Trust, Love and Money: when the family wont

Someone had to help him everyone has abandoned him, his parents,his friends, he had no one! Is what she told the judge, on one of those judge shows. No one would help him ! I loaned him more than four thousand dollars. I got him a cell phone, paid for his broken tooth, bought himContinue reading “Trust, Love and Money: when the family wont”

Why Some People Can Look You Straight In The Face & Tell You Lies

By: Susan Saint Welch It’s time to stop making excuses for them. When it comes to the spectrum of human behavior within relationships of all kinds, it can be difficult even for professionals in fields related to mental health and psychology to determine the reasons underlying the bold behavior of habitual, possibly pathological liars, whetherContinue reading “Why Some People Can Look You Straight In The Face & Tell You Lies”

Why Being a Morning Person Makes You Better Than Everyone Else

Hate sleeping in? You’re in luck: research says being an early riser is much better for your health.   By: Jenn Sinrich/Mens Health Do you wake up in the morning at 6:30 a.m. on the dot, excited to start your day? Do you feel like you get your best work done right when you getContinue reading “Why Being a Morning Person Makes You Better Than Everyone Else”

Real Women Reveal the WORST Marriage Advice They Were Ever Given

These are bound to make you cringe… By: Jillian Kramer/ If you’re in a relationship, you’ve received unsolicited advice. Some of it’s been good, and some of it’s been bad. But hands-down, this bad advice given to real brides might just be the worst. We suggest you don’t take it. “Do whatever you need to soContinue reading “Real Women Reveal the WORST Marriage Advice They Were Ever Given”

Can’t Get Beyond the First Date? “Close Your Purse

“Close Your Purse”  This term  applies to gay, straight, men and women.  Cant seem to get beyond the first date? Your out on the first date and the pause button on yourmouth malfunctions….and you proceed to tell your date about your past including everyone you ever dated.     Telling every thing, overwhelming your date withContinue reading “Can’t Get Beyond the First Date? “Close Your Purse”

Relationships: The Well

Every now an again, you hear something that immediately strikes a chord in your life.    A few years ago I was sitting alone at a large table. the dinner was over and  I was sorta zoning out,people watching. At the next table was a beautiful older woman sipping coffee, and sitting next to her was aContinue reading “Relationships: The Well”

When Ok Cupid introduces you to people you know

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:  If you’ve been married or in a relationship 20 years or more.. Try to make it work, take a salsa class,  wine tasting, beer making.   Because if your starting over BEWARE!  There is a new world out there. Initially, meeting people via the net was exciting and new . You canContinue reading “When Ok Cupid introduces you to people you know”

5 Ways to Be a Better Listener

It’s the simplest relationship booster on the planet. Be a better listener, be a better boyfriend. Bernard Ferrari, the dean of Johns Hopkins University’s Carey School of Business, mentions five pillars in his book Power Listening. He may have been writing for the board room, but I think the tips work just as well inContinue reading “5 Ways to Be a Better Listener”

3 Signs Your Online Date Isn’t Actually Single

Is the guy you met online already in a relationship? Here’s how to tell. You’ve joined an online dating site and are excited to meet new people and explore possibilities. Finally, you discover one person in particular with whom you have a lot in common and feel that wonderful bubbly sensation of looking forward toContinue reading “3 Signs Your Online Date Isn’t Actually Single”