You Did it!!! But Don’t throw away your signs

For many american’s, the Presidency of Donald Trump has been exasperating.  For many,  their aren’t any penalties for his misdeeds.   The reality he has been checked. There are literally hundreds of cases awaiting a court date. However, Americans saw a rare about face from the President, after recordings and images of small children crying outraged theContinue reading “You Did it!!! But Don’t throw away your signs”

Houston Family Really? Selling Whitney’s Awards

 An auction of Whitney Houston’s memorabilia has earned more than $500,000 despite a judge blocking the sale of an Emmy Award won by the late singer. Heritage Auctions says the top bid in Friday’s auction was $20,000 for a pair of Nike Air Jordan sneakers given to Houston by NBA great Michael Jordan. A DolceContinue reading “Houston Family Really? Selling Whitney’s Awards”

US tried to overthrow Cuba’s government with hip-hop infiltration

 Anier Santana Fernández, Warner Hernández Duartez and Raidel Diaz Fernández-Criado of the Havana hip-hop group Quarto Imagen. Photo: Google Associated Press For more than two years, a U.S. agency secretly infiltrated Cuba’s underground hip-hop movement, recruiting unwitting rappers to spark a youth movement against the government, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press. TheContinue reading “US tried to overthrow Cuba’s government with hip-hop infiltration”

Not for the Evening News? Fracking and Water Pollution

By CityFella: Oil, black gold ,Texas Tea.  The U.S is the middle of an oil rush.   The Energy rush has created boom towns.  six of the nation’s top 10 fastest-growing metropolitan areas are in or near the Great Plains. This includes oil towns like Odessa and Midland in Texas, as well as regional centersContinue reading “Not for the Evening News? Fracking and Water Pollution”

Who is control of YOUR car?

From AP   As cars become more like PCs on wheels, what’s to stop a hacker from taking over yours? In recent demonstrations, hackers have shown they can slam a car’s brakes at freeway speeds, jerk the steering wheel and even shut down the engine – all from their laptop computers. The hackers are publicizingContinue reading “Who is control of YOUR car?”

Edward Snowden: A view from Moscow

Snowden Hits Hurdles in Search for Asylum American fugitive Edward Snowden’s best chance of finding refuge outside the United States may hinge on the president of Venezuela, who was in Moscow on Tuesday meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela told reporters in Russia on Tuesday that his country had not received an application for asylum from Snowden and dodged the question of whether he would takeContinue reading “Edward Snowden: A view from Moscow”

Veneno Lamborghini a car for the 0.1’%

The $3.9-million Lamborghini Veneno is billed as a race car that happens to be street legal. GENEVA, Switzerland — Here’s the car for the top 0.1%. Lamborghini’s new Veneno — sticker price 3 million euros ($3.9 million) — is sold out. Only three were made. Americans are buying two of them. The latest in itsContinue reading “Veneno Lamborghini a car for the 0.1’%”

No room for coat: Welcome to New York

Jack Sproule tries out a fold-down bed in a 325 square foot model apartment at an exhibit called “Making Room: Models for Housing New Yorkers” at the Museum of the City of New York in New York. Sam Neuman jokes that he doesn’t casually throw off his coat when he gets home at night — it wouldContinue reading “No room for coat: Welcome to New York”

Imelda Marcos’s shoe collection gathers mold after years of neglect

Imelda Marcos‘s shoes in the Philippine National Museum, where they were damaged by rain from a leaking ceiling last month. Photograph: Bullit Marquez/AP Termites, storms and neglect have damaged Imelda Marcos’s legendary stash of shoes, left behind in the Philippines after she and her dictator husband were driven into US exile by a 1986 popular revolt. HundredsContinue reading “Imelda Marcos’s shoe collection gathers mold after years of neglect”