Arden Fair Mayhem (Social Media Edition)

Some Policemen and Mall owners have said, The 26th of December the day after Christmas seems to be the one of the most violent days in America’s malls. People are pent up from being with their family,” Closed schools, social media, the mall and juveniles with nothing to do?   Can be  combustible mix.  The victims:Continue reading “Arden Fair Mayhem (Social Media Edition)”

Boomer Bizness: “That’s not Apple Juice”

There are many reasons women outlive men.  One of them is they talk to each other about everything.  Men share stats, ,sports ,horsepower,and dimensions.   As a result,men are often in a quiet panic as the body changes, and know the end is near. Take Jim 57, for years he’s been quietly eyeing adult diapers,becauseContinue reading “Boomer Bizness: “That’s not Apple Juice””

Black Friday 2014: Are you in or Over it?

Arden Fair Mall-Sacramento  Black Friday,2013  picture KCRA By CityFella Last year holidays shopping season wasn’t a good one for the nations retailers. Black Friday sales were down. Shoppers held out for bargains and found them throughout the season. Urban Camping Black Friday has become a tradition for many families. Generations armed with turkey cran, andContinue reading “Black Friday 2014: Are you in or Over it?”

The Worlds Most Visited Mall

The Dubai Mall has become the world’s most-visited destination for the third consecutive year, welcoming over 75 million visitors in 2013.  The Worlds Busiest Mall sits in front of the Words Tallest Building-The 163 story Burj Dubai How Big is Big? The Dubai Mall isn’t the largest mall in the world, however it is big.  At 5.9 million square feet,Continue reading “The Worlds Most Visited Mall”

Sacramento Retail 2023: 70% of shopping via Electronic Device

Next week, more people may buy online than in Retail Stores By: CityFella Some may remember these stores . Montgomery Wards, Mervyn’s ,Weinstocks, Gottschalks, Bon Marche , Bullocks, Bamburgers ,The Broadway, Britt’s Department Stores,Gimble’s , Newmans, Dayton’s, Jordan Marsh, Meier and Frank ,The Emporium stores these once anchored America’s Downtown’s and  Shopping Malls   ForContinue reading “Sacramento Retail 2023: 70% of shopping via Electronic Device”

The real mayors of Sacramento

Each day, millions ‘check in’ on smartphone apps like Foursquare, where the top users are dubbed ‘mayors.’ Some mayors are strong, others just want to booze. All offer a real-time peek at privacy, partying and modern Sacramento At last month’s annual South by Southwest festival, the world’s pre-eminent social-networking experts converged on Austin, Texas, for aContinue reading “The real mayors of Sacramento”