Criminalization of Gay Sex Linked to Staggering HIV Rates in Africa

Photo by McBarth Oveba from Pexels  Nations that don’t penalize same-sex activity have lower rates of HIV among men who have sex with men. By: Neal Broverman/ The risk of having HIV is nearly five times as high for gay or bi men in sub-Saharan nations that severely criminalize gay sex compared to those inContinue reading “Criminalization of Gay Sex Linked to Staggering HIV Rates in Africa”

Republican Party: Hero’s Needed !

  Photo: Google Winning the Battle and Losing the War More than 30 Republicans have announced they planned to retire by 2019. The latest, is California’s Darrell Issa.   Issa was first elected to Congress in in 2001. For many years his  district representing Western San Diego Country was considered safe district for the Republican Party. The demographicsContinue reading “Republican Party: Hero’s Needed !”

Kenya legalises polygamy without wife’s consent

Polygamy is very common among traditional communities in many parts of Africa, as this family in South Africa. PHOTO/AFP NAIROBI – Kenya’s parliament has passed a bill allowing men to marry as many women as they want, prompting a furious backlash from female lawmakers who stormed out, reports said Friday. The bill, which amended existing marriageContinue reading “Kenya legalises polygamy without wife’s consent”

For Mothers and Babies, Light Means Life

By Global News Network, Monrovia Liberia When I was a child in Sierra Leone, sometimes I studied by candlelight. When our mothers cook in the kitchen using fire wood or charcoal they carried us on their backs. Sometimes, we played around them in the kitchen, all of us inhaling the carcinogenic smoke.  Decades later, manyContinue reading “For Mothers and Babies, Light Means Life”

OUT in Africa

From one African to others: “To discriminate against our sisters and brothers who are lesbian or gay on grounds of their sexual orientation for me is as totally unacceptable and unjust as apartheid ever was”  – Bishop Desmond Tutu Unfortunately, many in Africa do not share Desmond Tutu’s position. In Africa homosexuality is illegal for menContinue reading “OUT in Africa”

Montana Mama Attempted to Mow Down Her Man

Men, if your gonna play on your woman, don’t step in front of  the car or in this case 1990 Ford Aerostar Mini Van. Deanne Jomarie Moore (37) of Helena,   was having a heated verbal fight with her husband.  The topic? his alleged infidelity.  Initially, he was driving and they pulled over near the Helena Middle School.   AfterContinue reading “Montana Mama Attempted to Mow Down Her Man”

Africans immigrating to Portland Maine?

Just over two years ago, Alain Jean Claude Nahimana, 41, was a wealthy and influential man in Burundi, a tiny nation in central Africa. The son of one of the country’s former ambassadors to Switzerland, he owned a public relations firm and had been a leader in the ruling political party. Saada Hassan came toContinue reading “Africans immigrating to Portland Maine?”