Breaking bread, delivering dreams: The art of hospitality in Iran

Nothing can bring together people from different walks of life like a dream and make them march on one road and ahead, above all directions. The horizons of hope are as cosmic as our dreams and what makes the past fall more gracefully into the arms of the present and the present chase the swiftContinue reading “Breaking bread, delivering dreams: The art of hospitality in Iran”

Ramadan in Charlotte,North Carolina

  Ramadan at Charlotte’s first Syrian bakery For Charlotte’s first Arabic bakery, Ramadan is a learning experience Cheese, spinach, and chicken fatayer At Charlotte’s new Arabic bakery on North Sharon Amity Road, Khaled Mahrousa says this is an easy day. It’s 3:30 p.m. on a roasting-hot late July day during Ramadan, the Muslim month ofContinue reading “Ramadan in Charlotte,North Carolina”