Tokyo Times A 79 years-old Japanese man called Kohei Jinno lost his house and business about 50 years ago, as both of them got demolished to make way for Tokyo’s Summer Olympic in 1964. Now he is getting evicted for the exact same reason. Jinno spent two years, 1964 and 1965, in a different townContinue reading “TOKYO MAN EVICTED TWICE IN A LIFETIME DUE TO OLYMPICS”

No room for coat: Welcome to New York

Jack Sproule tries out a fold-down bed in a 325 square foot model apartment at an exhibit called “Making Room: Models for Housing New Yorkers” at the Museum of the City of New York in New York. Sam Neuman jokes that he doesn’t casually throw off his coat when he gets home at night — it wouldContinue reading “No room for coat: Welcome to New York”

Curtis has Baggage….end of Story!

Police say a 50-year-old  Portland Oregon woman is in trouble because of her relationship baggage – but it’s not the emotional kind. Kola J. McGrath was arrested Monday for trespassing after workers at her boyfriend’s downtown Portland apartment complex discovered the man was sneaking her into the building by hiding her in a large rollingContinue reading “Curtis has Baggage….end of Story!”

45 men found sharing one bedroom flat

The cost for housing near Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates) is very expensive.  The Sharjah Municipality (a suburb oF Dubai,  rounded up 45 bachelors living in a one-bedroom apartment of a residential building in the Wasit residential area in Sharjah. This is against the municipality’s rules and regulations and ensures safety and stability for families in residentialContinue reading “45 men found sharing one bedroom flat”