Sheep in Reverse

Fuck it, like it or not most of us are like sheep.  You see it everyday in many forms. We drive in packs, walk in packs and travel in packs.  At Costco, people wait in the long center lines often 20 deep on weekends.  I heard people waiting in line say, maybe we should look and see if there are shorter lines-then to hear them sigh and stay put..  For me it a win win, at the far sides of check out there are fewer people, saving me a half hour in line. “I COMMAND YOU TO STAY IN YOUR STUPIDITY”    

 At one point in popular music you realize that everything sounds the same. This isn’t new, throughout the ages someone said, sound like her or them, because this is popular!  But every now and then an Adele or Louis Armstrong appears, breaking the mold of what a performer should look or sound like. 

We copy each other.  If someone else is doing it, then we should too.  From clothing, to music, we copy each other, it doesn’t have to make sense as long as we are doing what others do.

Dah, its the rage, “Your nothing, your nobody until you’ve adopted a pet rock”

Remember that insane shit? and why couldn’t I have invented it?   Can you imagine, just walking down the street picking up various rocks -giving them names and packaging um for say $2.99,within a year, you could lunched with Gail King ( Oprah’s bff)


Let’s take a picture of our Feta Cheeseburger- OMG,We are so cosmopolitan

Here we are standing in the line at the movie theater (LET’S GO LIVE)

Oh man, lets bore people into suicide at my sisters graduations (ooh she is soo cute)

I am sooo proud of myself, I’ve lost 6 ounces this week, I feel so slim! 

Facebook, Snapchat allows everyone a few seconds of fame. “Look at Me”

There are some of us who color outside the lines.  We march by the sounds of our own drums.  Our style isn’t conventional or trendy and not determined by a 30 second commercial, a picture in magazine or moved by what a celebrity is wearing or tweeting about.

I’ve always been attracted to those people.  I’m drawn to Mavericks, regular people who defy convention.  The person on the street with his or her own style.  I saw man in his mid twenties getting out of  a clean 63 Ford Galaxy sedan it was nothing special, no 20 inch wheels, no custom paint just a well preserved car  He said he put more then 8 grand in this old car.  His parents was born in the sixties and he likes this era. He looked as if he was an extra on Mad Men.  He dress ,was from the sixties. I wanted to know more.  Who are his friends, what do they say about is style?  but he was late for a meeting.

With the exception of bell bottoms.  I wasn’t that person to walk the line.   I didn’t listen exclusively to “black music”  it was controversial (I’m still known in my family for listening to white folks music) there is some insane unwritten rule out there that says if you are of a certain hue you MUST exclusively listen to music assigned to that hue or religion. Failure to follow the rule could mean expulsion.   I was that sheep who always strayed.  At five years old, I was banned from Church events without my mom. They said I was lost for hours.  I didn’t think I was lost, I even bought myself a hat at the San Francisco Zoo, AND I found them.

Playing it safe and doing what others do is boring.  I’m that single man who dreams of the Chrysler Pacifica Minivan.  I would have it tricked out with fat wheels and custom paint.  I cant imagine being part of the herd, driving some ungainly SUV.  There is a huge world out there, but there are people, when faced with 31 choices of ice cream ,will choose chocolate or vanilla.

Straying comes with its own set of problems.   To go it alone means your open to ridicule, why isn’t he or she just going along, they’re troublemakers. Why don’t  they simply just follow the path.  Celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Cher, Clint Eastwood, Adele and the late James Garner,  Joan Rivers, Bette David and Prince.  These people collectively say “Fuck it and Fuck You” should I fall flat on my face, I did so being my own person.





Why Adele’s Grammys flub was actually a pop-star power play

Image result for adele grammys

By: Mikael Wood/LaTimes

Is this becoming a habit for Adele?

As you’ve surely heard by now, the young British singer went dramatically off-script at Sunday’s Grammy Awards, halting her shaky performance of the late George Michael’s  “Fastlove” (presumably because she couldn’t hear her accompaniment) and asking to start the tribute again.

But although the moment was shocking — at least by the tightly managed standards of televised awards shows — it wasn’t exactly a surprise: After all, Adele experienced a similar mishap at the 2016 Grammys, where she delivered a deeply pitchy rendition of her song “All I Ask” that seemed to disrupt the idea of Adele’s vocal prowess.

“I can’t do it again like last year,” she said Sunday as she stopped “Fastlove,” and the pain of “All I Ask” was clearly still vivid in her memory.

After the earlier incident, some wondered if the singer’s career would take a hit — including Adele herself, who appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show and spoke about the crippling pressure to live up to her success.

Yet the damage never materialized; in fact, 2016 ended up a banner year for Adele, with a sold-out world tour that stopped for eight nights at Staples Center and a blockbuster album, “25,” that finished as the year’s biggest seller. (On Sunday, “25” was named album of the year, one of five awards the singer took home.)

One conclusion to draw here is that messing up actually helped Adele, as indeed will this latest blunder-if-you-can-call-it-that.

More than her ability as a singer, it’s Adele’s perceived relatability that’s made her one of music’s biggest stars. At a moment when so much pop feels so carefully strategized, she cuts a different, more approachable figure — less polished than Taylor Swift, less cunning than Katy Perry, less intellectually ambitious than Beyoncé.

So to crumple under the hot lights — and then own up to the panic anyone might feel in the situation — is only to deepen the valuable sense of connection listeners feel with her.

As this year’s Grammys host, James Corden, said in  a recent interview, fans watch Adele onstage and think, “She’s representing me up there.” And who among us can’t envision themselves whiffing in front of an audience of tens of millions of people?

Then again, there’s another way of looking at the “Fastlove” episode that demonstrates just how exceptional Adele is — and how powerful.

Musicians flub notes all the time on live TV; Adele wasn’t even the only one to do it Sunday, as anybody who caught Lukas Graham and Kelsea Ballerini’s ear-bending duet can tell you.

But Adele was the only one to bring an elaborate prime-time production to a standstill because she didn’t like the way it was going.

That takes real confidence in one’s artistic vision.

Was she genuine in her apologies to the crowd and to the Grammys’ producer, Ken Ehrlich, whom she mentioned by name? There’s no reason to doubt it, particularly given the anguished look on her face.

But along with the horror at repeating a familiar mistake, Adele’s mind had to have been filled with the certainty that she’d be allowed to pick the song up again, something Kelsea Ballerini could scarcely have assumed.

In other words, the Grammy stage was a safe space for Adele, not just in success but in failure too.

It almost makes you wonder if she’s started planning next year’s snafu.

“Remember His Name” “Vitalii Sediuk” He’s gonna live…………..

By CityFella


25 year old Vitalii Sediuk loves American celebrities.  He’s been slapped by Will Smith.   His face has been under America Ferrera’s dress and in the crotches of  Bradley Cooper AND Leonardo DiCaprio.   Encounters with other A- listers has made him celebrity enemy  number one.

Who is he?

Vitalii Sediuk was a reporter for the Ukrainian television channel 1+1 .   He was fired from his reporter job after he jumped under actress America Ferrera’s dress on May 17th at the Cannes Film Festival.   Even though he is a known prankster, the  TV network says they were not  involved in his stunts.

Sediuk has lived in Los Angeles area  since 2012.where  he filed occasional stories for 1+1.  He also works as an aspiring writer / director / producer

Timeline of the Notorious Vatalii

01 September 2011

While Madonna can live with wire hangers.  Everybody’s knows she hates hydrangeas.   Vatalii handed Madonna a bouquet of hydrangeas at the Venice Film Festival,

18 May 2012

He kissed Will Smith at the premier of Men in Black III in Moscow.  Smith not feeling particularly romantic slapped the crap out him and asked ” What the HELL is your problem?

10 February 2013

He eluded security to get a second-row seat inside the Staples Center at the 2013 Grammy Awards, despite having no credentials. Sediuk  jumped onto the stage when Jennifer Lopez announced Adele as the winner. “I love you, Adele,” he is heard saying as the singer approached. He was arrested offstage and later prosecuted on two misdemeanor charges.


24 February 2013

Epic Fail

Sediuk attempted to enter the 85th Academy Awards wearing drag.  But was turned back by security .

I think there is something on your crotch…..My Face!!!!!! 

18 January 2014

Bradley Cooper at the 20th Screen Actors Guild Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.


6 February 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival

8 February 2014

Sediuk gave it his all and bared it for the fashionistas  during  New York Fashion Week .  Where he was arrested for trespassing.

16 May 2014

“Well hello America”

As she posed for pictures the premier of How to Train Your Dragon 2 at the Cannes Film Festival Sediuk crawled under her gown.

 28 May 2014

While his wife Angelina Jolie ,star of Maleficent was being interviewed on one side of El Capitan Theater on Hollywood Boulevard Wednesday.  Brad Pitt was on the other side  signing autographs. Sediuk allegedly jumped the rope and hit actor in his face, according to Los Angeles Police Sgt. Leonard Calderon.   Pitt, who looked as he got a couple of punches in, continued unfazed on the carpet to giving  interviews.

Sediuk was held in the  Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail after failing to post $20,000 bail, and was indicted on May 30, 2014 on charges of assault and battery. Sediuk was also charged with unlawful activity at a sporting or theatrical event or exhibition, and unlawful delay of a unlawful activity at a sporting or theatrical event or exhibition, relating to his 2013 Oscars stunt, prosecution for which had been deferred at the time of the incident on condition of his good behavior for three years.

Sediuk, 25, previously told  “The Hollywood Reporter”  that he relied on 1+1 — a celebrity-oriented network that airs the  Ukrainian version of The Voice  to cover the legal costs incurred during his last brush with the law, following his arrest for storming the stage at the 2013 Grammys. That incident resulted in three years of probation and a lifetime ban from the L.A Live complex.

This time around, Sediuk — who is still being held by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department on suspicion of battery, pending $20,000 bond — will be left entirely to his own devices.

His first appearance before a Los Angeles judge is scheduled for Today, but he has already been slapped with an emergency protective order barring him from approaching Pitt. The restraining order expires on Monday, but is likely to be extended.

Friday Dribble………..Adele Preggers -Kim and Kanye-Rielle Hunter-Tom and Kate- Mitt Romney-Cate Edwards-Sac Kings-and Madea

Rielle Hunters book not well received by women (will someone hand me a tissue) so she is softening her tone about the late Elizabeth Edwards.   In a few weeks the book should be available at dollar store near you.

Speaking of the Edwards……. the breakup of Rielle and John may be real…Rumors or The National Enquirer reports his oldest daughter(Cate) who has stood by his side said Dump the bitch or lose me……

I mean, how dare she get angry after all the kind words his Mistress has said about her dead mother-how rude!


Kings Fans are HAPPY with the draft choice of Thomas Robinson.  News reports say the tough guy was in tears, TEARS, when her heard his name called.   Question?  Where those tears of joy or OMG  Sacramento!

Americans  may join China and Mexico by providing health care for its citizens….   Mitt Romney says he will defeat it Obamacare…  Of course who can blame him.  His doctor like his cash are in the the Cayman’s.  

Remember Marla Maples? The tramp or lady or lady and the tramp (wait for it) Donald Trump was cheating with?  ( He was married to Ivana at the time)-   NOW YOU REMEMBER!   Well, she’s on page six(The Worst Lust Trump ever had) and there are tapes!   Marla Maples famously gushed “Best Sex I Ever Had” in a Post Page One headline when she started her affair with Donald Trump back in 1990 — but The Donald wasn’t as thrilled, according to a gossipy police confession tape.Chuck Jones — Maples’ shoe-fetishist former publicist — has recorded a video statement for Manhattan cops and prosecutors revealing what he describes as Trump’s immediate regrets upon ditching first wife, Ivana, for the Georgia peach.  More to come ? His lawyers  will be flying into offices today…

“I said [to Trump], ‘Did you love [Maples]?’ ” Jones dishes on the tape, made when he was arrested this month on charges of harassing and stalking Maples via some nasty recent e-mails.


Lyrics: to Rumor has it

She, she ain’t real,
She ain’t gonna be able to love you like I will,
She is a stranger,
You and I have history,
Or don’t you remember?
Sure, she’s got it all,
But, baby, is that really what you want?

Now change the she to he. The rumor has it ,her boyfriend (an earlier bf) left her for a man…… Perhaps he like House music more than pop. (I tried) 

ooooh, BIG Kardashian News…

Kim and her Boo Kanye West were spotted at a laser hair removal salon in LOS ANGELES…. CAN YOU BELIEVE? Wonder what they were doing there?

(please shoot me now!)

It’s official, the light rail to no where is finally open.. A green light rail will whisk you from downtown Sacramento, to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING……….the station is bright and airy.

He’s a smart guy, ok director, fair writer and looks real good in a grey wig and dress.  And I cant resist him!  The reviewers be dammed.  But I’m hooked on MEDEA…..gonna c her this weekend.


Snooki counts  to 10.


“Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are Divorcing”

(Perhaps its was all that jumping up and down in bed)

(We told her to wear!)

Real Housewives of Atlanta Rumormill

NeNe Leakes

got Sheree Whitfield fired from the show

More Fresh News

According New York Daily News- Adele is Preggers

The Grammy-winning singer announced Friday that she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Simon Konecki. 
“I’m delighted to announce that Simon and I are expecting our first child together,” the singer, 24, wrote on her website.

Donkey Booty

Had to say it- have a great weekend!


Donna Summer ” She is simply hot Stuff”

Sittin’ here eatin’ my heart out waitin- Waitin’ for some lover to call – Dialed about a thousand numbers lately- Almost rang the phone off the wall-  Lookin’ for some hot stuff baby this evenin’
I need some hot stuff baby tonight- I want some hot stuff baby this evenin -‘ Gotta have some hot stuff Gotta have some lovin’ tonight- I need hot stuff- I want some hot stuff-I need some hot stuff

Lookin’ for a lover who needs another-Don’t want another night on my own-Want to share my love with a warm blooded lover-Want to bring a wild man back home- Sittin’ here eatin’ my heart out, no reason-Don’t spend another night on my own-I dialed about a hundred numbers baby
I’m bound to find somebody home

If you remember this song when it first hit the airways , I need you to remove all food’s from your mouth before the next sentence.

Scroll Down

That was THIRTY TWO YEARS ago.    She won a Grammy (1980’s  Best Rock Vocal Performance-Female) and that’s the year I became a fan.

Donna was already a star by then, however, I wasn’t a fan.  Turned off by one of her signature songs “Love to Love you baby” I didn’t think much of her singing voice.  In fact, I didn’t like much what she was doing during when she was under contract with Casablanca Records.   Yes Last Dance was a good record, but I thought it was fluke.

Suddenly there was Hot Stuff, and her attack and delivery of those lyrics…I was fan.   I own three copies of the Bad Girls double album (yes a record) its a large vinyl thing with grooves and you play it on a wind up Victrola.  (Google it)

There are many self proclaimed Disco Queens, many one hit wonders, but Donna is the Queen selling nearly 130 million albums worldwide.

When Disco faded, it ended the careers of many. While Donna’s career slowed it  was far from over.  Donna’ roots were in the church and inspirational songs can be found on some of her later albums .  In  1982  she was a Grammy nominee for– Best Inspirational PerformanceI Believe in Jesus. This is her version of Riding through the Storm.

The music industry is filled with vampires , Casablanca wanted the Disco Donna, Donna wanted to branch into other musical styles… unable to reach a middle ground she left Casablanca for Geffen Records.


Donna was unable to duplicate the successes and previous sales at Casablanca.  While at Geffen Donna learned she still owed Casablanca an album.   The album “She Works Hard For The Money” was one of her all time best selling albums.     None of her Geffen sales came close.

A couple from the Geffen Years

Donna Summer was the first African American female to have a video on MTV in heavy rotation.

Singer,Writer, Actress, Painter, and Grandmother of four,LaDonna Adrian Gaines from Dorchester, Massachusetts belongs to an élite group of American singers  Aretha, Gladys,Patti, and Tina with recording and performing careers of three decades or more.

Donna’s last tour (Crayons) was in 2008.

There are rumors of an album of Standards….  (We’re Waiting)

Home is Nashville, Tennessee.

If your in New York, her next scheduled performance is in East Hampton,New York at the Bay Street Theater on the 5th of July.

This is one of her last filmed performances (Dec 2009) at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway honoring President Obama.  Behind her is the Norwegian Radio Orchestra.

She was 60 at the time of this KILLER performance (notice the face of the conductor). So Beyonc’e, Gaga, Adele and all the other contenders who will rise and fall.  Donna Summer is the real thing, she’s been hott stuff for nearly 40 years… and she’s not cooling down anytime soon.


UPDATE: Donna Summer Died Today (May 17, 2012)

We know there is a BIG Disco ball in Heaven

Chevy Volt-Vauxhall/Opel Ampera production on hold……Problems or fine tuning?

With US gas prices over $4. gallon in many cities?   A 93 miles per gallon* car should be selling like Adele’s CD’s.    Thursday, General Motors told employees in Detroit and Europe the Chevy Volt/Opel Ampera  that production would put on hold from March 19 to April 23.

The shut down will effect 1,300 employees  in Detroit.

The Chevrolet Volt, an extended-range electric car, is both a political lightning rod and a symbol of the company’s technological capability.

A few days ago the Vauxhall Ampera won the coveted 2012 “Car of The Year” at the Geneva Motor Show.   The 2012 Opel Ampera is Denmark’s “Car of The year”   Last year the Chevy Volt was “Motor Trends Magarzine” Car of theYear” Automovile Magazine’s  “Automobile of the year” and the North American car of the year”  The Volt ranked first in Consumer Reports‘ list of owner-satisfaction based on its 2011 Annual Auto Survey, with 93% respondents who owned the Volt saying they definitely would purchase that same vehicle again.      In Australia,the car is sold as the Holden Volt.

Chevrolet sold 1,023 Volts in the U.S. in February and has sold 1,626 so far this year.

In 2011, Chevrolet sold 7,671 Volts, but fell short of its initial goal of 10,000.

GM had planned to expand production of its Volt plug-in hybrid to 60,000 this year, with 45,000 earmarked for the U.S.

Last fall, the GM and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration spent several weeks trying to explain why two Volts whose batteries were punctured caught on fire after sitting around for at least a week.

NHTSA determined that the range-extended electric Volt is as safe as any gasoline-powered vehicle on the road.

GM said on Jan. 5 that it would improve the structure and battery-coolant system of the Volt sedan to protect it better against fires after crashes.


Friday Mash Up “Whitney”



Tip your I-pod or Mp3 players to  Jay-Z and Beyonc’e . Like most celebrities they could have made oodles of money selling pictures of their daughter “Blue Ivy Carter” to People or some magazine.  They chose instead to download the picture on the internet for everyone to see.  

“Money Can’t Buy You Class”

Meanwhile back in Sacratomatoville……………

It’s the Bounty Hunter vs the Point Guard 

Leonard Padilla



 Current Mayor of Sacramento Kevin Johnson

Padilla, announced he will run agaisnt Mayor Johnson for his seat  this fall.

Too Much?

Nicky Minaj at the 2012 Grammy’s

Never 2 Much



A Record Six Awards

tied the record held by Beyonce for most Grammy Awards won by a female artist in a single year.

Image Detail

She was 19,  I was capitvated by her sound . I wanted to know who she was ? Visually,she wasn’t rail thin or pre-packaged. People in the music industry will ask her to lose weight and disapper in a sea of blonde hair, what wont disapper is her voice.(Rumor has it, she has quit smoking) Lets hope she stays curvy,to inspire all the other curvy girls with a dream.

Something tells me….. GOP Candidate Jon Santorum wont be Campaigning in the Village in NYC, K Street in Sacramento, West Hollywood or the Castro in San Francisco.  None of the current GOP Candidates can wrap there hands around Gay Marriage. But no one has been as vocal about it than Jon Santorum .  Listen to His Honorary Florida Chairman. Rev. O’Neal Dozier of the Worldwide Christian Center  

You will Burn in Hell if you laugh at this Poor Man who loses his way- Burn! 

 Chris Brown’s alleged new pick up line: ‘Promise I won’t beat you

Chris Brown has adopted a spine-chilling new pick up line, according to one report.

An unidentified woman tells Us Weekly that Brown alleged approached her in the 54th annual Grammy Awards gift lounge and said, “Can I get your number? I promise I won’t beat you!”


The woman elaborates that Brown thought the words were hilarious.

“He and his friends laughed,” she claims. “One yelled, ‘That’s his new line!'”

Naturally, the line didn’t go over well. The woman says that rather than being titillated, she “wanted to throw up.”

A woman alleges that Chris Brown hit on her using the pickup line, “Promise I won’t beat you.”

Brown’s rep, however, has dismissed the report. “I’d be surprised if Chris said something that stupid,” the rep said.

In 2009, Brown and then-girlfriend Rihanna had both been scheduled to perform at the Grammy Awards, but backed out last minute. It was later discovered that the two had gotten in a physical scuffle, which landed Rihanna in the hospital. Brown plead guilty to felony assault and was sentenced to six months of community service in addition to five years probation.

Yesterday, Brown unleashed and then later deleted a Twitter tirade against critics who say he shouldn’t have been awarded a Grammy this year because of the incident.

“You guys love to hate!!!” he wrote. “But guess what??? HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now!”

Sources later told Radar Online that Brown didn’t write the tweets himself.

“Brown didn’t Tweet that,” the source claimed. “Someone does his postings to Twitter and when he saw that he ordered it taken down immediately.”

(Page Six)

American Idol is fading- Simon Cowell’s  Guarantee’d Hit the X- Factor didn’t  (he even dumped Paula for season 2. )

People are turning to  this  season.

How did I miss this show!

Betty White is funny,very funny, but she is NO…



Check out:     on Fox

Step in to the WayBack Machine for Funny

A Zillion people have seen this clip 10 million times

Warning: if you are  seeing this clip for the first time -please remove all food

Thank you Whitney