Palestine: Documentary “The New Women of Gaza”

As the crippling blockade of Gaza by Israel and Egypt continues, poverty levels continue to rise in the territory, a narrow strip of land along the eastern Mediterranean coast. Gaza is home to more than 1.5 million Palestinians, half of them under the age of 15. Unemployment stands at 52 percent, according to the World Bank. Gazans face poor water and sanitation conditionsContinue reading “Palestine: Documentary “The New Women of Gaza””

Arab states issue list of demands to end Qatar crisis

Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations ask Qatar to close Al Jazeera and scale down ties with Iran within 10 days.   From: Al Jazeera Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries that have cut ties to Qatar have issued a list of demands to end the crisis, insisting that Qatar shut down the Al Jazeera networkContinue reading “Arab states issue list of demands to end Qatar crisis”

America’s hidden homeless: Life in the Starlight Motel

A motel in Massachusetts reveals the extent of the US’ hidden homelessness problem. Residents share their stories. Tiffany Drew is 13 weeks pregnant and lives with her partner and daughter at the Starlight Motel in Wareham [Carolyn Bick/Al Jazeera] By: Carolyn Bick/Al Jazzera Massachusetts, United States – It is the fourth time that Tiffany DrewContinue reading “America’s hidden homeless: Life in the Starlight Motel”

Officers who rape: The police brutality chiefs ignore

Scores of women are sexually assaulted by on-duty officers each year. Most departments are doing little to stop it Police chiefs have long known that officer sexual misconduct is a problem. But an Al Jazeera America investigation found that very few departments have followed basic guidelines designed to prevent it.Edel Rodriguez for Al Jazeera AmericaContinue reading “Officers who rape: The police brutality chiefs ignore”

The United States of Bus Travel

The people you meet in this country is a trip By: Tristan Ahtone/Al Jazzera America Dusk, with orange streetlights winking on. The bus groans, hisses and lumbers out of the station heading to New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle or some backwater like Dothan, Vidor or Paoli. Slow and loud, it makes its way downContinue reading “The United States of Bus Travel”

India: Fastest Divorce in the World (A Muslim man can legally divorce his wife via phone, e-mail or text)

Women’s groups in India are calling for a review of the way Muslim men are allowed to divorce their wives. A process known as talaq, based on the Arabic word for divorce, allows Muslim men to end their marriages by pronouncing their intention three times. According to Islam, that should happen over a period ofContinue reading “India: Fastest Divorce in the World (A Muslim man can legally divorce his wife via phone, e-mail or text)”

Why al-Shabab has gained foothold in Kenya

Garissa University College has the single largest non-Somali population in any one place in the entire region [AP] Political and economic discrimination making young men radicalised, according to truth commission’s findings. By: Mohammed Adow/Al Jezerra Kenya grieves for 148 lives gone too soon. My country is in shock at the cold-blooded murder of young studentsContinue reading “Why al-Shabab has gained foothold in Kenya”

Malcolm X’s challenge to mass incarceration

The black power leader warned that America was a racist prison state. Fifty years after his death, it still is By: Dan Berger/Al Jazerra Fifty years ago assassins killed black power activist Malcolm X during a speech to the Organization for Afro-American Unity at New York City’s Audubon Ballroom. Although they ended the life ofContinue reading “Malcolm X’s challenge to mass incarceration”

Angelique Kidjo: ‘Africa isn’t just diseases’

The Grammy-winning singer talks about Ebola, terrorism and challenging negative media perceptions about Africa. Photo: Google From Al Jazerra Singer Angelique Kidjo is a symbol of Africa’s creativity, energy and beauty. Her music is a unique blend of her own very West African heritage combined with funk, jazz and Latin music, and much more. FromContinue reading “Angelique Kidjo: ‘Africa isn’t just diseases’”

Gay marriage makes big gains but attitudes are stuck in the 1960s

  California State Capitol, Sacramento (Google) By: Massoud Hayoun/Al Jazeera In a 1967 CBS news program titled “The Homosexuals,” a young Mike Wallace takes viewers into a gay club in an unnamed American city, where men meet amid the flashing lights of a bowling lane. “The homosexual, bitterly aware of his rejection, responds by goingContinue reading “Gay marriage makes big gains but attitudes are stuck in the 1960s”