Top ten amazing modern architectural wonders of Spain

This hotel attached to a Rioja winery is one of Spain’s architectural gems. Photo: Wojtek Gurak/ Flickr Spain has its fair share of iconic buildings designed by some of the world’s most prestigious architects. Here’s a look at ten of the best. The Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao Photo: AFP The scaly titanium building designed by Canadian-AmericanContinue reading “Top ten amazing modern architectural wonders of Spain”

921 11th Street

Every day thousands past this ornate building on J Street This Temple, was the tallest building in Sacramento when it opened in 1926 $1,500 million  Is what it cost to build and furnish the Elks Temple   Grand The Elks Temple was a showplace for Sacramento. It contained  100 hotel rooms. The city’s first rooftopContinue reading “921 11th Street”

Future Dubai, in Pictures….. Wow!

  In a very short time, Dubai has become one the the world’s Destination.  It is home to the world tallest building.  It has a skyline that rivals New York.  If the question is who has the Grandest, largest?  The answer is often Dubai.  Where else can you water ski and snow ski on theContinue reading “Future Dubai, in Pictures….. Wow!”

China: Ancient villages, cultures reported being lost

The village of Jiazhao in northern China’s Shanxi Province, surrounded by cement and gas plants due to its close location to Taiyuan, the capital, suffers constant, severe air pollution. The village is known for its exquisite brick carving, which is one of the intangible culture heritages in China. By Lu Feiran/Shanghai THE beauty ofContinue reading “China: Ancient villages, cultures reported being lost”