2011 Chevy Cruze-The Caddy of small cars (Sac-gas 4.16)

While the mid size (Honda Accord, Ford Fusion and Toyota Camry) is far and away the popular segment in the United States, the activity this year is the compact segment with 6 new models. This year the american manufactures has taken the lead.   For many years with the exception of the Ford Focus, theContinue reading “2011 Chevy Cruze-The Caddy of small cars (Sac-gas 4.16)”

Fiat returns to America

I have never been comfortable with the shotgun marriage of Fiat and Chrysler.   The words Chrysler and Quality have been at odds for many years.   Fiat has a poor reputation among European automakers.   So the pairing of the two in this  very competitive market where the quality plays such  important role seems odd. Few companies can afford to offer Hyundai’s generousContinue reading “Fiat returns to America”

World domination? Hyundai Say’s Yes!

First it was the Germans, then the Japanese now it is the South Koreans.  Forty years ago many Americans could not pronounce Toy-ota.  The Nissan Corporation change its name to Datsun for those American tounges and less 10 years ago Hyundai was difficult. That’s  all in the past,  Hyundai Motor Company which includes Kia has sold moreContinue reading “World domination? Hyundai Say’s Yes!”