He’s Just too Zesty for Mom’s

It WAS a mans world when it came to sex on commercial television. featuring women in bras, sexy sheer lingerie and bikinis selling everything from cigars, cars, mattresses  to burgers. Women had to use their  imagination. Sexy, as a man in a suit taking his wife to dinner or the man in the shower,  Continue reading “He’s Just too Zesty for Mom’s”

15 Seconds: Bryan Fischer Believes, Women were “designed” to serve their husbands (Video)

Conservative pundit and issues director for the American Family Association Bryan Fischer took to the airwaves on Wednesday to gesture emphatically and make loud noises in response to a report from the Pew Research Center that 40 percent of American mothers are the sole or primary breadwinner for their families. His response, that women were “designed” toContinue reading “15 Seconds: Bryan Fischer Believes, Women were “designed” to serve their husbands (Video)”

Who is on your Radio?

80’s hits, smooth radio, Hip Hop, Hot Country, duplications of these radio stations can be found in every market in the county, with the same artists.    Programming is often done in a central location(Voice Tracking) beamed to outlets throughout the country. In 1996, the government changed the law. Telecommunications Act of 1996, which eliminated the ruleContinue reading “Who is on your Radio?”