Trump’s Hoopty

You know the guy… He buys an old car, strips it and tricks it out with only the best his money can buy. The biggest and brightest rims. Buttery soft leather, a sound systems that can make the neighbors weep. The owner, doesn’t care that his ride is 30 years old and needs the loveContinue reading “Trump’s Hoopty”

King Kong & Son

I saw him, as I was limping through Denver International, didn’t think much of it.  Saw him again in the B gates.  Like the Empire State Building,  BIG men stand out in the crowd.  This early twenty something, man was surrounded by a group of twenty somethings. He was my height ,around 6.4 and overContinue reading “King Kong & Son”

Traveling during the Shutdown (Suggestions)

  Its not business as usual at the nations airports. Including Sacramento International.  Some 51,000 TSA officers, along with air traffic controllers, are among 420,000 federal workers required to work through the shutdown, but without pay. The Transportation Security Administration plans to begin closing a handful of security checkpoints at airports around the U.S. theContinue reading “Traveling during the Shutdown (Suggestions)”

Colorado man gets pee deal from court

Last May, 45 year Michael Allen Haag had a few too many on the Frontier Flight F9864  from Denver to Charleston, South Carolina. After two double shot vodka tonics, Haag who was excited about meeting up with an old girlfriend got handsy with some of the female passengers on the flight.    He asked one womanContinue reading “Colorado man gets pee deal from court”

Fresh Not Frozen! Tom Price Health and Human Service Secretary Resigns (Charter Jet Scandal )

Tom Price Resigned a few moments ago.  President Donald Trump has accepted  Price’s resignation.  Reports say’s he was incensed after he learned Price offered to repay the government $52,000 towards $400,000 (some say final tally could exceed 1 million taxpayers dollars) for his private flights. Price is not the only Cabinet member abusing taxpayer fundedContinue reading “Fresh Not Frozen! Tom Price Health and Human Service Secretary Resigns (Charter Jet Scandal )”

Tom Price: Flying Coach is for suckers

President Trump relocated and refurbished the swamp and those swampians (yes a new word)do not fly commercial.   I mean can you imagine standing in a security line with common taxpayers?  Those people with their off the rack clothing from Sears? Enter Swampian, Tom Price Thomas Edmunds Price was a member of Congress from 2005 untilContinue reading “Tom Price: Flying Coach is for suckers”

No you didn’t say THAT! (Air Travel Edition)

Arriving at their hotel for the night . The Airport Pilot complained about the tight conditions on the hotels shuttle Van.   They were packed  so tight he and crew members could barely move and he promised to complain to his union.   Although he couldn’t say it.  The hotel employee wanted to say. “IfContinue reading “No you didn’t say THAT! (Air Travel Edition)”

They found love during a layover

Justus and Emma A layover at Qatar airport brought this Swedish-Kenyan couple together – now they’re heading for marriage Closeness, selflessness, and pleasure; falling in love is a strange but wonderful human experience. It is a state of intimacy that we relish living, but due to its abstract nature we rarely pay attention to it.Continue reading “They found love during a layover”


  By: Miki Akimot0/Toyko Times I’m sure that most people have had travel complaints where either a kid was kicking their seat until they arrived at their final destination or maybe even an uncomfortable seat  because the other person is taking up all the space. But, have you ever thought what it would feel like if the planeContinue reading “HAVE ANY TRAVEL COMPLAINTS? WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THIS FLIGHT FULL OF SUMO WRESTLERS”