The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Season 6 ep17) Peter Thomas the Newest Housewife?

By CityFella: Perhaps I’m confused.  A few weeks ago Bravo teased us with a confrontation between Peter Thomas and Gregg Leaks.  Wuh Happened? Nene on the shores of Denial Bravo saved us from a long rehash of the Bailey Bowl Brawl ( say that three times fast). Nene and Cynthia who haven’t seen each other sinceContinue reading “The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Season 6 ep17) Peter Thomas the Newest Housewife?”

Bishop Eddie Long Case Officially Dismissed

  Documents were filed late Friday in DeKalb County State Court confirming the sexual misconduct case against Bishop Eddie Long has been dismissed “with prejudice,” one day after it was revealed  a settlement had been reached. The dismissals, first reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution,  prevent the four defendants from suing Long again for the same alleged offense.Continue reading “Bishop Eddie Long Case Officially Dismissed”