Kracking Up

  Reality is slowly sinking into Prezy Poo.  He never really had a grasp on how government worked.  Despite his best efforts he BLEW it.  He didn’t listen to those seasoned members of the GOP who advised him to talk about the economy, record unemployment. He instead went for FEAR, TERROR and MAYHEM.  As aContinue reading “Kracking Up”

Kwazy Town “It’s our Prezy Poo” (Midterm Edition)

  Disclaimer:  If your a died hard supporter of the Prez ,this is “Fake News” so continue at your own risk!   Reporters at the White House said he was a bit off yesterday, pacing back and forth. _______________________________________________________ Wednesday, November 7th 2018 For the First time in nearly two years America Exhaled (Click theContinue reading “Kwazy Town “It’s our Prezy Poo” (Midterm Edition)”


For Every Win    Someone must fail There comes a point when  When we Exhale  DEMOCRATS WIN THE HOUSE   223  DEMS ✓GOP 199   Americans voted and history was made last night.    Two Muslim women were elected to congress.  Rashida Tlaib(D) a Palestinian-American representing Michigan’s 13th district. Ilhan Omar(D) a Somali American representing Minnesota’s fifth congressionalContinue reading “EXHALE”

Some last minute red meat racism for the base

Midterm Madness courtesy of The Prez! “Pre-Fab Manufactured Fear”   Any day now, the Prez is going to send over FIVE THOUSAND TROOPS to protect our borders from thousands of menacing Latinos who are several hundred miles away. Did I mention most are walking? Which means they won’t be here until EASTER.     BecauseContinue reading “Some last minute red meat racism for the base”

The Great American Health Care Panic

   By: Michael Kruse/ LEVITTOWN, Pa.—With whiffs of cigarette smoke wafting from the adjoining Band Box bar, surrounded by the nonstop clatter of bowling pins, Donna Brown and Kaci Rickert sat across from each other at a little low table one recent evening at the shabby, homey Levittown Lanes. The women’s league teammates ate saladContinue reading “The Great American Health Care Panic”