The Accidental Mistress

After a lifetime of serial dating, Kym Canter thought she had finally found Mr. Right. Swept up in a whirlwind romance, they planned a happily ever after life together — until one e-mail changed everything. I MET ANDREW through a dating website last spring. He was good-looking, and we had a lot in common—we were theContinue reading “The Accidental Mistress”

Celebrity Apprentice and then there were 2 “Arsenio and Clay” Yawn…..

Fans of reality TV, watch for the drama.   The show sputters along without it    With the exception of last season’s amazing cast, the Celebrity Apprentice has been sputtering along for the last few years , and while the boardroom is always dramatic, its not enough. This year the Trumpster, hoping lighting would strikeContinue reading “Celebrity Apprentice and then there were 2 “Arsenio and Clay” Yawn…..”

Celebrity Apprentice recap: 3/11 BOOM!

Judge Judy sometime reminds litigants the show is her play pin.  Last night, The Trumpster reminded everyone, he is running this! I’ll be very brief here, the task or the Challenge was a presentation for Buick, and their newest model the Verano.    Neither presentation was good but Buick chose the ladies. The men’s team was stunnedContinue reading “Celebrity Apprentice recap: 3/11 BOOM!”