Why ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws aren’t going anywhere

Alvin Duplessis, 10, left, and Thomas McGriff, 5, foreground, hold signs with others from the Watson Memorial Teaching Ministries Church of New Orleans, at a rally held in reaction to the recent George Zimmerman acquittal in New Orleans, Saturday, July 20, 2013. The Rev. Al Sharpton‘s National Action Network organized “Justice for Trayvon” rallies nationwideContinue reading “Why ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws aren’t going anywhere”

John Sununu: Honest Ignorance

John Sununu‘s has taken a public beating after his comments on General Colin Powell.   There are some who’ll  automatically assume he’s racist.    Does that statement alone make Mr Sununu racist? Mr Sununu  sentiments are shared by many.  No race or gender is immune.     Through the years, Mr Sunnun has come in contact withContinue reading “John Sununu: Honest Ignorance”

I Can’t stand your wife she is the worst

I’ve seen enough awful partners to judge yours. And there’s nothing worse than hating the person your friend loves (Credit: Shutterstock/Salon) Excerpted from “Friendkeeping” When I was about eight or nine, at the age you begin to have a consciousness that the tall people in your life exist for reasons other than to give you stuff or take yourContinue reading “I Can’t stand your wife she is the worst”

8/28-Beck & Sharpton a day of many words and pictures

Collected here are a series of updates from Washington Post reporters who were on the ground at Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally as the event was unfolding.  (see the formal report below) Rachel and Ray Thompson, both 29, drove with their four kids from Indiana. Both are fans of Glenn Beck and criticized President ObamaContinue reading “8/28-Beck & Sharpton a day of many words and pictures”