MMMMMMMustang….. 2015 Review

2015 Ford Mustang GT Premium Review By Michael Jordan/ Automobile Magazine West Hollywood, California—The 2015 Ford Mustang comes to life in the parking lot of Mel’s Drive-in, a retro-style place in Hollywood where you can still feel the 1960s. With the car eager underneath our throttle foot, we turn right on Sunset Boulevard and drive awayContinue reading “MMMMMMMustang….. 2015 Review”

Chrysler What did you do!

By CityFella The New York International Auto Show is one of most important car shows in the world (Sorry Sacramento)  new cars are often introduced to the world at this show. This year Chrysler/Fiat introduced a refreshed 2015 Dodge Charger.   Many of my followers know, I like the current Dodge Charger. Front to rearContinue reading “Chrysler What did you do!”