For Your Consideration

God has a sense of humor  You’ve reach a certain age.  The beginning of cruise control.  Life is easier, the world isn’t coming apart and if it is, whatever!   No rugrats, no teenagers professing their hate for you ! No braces, no tuition, no late night calls for money.  Dinner when ever we want.  Cruises,Continue reading “For Your Consideration”

I gotta go, and I GOTTA GO RIGHT NOW!!!

  If you are a person of a certain age, you know what I’m talking about.  For others this is Russian. Long gone are the days when you could ignore the pressure.  Play Tennis, lube a car. Today, you have to plan ahead to avoid Armageddon!!!  “What’s that smell” Sometimes, I think I’m still sixteenContinue reading “I gotta go, and I GOTTA GO RIGHT NOW!!!”

Grey hair grows faster

Oh my fucking gawd! I’m thirty. It was devastating, my youth! Turning forty was less shocking however, I spent the first two years of my forties saying I was thirty nine. One day, I noticed a grey hair in my goatee, I didn’t think anything about it. A few days later there were three, allContinue reading “Grey hair grows faster”

Italy: Italian town warns people to ‘stop dying’

The medieval town of Sellia, Calabria. Photo: Comune di Sellia Fewer Italians are having children, and the country’s population growth is almost at zero. A small medieval village in Calabria has taken a unique approach to the problem of its dwindling and ageing population: ban people from getting sick. Davide Zicchinella, the mayor of Sellia, inContinue reading “Italy: Italian town warns people to ‘stop dying’”

Boomer Bizness: “That’s not Apple Juice”

There are many reasons women outlive men.  One of them is they talk to each other about everything.  Men share stats, ,sports ,horsepower,and dimensions.   As a result,men are often in a quiet panic as the body changes, and know the end is near. Take Jim 57, for years he’s been quietly eyeing adult diapers,becauseContinue reading “Boomer Bizness: “That’s not Apple Juice””

A Man of a certain age-I Gotta Go NOW!

By: CityFella ADVISORY:  This blog is for mature readers over 40.  There isn’t anything pornographic or language.  If your over 50, you’ll get it. If your under 40, you will just think its gross.  Its nice to have a wide range of friends, older friends who can warn you of the future and younger friendsContinue reading “A Man of a certain age-I Gotta Go NOW!”

MANBOOBS ( A short story about male jiggling)

We are not firm forever…. Now of course if your a twenty something,firm is forever.   A twenty-something  believes if he eats right and work outs hourly he will look the same at ripe old age of forty.  Many of these tight bodies are still being supported by their family and can afford to workoutContinue reading “MANBOOBS ( A short story about male jiggling)”