Torn. A Plastic dilemma

Remember when you went to supermarket and the checker would ask you paper or plastic? Today at most stores its plastic or plastic.    Small plastic bags to Mega plastic bags large enough to hold a screaming toddler( not that you would ever place someones screaming child in a large plastic bag-even though that childContinue reading “Torn. A Plastic dilemma”

SCHWARZENEGGER VS THE POOR (Part 73) attack on public transit

Arnold’s   election wasn’t a referendum, it was a call for action from an actor.    One day you were watching Day’s of our lives and the next moment you weren’t and gone was your lights.    No Power?   Rolling brown outs…  What the hell…… Hitler had a larger fan base than then governor Grey Davis.Continue reading “SCHWARZENEGGER VS THE POOR (Part 73) attack on public transit”