Rihanna pelted with potato chips in London (she wasn’t happy!)

Rihanna could have done with an umbrella onstage in Manchester the other night after the crowd began pelting her with chips. The singer was left in rage during her gig at the Manchester Arena on Tuesday after she was forced to dodge bags of the salty treat. The snack attack came just moments after Rih praised theContinue reading “Rihanna pelted with potato chips in London (she wasn’t happy!)”

A true sisterhood -Real Life Ya Yas

 When the “Ya Yas” were in high school, they hid boys’ shoes in the oven in case their party was busted. Although decades have passed, the seven women still laugh as they recall that night and many others like it. From third through sixth grade, the Ya Yas were taught by Vivian Broberg, top right.Continue reading “A true sisterhood -Real Life Ya Yas”