Star of David taken down by Twitter, citing ‘hateful imagery’

Twitter users found themselves locked out of their accounts after using the Star of David in their profile images. Burning Jewish star anti semitism magen david 311 (photo credit: Umit Bektas/Reuters) By: Donna Rachel Edmunds\Jerusalm Post  The Star of David has been deemed “hateful imagery” by Twitter, which is locking the accounts of users who displayContinue reading “Star of David taken down by Twitter, citing ‘hateful imagery’”

American Jews Are Terrified

A deadly shooting at a kosher grocery store in New Jersey is the latest manifestation of anti-Semitic violence that doesn’t fit in a neat, ideological box By Emma Green/The Atlantic Jews have once again been murdered, and their children will have to live with the knowledge of that violence. This is the thought that hasContinue reading “American Jews Are Terrified”