Ask the Rodfather: He is a smoker and I cant stand smoke, help!

Rodfather: My father was a heavy smoker and he died when I was nine years old, he was only 32. No one smokes in my immediate family, none of my friends smoke and kissing somebody who smokes is like licking an ash tray. I met the love of my life online two years ago. InContinue reading “Ask the Rodfather: He is a smoker and I cant stand smoke, help!”

Rodfather: Our life is hell!!!

Dear Rodfather…… I married my bride 22 years ago. She is 14 years older than me.  She has three grown children from her first marriage.  Only one of her children is worth anything. The other two are drugged up entitled snots . One is in her late forties and the other one is 51.  MyContinue reading “Rodfather: Our life is hell!!!”

The Bump

“Ask The Rodfather” The best friendships/relationships hit a bump now and then. In short time that bump get larger and instead of looking for a solution or a cure we pick at the bump, it which builds anger and resentment. Silence is the enemy Left on its own, the bump becomes infected. No one wantsContinue reading “The Bump”