Skincare line for men of color launches in industry known for racist attitudes

Ceylon, created by Patrick Boateng, was created to treat conditions affecting darker skin such as acne scarring ‘It is shocking to me that in 2021 there is still such a huge lack of representation in this space.’  The first ever skincare product developed with black men in mind has launched in a male grooming industryContinue reading “Skincare line for men of color launches in industry known for racist attitudes”

“Black People” The President Has A Plan

Hear ye, hear ye Black People. The Prez wants your support and he has have something for you. Introducing  the Black Economic Empowerment “Platinum Plan,” If you elect him, he will prosecute the Klan,and Antifa. He will make Juneteenth a Federal Holiday (didn’t realize the President could do this on his own-but as long asContinue reading ““Black People” The President Has A Plan”

What it means to raise a Black girl in white America

Photo: Google When we learned we were having a girl, my aggressive planning for my child’s upbringing had to change This essay is part of a series on fear and impending fatherhood. Read  I used to stare down the barrels of guns . Now I’m going to be a dad , and that’s scarier” andContinue reading “What it means to raise a Black girl in white America”

Its a Kool Aid World

? What is Kool Aid… A powder, sold  in either packets or small tubs. The drink is prepared by mixing the powder with sugar and water . The drink is usually served with ice or refrigerated and served chilled. According to Wiki, Kool-Aid was invented by Edwin Perkins in Hastings ,Nebraska.  It was born from aContinue reading “Its a Kool Aid World”

Nigger (Part 10145) Nigga (Part 27)

By:CityFella The world stopped for a brief moment. For a few seconds the people in Concourse B, at the busy Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport between Gates 23 and 25 was in a state of suspended animation after two white girls screamed  there’s my nigga to a black girl.   The white girls had that suburbanContinue reading “Nigger (Part 10145) Nigga (Part 27)”

Why ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws aren’t going anywhere

Alvin Duplessis, 10, left, and Thomas McGriff, 5, foreground, hold signs with others from the Watson Memorial Teaching Ministries Church of New Orleans, at a rally held in reaction to the recent George Zimmerman acquittal in New Orleans, Saturday, July 20, 2013. The Rev. Al Sharpton‘s National Action Network organized “Justice for Trayvon” rallies nationwideContinue reading “Why ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws aren’t going anywhere”

Dave Wilson, the cut and paste Black Man

By:CityFella Hoodwinked, scammed, bamboozled and down right pissed  is the feeling shared by some African Americans who voted for Dave Wilson in Houston Texas.   If your Dave Wilson, your chuckling (the experiment was successful) Dave Wilson is well known in Houston Politics.    In 2001, Wilson successfully pushed a city charter amendment barring benefits for theContinue reading “Dave Wilson, the cut and paste Black Man”

A passing ignorance

A few days ago I overheard someone say they never come to Downtown Sacramento its too dangerous.  For someone who has lived in San Francisco and New York and frequently visit other large cities this is laughable. Not that I would, but you could eat of the streets downtown Sacramento.  This isn’t true of  SanContinue reading “A passing ignorance”

My White Brother in Law*

Oh to be a fly on THAT wall.  The  black (man) fiancee  is coming to dinner  and it’s not Sidney Poitier.  I’m sure there where quite a few questions from the Lodi family. Black People in Lodi? Marrying someone out of my race, wasn’t a total shock from my side of the family, my life wasContinue reading “My White Brother in Law*”

Zimmerman-Martin It’s not always Race

If you are black/African American you may view the murder of Treyvon Martins as just one more example of a devalued black person. Another black man, another African american, a teenager killed because he was black…. Most americans are outraged by the events in Florida.   There are also  many white americans who believe Treyvon Martin actions may have contributed  to his death.  Continue reading “Zimmerman-Martin It’s not always Race”