RIVIAN! The Next Big Thing?

What was a small buzz in the automotive world, has become noiser in recent months. Another upstart electric automaker has entering the market place. Rivian’s buzz grew louder when, Amazon not only invested with the company, but ordered 100.000 electric delivery vans from Rivian. A part of Amazon’s plan to convert all of its deliveryContinue reading “RIVIAN! The Next Big Thing?”

Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon and other Business Leaders could change U.S Gun Control Laws

  Contrary to popular opinion, the majority of Republicans support tightening gun laws. In an Oct 2017 Quinnipiac poll ,conducted after the Las Vegas Massacre. Sixty percent of Americans supported tightening of Gun Laws. 36 percent opposed.  73 percent supported a ban of devices that allow owners of semi-automatic rifles to mimic fully Automatic rifles.(Bump Stops)  Continue reading “Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon and other Business Leaders could change U.S Gun Control Laws”

Streaming I must be Streaming

My neighbor pays $140 over dollars a month for Infinity (Comcast) cable.  That’s nearly $1700 a year for Television.   In my world, that’s an five day trip to Paris (in the dead of winter) or nearly three weekends to the New York. Way,Way,Way Back In The Day Television had 12 Very High Frequency (VHF)Continue reading “Streaming I must be Streaming”

Why Can’t We Enjoy A Three-Day Weekend Every Weekend?

By: David Spencer/Newsweek As we enjoy the Labor Day weekend, it is worth reassessing the amount of time we devote to work. What if all weekends could last for three or even four days? What if the majority of the week could be given over to activities other than work? What if most of ourContinue reading “Why Can’t We Enjoy A Three-Day Weekend Every Weekend?”

Happy Birthday Doris Day ! 88 and still swinging

If you under 35, your saying who?    So you’ll have to wiki her bio.  The rest of us have fond memories of Ms Day. Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff spent most of  her life in the spotlight first as a dancer. then singer, then as an actress, film and television.    She hold the distinction of being the biggest female box-officeContinue reading “Happy Birthday Doris Day ! 88 and still swinging”