Last Call For Alcohol

By CityFella 1:43am Sunday Morning At 1.15am Alhambra Safeway is arguably one of the most exciting stores in Sacramento. This Safeway its the only supermarket for those living Downtown/Midtown Sacramento and its open 24 hours. Its near all the clubs. For those wanting to keep the party going beyond 2am its Safeway and only Safeway.Continue reading “Last Call For Alcohol”

Break it to me gently….

iT was an  office Christmas Party where my former wife worked.    The party was being held at a posh location downtown,. With the exception of some of the serving staff I was the only black person at the party. AS the wine and champaign poured  I had to avoid mistletoes…  It seemed every one hadContinue reading “Break it to me gently….”

Sac Random: Peeing in the Sink

Through the years I’ve learned being the one of the last ones to leave a social event has its negatives.   Most of the fights take place towards the end of an event.  At closing time,  after he struck out for the umpteenth time or she thought you didn’t pay enough attention to her .  ByContinue reading “Sac Random: Peeing in the Sink”