Is this the world’s most underrated train journey?

Washington DC’s palatial Union Station CREDIT: AP By: Anthony Horowitz/UK Telegraph A book tour of America is a true rite of passage.Everything is arranged – hotels, flights, limos – and you travel huge distances but see almost nothing; mainly bookstores and schools. If what follows feels confused and a little brusque, I’ve captured something of the experience.Continue reading “Is this the world’s most underrated train journey?”

11 day 3300 mile Super Road Trip (Day1)

Between Late April to Early June you can rent a car from Arizona or Florida from 8 dollars a day and return it one way. I drove from Phoenix to Texas returning my car to Sacratomatoville. My last road trip was a drive from Miami to New York City. This time I wanted to visitContinue reading “11 day 3300 mile Super Road Trip (Day1)”

Airline Travel: Passengers Treated Like Manure

This is Robin Hayes CEO of JetBlue Airlines.  He is seated one JetBlue’s newest plane the Airbus A321.  This picture is in current USA Today (6/29/2015) and I noticed the arm rest is up in the picture. Mr Hayes, seems like an average size man. Yet in the seat, he looks a bit Snug. JetBlue isContinue reading “Airline Travel: Passengers Treated Like Manure”

Moo-vin a little closer Airlines will offer less room this fall

Cattle are treated better than airline passengers.    Today every pour of the aircraft is filled, gone are the days of the airlines boasting about large planes and extra room.  If you want extra travel space, try Greyhound or Amtrak.      Gone are the 747, Dc 10  and other jumbo jets on domestic routes. The aircraft of choice is Boeings 737 theseContinue reading “Moo-vin a little closer Airlines will offer less room this fall”


  Lucky you, your a part of the first group boarded on the airplane,  putting away your carry on was a snap, you’ve open you book and all is right with the world until……..You see me, you notice the empty seat next to you and you start to pray…oh gawd, please not here. At 6.4 and 377 pounds IContinue reading “THE OBESE TRAVELER SPEAKS”