Deadly shooting of little girl started from Facebook argument

Lyvia Robinson was only 3 years old when police say she was killed in a drive-by shooting while standing in the doorway of her Huntsville, Alabama home. According to police, the shooting was the culmination of an argument that started with a joke on Facebook. Martin Evenes reportedly ignited the deadly chain of events when he joked on Facebook thatContinue reading “Deadly shooting of little girl started from Facebook argument”

Roy Moore: “And I am telling you, I’m not going”

  Tear down the mountains Yell, scream and shout You can say what you want I’m not walkin’ out Stop all the rivers Push, strike, and kill I’m not gonna leave you There’s no way I will And I am telling you, I’m not going Its official, Doug Jones is the Senator from Alabama.   Roy MooreContinue reading “Roy Moore: “And I am telling you, I’m not going””

Random Silly Stuff in Words,Pictures and Video for Friday 12/15

Sunday Photo;Google The woman in the Walnut Creek Starbucks loves Obama, she says he calls for everyone in America to speak English.  The women speaking Oriental can stay in the Starbucks as long as shes Quiet. Monday  Valerie Curbelo needed a cigarette.   90 minutes is was much to long on the Southwest Flight from  PortlandContinue reading “Random Silly Stuff in Words,Pictures and Video for Friday 12/15”

Baby, make my Double Cheese special. You know what I want on it.

Tommy Lee, could never say no to his Boo, Ashley.  She wanted a Double Cheeseburger from Micky D’s   Now the double cheese is made up of two all beef patties, two yellow orange slices of cheese , two pickles, onion, mustard and catsup. But she wanted her hubby to dress it up a bitContinue reading “Baby, make my Double Cheese special. You know what I want on it.”

GOP: The Empire Strikes Back in Alabama, Chris Christie’s Blueprint.

By CityFella Is Alabama the sign of things to come? As the GOP civil war rages on in Washington between the Establishment and Tea Party.  The Establishment has its first win.   In the 1st Congressional District, former Alabama state senator Bradley Byrne defeated incumbent Dean Young by 4 percentage points. The business establishment poured big bucksContinue reading “GOP: The Empire Strikes Back in Alabama, Chris Christie’s Blueprint.”

Hoping the hitting will stop

Craving something sweet, I stopped at one of my favorite Markets in Natomas.  While I was cruising the bakery, a woman ran into the store saying a man was attacking a woman outside.    The Security Guard and  a few us  ran outside and found a man aggressively yelling and pushing a crying young  pregnantContinue reading “Hoping the hitting will stop”

Bus 6062 From Atlanta to New Orleans

The original plan was to drive from Atlanta to Austin Texas, until the Rent A Car Company told me they where going to give me a huge gas guzzling SUV, free was gonna cost me nearly $400 in gas. So what’z a Sacramentian to do at 1045pm at the Atlanta airport?   Heck take the Bus.   My daughter ravedContinue reading “Bus 6062 From Atlanta to New Orleans”

Sweet Tea and Southern Eating

  Photo: Google   Thanks to McDonald’s people in the rest on the country are discovering Sweet Tea.   Yes, there has always been tea in California, Snapple, Lipton, and a host of other Tea’s.     In the South, Sweet Tea is a staple, in most of the country its  Coke or Pepsi ,Continue reading “Sweet Tea and Southern Eating”

Drag Queen Dixie Longate is Wowing Audiences and Selling Tupperware

A red-haired vixen is one of America’s best sellers of Tupperware — those plastic containers prized by homemakers — and she’s only a woman part of the time. There is more than one queen who adores Tupperware and is hoping for a great jubilee. Drag artist Dixie Longate has been selling Tupperware for more than 10 years – most recentlyContinue reading “Drag Queen Dixie Longate is Wowing Audiences and Selling Tupperware”