He was PASSED out in PITTSBURG wearing PINK lingerie

Some days, its one thing after another  It can just piss you off!

People messing with you, the one day you thought you’d be cute in some pink lingerie.

But there you are . Passed out in an intersection with your pants downs with your penis in your hands IN front of a bus stop.

People who should have left you alone while you were pleasing yourself in a way a man can. Didn’t have to tell all yo bizness to the Po Po!

When the  Pittsburgh police officer rolled up on 51 year old Daniel Marchese monday afternoon                                                                     The Buick he was driving was stopped in an intersection pointing downhill.  Marchese, didn’t react to the flashing lights of the police car.

The officer placed his car in front of Mr Marchese’s car to prevent the Buick from rolling downhill.


Marchese was a bit cranky with the police woke him up!

When they asked him for ID, he replied…..

“How about fuck you, your mother’s a nigger loving whore.”

Yeppers, his bad day, got worse!

In his Buick , the Po Po found a couple of handguns in his trunk.  Oh yeah, there was on open bottle of Jack Daniels in the car.


Image result for allegany county jail

Daniel Marchese was charged with aggravated assault, indecent exposure, drunk driving, receiving stolen property, firearms possession, and making terroristic threats. (Don’t talk about my mama!)

Unable to post bail,this is Home!

Mr Marchese, has seen the insides of this building before.   He has been arrested for  drug possession; endangering the welfare of a child; possession of drug paraphernalia; assault; disorderly conduct; harassment; public drunkenness; theft; trespass; and receiving stolen property.

Some days