“Remember His Name” “Vitalii Sediuk” He’s gonna live…………..

By CityFella   25 year old Vitalii Sediuk loves American celebrities.  He’s been slapped by Will Smith.   His face has been under America Ferrera’s dress and in the crotches of  Bradley Cooper AND Leonardo DiCaprio.   Encounters with other A- listers has made him celebrity enemy  number one. Who is he? Vitalii Sediuk was aContinue reading ““Remember His Name” “Vitalii Sediuk” He’s gonna live…………..”

Latino Hollywood (Rising Stars)

As the song goes, it’s been a long time coming. Although Hollywood had a handful of Latino stars during the silent era, and a few more during the 30’s and 40’s, they were mostly relegated to playing bad guys and bad girls. It wasn’t until the mid-eighties that Latino filmmakers began to turn the tideContinue reading “Latino Hollywood (Rising Stars)”