shirt and gray tie.

At the party, there were several elegant women wearing formals a few men in tuxedos and there were men wearing sports coats and shorts. Some wearing long socks. From what I could tell, there wasn’t a “style” .

Due to are hot summers, tee shirts shorts and flip flops or casual shoes is the standard. Its not unusual to see tee shirts,shorts and flops during the winter months.

You do see coordinated outfit worn by mature patrons leaving the matinees at the Music Circus and Community Theaters. Occasionally you will see very stylish groups of gay men at the evening. But many of the patrons of the arts are in tee shirts ,jeans or shorts, even at the Magnificent  Mondavi Center.

At the clubs, its a miss mash from, over dressed and under exposed at Harlow’s and Ma Jung’s, To who’s the “ho” at Avalon and Empire

So does Sacramento have a style or is it flip flops and shorts?


The 2009 MTV “Music Video Awards——— The View From Sacrotomatoville

Djimon Hounson & Kimora Lee Simmons

Beyonce- Serving Legs
Lady Gaga                            Mae West
Amber Rose
(wasn’t she on Star Trek?)
Kanye West (Butching it up) with Amber Rose
“This is NOT a weave”
Yeah, I’m hott- Next Question?
Keri Hilson
Is Kate Perry A Zena Princess Warrior Fan?
Pink is his signature color
Tyson Ritter
Speaking of Pink…….

Lookin Good Pink……..but.
U betta open a BIG can of whoop ass
someone sold Shakira the same dress.
Look who shops at Sears
its me
Taylor lautner

Russell Brand
maybe this would look better up close?
No Comment
Buzz Aldrich and His wife Lois
Good Looking Bastard
“Gossip Girl’s”
Chance Crawford

Solange Knowles
“These are our Church Clothes”
P. Diddy and Dirty Money
Not sure why I’m here-thought this was a botox party.
Faye Dunaway
I wasn’t there but I am still fucking pissed
“No I’ll Stand”
Melody Thornton
Out of Mascara!!!!
Green Day
J. Lo you are so beautiful
but baby, that dress is jacked!
Did jall just come from rehab?
Taylor Swift
you look fantastic.
were gonna kick some Kenye ass-
“See I told ya we would blend in-we both look like we are in our late twenties”
Joe and Billy Perry
Joe is that you?
Jermaine Jackson
Lookin Good
Kristin Cavallari
” I was in the bedding department at Target and thought I would make me a dress”
Lauren Conrad
Clearly from the Upper East Side
Gossip Girl’s
Leighton Mester
Julie Henderson
Mae Madonna Mae
2009-0r 1983
Fashions and Hair Inspired by The Cosby Show
Vanessa and  Angela Simmons and Jessica Brown



Man………   u   ANIT AT HOME.!!!!!!…………..

Joe Wilson calling President Obama  a Lier!!!!!!

B Scared B VERY scared

Serena Williams Losing it at the US Open
you don’t know me……I’ll……
His stupid azz……  somebody needs to kick his……….
Kenya West basically telling Taylor Swift she didn’t deserve to win….

She’s the kind you’d like to flaunt and take to dinner

She’s a Lady!
Beyonce, graciously allowing Taylor Swift to have her moment.

Review: MARKET CLUB unglamorus and straight foward-just good food.

The egg, easy,medium,hard,scrambled, sometimes poached and boiled. Difficult to ruin and the center of most breakfasts.

When choosing a place for breakfast, my friend and I prefer non-chain restaurants, where many of the items (eggs,potatoes,pancakes) is poured from a box and where the meat is sliced so thin that it can only be eaten with your hands.

Today’s adventure was the “Market Club” a restaurant in the center of warehouse area on 5th Street off Broadway. about a mile from the Tower Theater.

This morning I thought I wanted pancakes..and eggs and bacon. and that’s exactly what I ordered. However, across the counter from me was man eating two large pork chops,eggs,hash browns and tortillas. My I am watching my intake… But I couldn’t help staring at this huge plate of food.

My friend’s ordered  fried rice with egg,which is only prepared on Sundays.

There is nothing glamorous about “Market Club” it is straight forward. The service is friendly and pleasant, the patrons from what I could tell were regulars. There were smiles all around.

My egg was an egg, the bacon was bacon, but the pancakes where intense.. Thick and flavorful, my short stack (2 pancakes) was the equivalent of four pancakes at your average chain.

My friends fried rice was moist and the Zucchini was perfect topped with a buttery egg.

Market Club was a pleasant surprise and very much worth a visit. The restaurant is closed on Mondays…

On my next visit….I’m having the chops…

Market Club 2630 5th Street, Sacramento (near Broadway)
Hours 4:30 am to 2pm (closed Mondays)
If the see these trucks, your there.


Briefly: President Omaba and Racism

A black president? Not in my lifetime I believed. An Asian,Latino, or any other race than white? not in my lifetime.

How many of us worried that he would be killed shortly before or after the oath?

Joe Wilson’s( Member of the House of Representatives from South Carolina) blatant discrepant of the President, isn’t surprising. His apology of “Letting his emotions get the best of him” is shallow water when you consider he s isn’t a freshman politician.

Conservative talk radio questions if the president is American citizen. These and other attacks questioning his qualifications will continue through his presidency. Despite his overwhelming victory, there are many who will resent the fact that a non white is president. Many are Very angry of his appointment of a Latino woman to the Supreme Court.

It is never simple being the first. From Jackie Robinson,Sandra Day O’Connor,Althea Gibson to Barbara Walters and Thurgood Marshall.

Nancy Pelosi (the first Women Speaker of the House) is also under attack. Unlike the male speakers before her she is Her looks,her voice, her mannerisms are all scrutiny

There are some who believed a black president signaled the beginning of the end of racism.

I believe this IS a beginning, but we are a long way from the end.

Missing in Action- A Jazz Club in Sacramento

Arco Arena and the Memorial Auditorium are good places to see sporting events.  They are also fine places to see your favorite artist when you under 35.  Thousands of People, horrible sound and pricey….     The Community Theater’s sound isn’t bad..but with over two thousand seats its not what one would call intimate.

What is missing in Sacramento is a imitate Jazz club.   There are few Jazz clubs in the country, Arco, the Auditorium and the Community theater is too large for artist like Michael Franks, Nancy Wilson and other Jazz Artist.      If you want to see these artist you have to drive to the Bay Area

With just under 400 seats, this is my favorite concert Hall…..  Its a Jazz club and restaurant, located below a large parking structure in Jack London Square area of Oakland…  Last year they opened a club in San Francisco.  Attendees travel from the Napa Valley in the North, Sacramento and San Jose.

I was hoping the new Cosmopolitan on K street ,would bring a variety of concerts, but for the time being “Forever Plaid” is the choice

When I visit Yoshi’s I stay at the Courtyard downtown Oakland..   The Cosmopolitan is within a block of the cities largest hotels.     Perhaps the owner will get tired of plaid.

May I touch your Breast ? (Straight Men acting Gay to meet women)

A few years ago, I read a short blurb in the Sacramento News and Review about men accosting women in Faces.

Earlier this evening I was talking to a friend of mine…  Two weeks ago she and her girlfriends went dancing at Faces, they often prefer gay dance clubs over straight clubs.    One man seem to fixated on the boobs of one of her girlfriends to the point that they were actually blocking him on the dance floor.

Is this a Sacramento phenomenon?

Apparently not, for years they have been some straight men who bravely venture into gay venues all over the world. looking for women..

So ladies, if you have ever straightened out a gay man….if very possible he wasn’t gay….

Family Values- "I spank you cause your a bad girl)

Chick a boom, Chick a Boom, don’t cha just love it…..

Of course he’s married…..(with children)

N if it weren’t for the pesky microphone, he could still be frolicking with those two married women here in Sacramento. (dontcha just hate that)

Poor ole former Assemblyman Mike Duvall from the clean streets or Orange County California, joins Former New York Governor and (Big Tipper) Eliot Spitzer, Go get a ruler and measure it for me and Chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children, Congressman Mark Foley from Florida.and the toe tapper himself (never sat in a bathroom stall he didn’t just  love) Former Senator from Idaho Larry Craig.

Mayor Kevin Johnson, (Soap City Part 1)

I love smart people, there is something sexy about an intelligent person.

I moved to the Big Tomato in 1993 from San Francisco. One of the many things I like about Sacramento is district elections. With district election there is direct representation from someone in your area

In most cities council members are elected citywide, the problems is that, those elected officials are not often directly in touch with issues effecting your neighborhood.

Being a politico, I watched the city council meetings on cable.   I was a fan of former Mayor Joe Serna, councilpersons Heather Fargo and Debra Ortiz, I admired their intelligence and grasp of the issues.

Many elected officials rely on their staff, few actually read the pages  sent to them on various issues….

By their responses at the meetings it was very evident that the two women on the council knew and read the information . They always seem well prepared, Ms Fargo was very passionate about her district (she lives in South Natomas)  she and Ms Ortiz clearly did their homework and unlike their colleagues  had a full firm grasp of the issues. They actually read the info packets, Ms Ortiz could tell you what page a certain subject or issue was on. I was very impressed.

In 1994, I met Heather Fargo at a Natomas Community Association meeting, with her encouragement I became a board member at the first meeting, I found her warm and charming.

When she represented district 1 (Downtown and Natomas), I found myself in agreement with her on many city issues. including a new arena for the Sacramento Kings. She was against the city paying for a new arena. This was a time when city libraries were closed three and four days a week. I admired her passion about planning in North Natomas.

One of her many fans I volunteered for her when she initially ran for mayor.

As mayor , I think she lost her way. She and I lost touch. Some said she was polarizing, Others said she was very stubborn.and difficult. What I wremember was a leader who connected with the public. Her support of the Kings Arena at a time when the city had a deficit. troubled me

Enter Kevin Johnson,. I believe Mr Johnson is the highest profile candidate who has ever run for city offices. He was a professional Basketball player for the Phoenix Suns…. Local boy makes good.

Mr Johnson wasn’t a fixture at city hall and from his public appearances, it was clear he knew little about ow government worked.   From what I read, nearly all of his business affiliations  were somewhat controversial , from the Charter School to his Real Estate holdings in Oak Park.

I couldn’t support Mayor Fargo and I didn’t respect Kevin Johnson. I was astounded by his lack of intelligence, I found myself often screaming at the television.. With four hundred and sixty thousand persons living in the city limits, these were our choices?   The Sacramento Bee gave the impression that they to had troubles with the remaining candidates.

Mr Johnson, he has some serious baggage,here in Sacramento and beyond. What bothered me most about Mr Johnson is/was his complete lack of knowledge and lack of preparation for the job he was running. But Former Major Fargo made it easy for him. Intimidated by his profile and financial connections, she handed him the position.

But here we are, Kevin Johnson is my mayor… I hope that he will succeed as Mayor of this wonderful city.

So far there has been a LOT of noise coming from the mayor office.

But its early…to soon perhaps.

As the business of Mayoring goes in Sacramento… It’s pretty bland, boring  No fun sex scandals….no bribery, no corruption Even with the likes of former mayor Joe Serna…..B O R I N G

Like the nightlife in midtown…..Things are changing……….

Enter our new Mayor……

The Jackson’s could almost envy his toothy smile.(almost-calling Dr Smile)

Rumor is he has traded up, from Oak Park to the L Street Lofts……..

He is one of the best dressed Mayors (not up to the level of Willie Brown) but he holds his own.

There are some who say he has a friends and enemies list. a la Richard Millhouse Nixon.

He wants more power….. The Richard Daley Chicagoland Power.

There are some who believe that his non paid staff has too much power and influence on I Street.

Angry about the huge expansion of the Galleria Mall in Roseville ( now the areas largest shopping mall) He has given an Ultimatum to the largest shopping center company in the world Westfield telling them to remodel the Downtown Plaza or……………..

Retailers are clamoring to get into the Galleria, high end stores like Tiffany has bypassed Sacramento altogether while the Plaza cant attract Target.the sales per square foot is nearly double the Downtown Plaza.

So back to the question, remodel Downtown Plaza or what? Does the Mayor have a plan B?

The smiles are report ably few in City Hall (unless your apart of his inner circle) Its quite possible that before his term is over, we just might have that scandal.

( my eyes are moist with anticipation)

I’m Beginning to Understand

A lot of super urban people see people from small towns or smaller urban areas as yockles ,slow, dumb.

There is some truth to this. Many people from smaller area are not exposed to wide range of people.

One couple from Wilton gave man $50 in the parking lot of the Hilton after hearing his sad tale only to question their decision moments later.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and a New Yorker for four years u the super urban dweller steps out of his domicile prepared for battle. Your, instinctively aware of the surroundings, you rushes past solicitations for cash,avoid eye contact because that could mean a story or a long sad tale that could ultimately delay to work.

An super urban dweller has to be aggressive This aggressiveness would seem rude in small towns , the alternative could mean missing the bus, train or subway.

Sacramento, is the second smallest metro area that I have lived in… A lot of the people here are refugees from the San Francisco bay area and Los Angeles who move here for the dream of ownership. Home prices here are often two thirds less that it is in many of the coastal cities.

In many cities, boomers are returning to the city core they once abandoned for the suburbs.

For many people who have lived here most of their lives, Sacramento is a cowtown not much here not a real city. Outside Sacramento, the is a buzz, there are many articles being written about Sacramento from San Francisco to Boston they speak well of midtown, the massive trees and the energy. These stories have brought people looking for an slower pace. If you sit and listen in some of the midtown/downtown restaurants you will here accents who have relocated here. into midtown from Philadelphia and New York.

From San Francisco,we settled in the south Natomas section of Sacramento. We like he trees in the area and the location, just north of downtown and near shopping. For the first few years I commuted into downtown San Francisco (88 miles)

One evening, my mini van ran out of gas in the center the communities busiest intersection. I glanced out of my rear view mirror and noticed two men on either side of the van, I convinced that I was going to be robbed…., I prepared my self. Pulling out cash and kicking my wallet under the seat. The gentlemen simply pushed my van out of the intersection and asked me could the take me to get gas.

It took me, six months to allow the Belair bag boys to unload my car. People smile in Sacramento and say hello. People in Sacramento are outraged when the have to stand on a bus or light rail vehicle, pushing is just rude and for some could mean that they will never take public transit again. They don’t have my armor……

Last night, my neighbors were out in the square, they are a common site in the evenings when its cooler, someone brought tortilla chips, someone else when upstairs and brought beer down, another tamales… Despite living downtown, we have a homeless problem, they felt safe.

My family in I lived in the Cow Hollow section of San Francisco, no one outside your building spoke or said hello. In fact one neighbor in my building angerly told me to stop saying hello to him!

In the fourteen years we lived there I knew the name of two people in the neighborhood.

Sometimes I miss being that super urban dweller. As the plane lands at JFK, I instantly transform…my body changes and my vocabulary changes… “get the fuck outta here” “stupid ass fuck” he’s a fuckin moron” “fuck you” I am very aggressive.

Every now and then the Sacramentan I have become, come out, as I marvel at the architecture. Huge mistake as someone try’s to sell me something or tells me about a new religion and would I like to make any donation.

In the four months I have lived in the apartment complex, I know the names of eleven people. People smile and ask me how I’m doing? If I’m coughing they ask what I’m taking for that?

One this day, I am doing laundry, I’m fantasizing about winning the mega million lottery. That’s New York Money, I thought to myself…. enough that I could live in a high rise on the 40th floor.

My daydream was interrupted by my neighbor Keith, who wondered why I was doing my laundry in the heat of the day? Something tells me, in New York Keith would properly pass by me in silence and think idiot!

I’m beginning to understand……

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