How to Navigate an Intercultural Relationship—and Parents Who May Not Be on Board

By Kelly Fong / Interracial relationships are nothing new, but they still remain one of the most controversial and difficult territories to navigate in society today. In 1967, the Supreme Court ruled that interracial relationships are, in fact, legal (and perfectly acceptable), and there are many instances of men and women addressing the issues theyContinue reading “How to Navigate an Intercultural Relationship—and Parents Who May Not Be on Board”

Asian Voices: Progressives, Are You Listening?

By:Jarryd Willis/Huffington Post Start including Asian voters in any discussion of Black and Hispanic issues. We’ve heard little of the 1.4 million undocumented Asians or 200k Asian youth who qualify for the DreamACT. Remember, Bill Clinton never won the Asian vote, and we shouldn’t take it for granted in 2016. Asian-Americans appear to be theContinue reading “Asian Voices: Progressives, Are You Listening?”

Zimmerman-Martin It’s not always Race

If you are black/African American you may view the murder of Treyvon Martins as just one more example of a devalued black person. Another black man, another African american, a teenager killed because he was black…. Most americans are outraged by the events in Florida.   There are also  many white americans who believe Treyvon Martin actions may have contributed  to his death.  Continue reading “Zimmerman-Martin It’s not always Race”