Joe Rickey Hundley, Plead Guilty for Slapping 19 month old child on plane ( “shut that nigger baby up”)

Earlier this year, sixty year old Joe Rickey Hundley,  slapped a 19th month old child for crying on a Delta flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta . Hundley faces a maximum of one year in prison (and a $100,000 fine) for assaulting someone under the age of 16, Prosecutors will recommend a six-month prison term when HundleyContinue reading “Joe Rickey Hundley, Plead Guilty for Slapping 19 month old child on plane ( “shut that nigger baby up”)”

Sacramento Dreaming (that’s me on the 34th floor)

There are defining  moments that never fade from memory.  My defining  moment was in an hotel room in Portland Oregon.  I was sixteen years old  watching Johnny Carson on the 14th floor of the Portland Hilton looking down onto 6th Ave watching the city go by.  I clearly remember thinking this is what I want.Continue reading “Sacramento Dreaming (that’s me on the 34th floor)”

Bus 6062 From Atlanta to New Orleans

The original plan was to drive from Atlanta to Austin Texas, until the Rent A Car Company told me they where going to give me a huge gas guzzling SUV, free was gonna cost me nearly $400 in gas. So what’z a Sacramentian to do at 1045pm at the Atlanta airport?   Heck take the Bus.   My daughter ravedContinue reading “Bus 6062 From Atlanta to New Orleans”

Sweet Tea and Southern Eating

  Photo: Google   Thanks to McDonald’s people in the rest on the country are discovering Sweet Tea.   Yes, there has always been tea in California, Snapple, Lipton, and a host of other Tea’s.     In the South, Sweet Tea is a staple, in most of the country its  Coke or Pepsi ,Continue reading “Sweet Tea and Southern Eating”

Questionable Priorities and the Dream

Eight hours and an underused camera.  Eight hours before my flight to Sacramento.      There were a few places I wanted to visit in Atlanta.  The Olympic Village, the Martin Luther King Jr site and the Jimmy Carter Museum. It was unseasonably cool in Atlanta,rements of tropical storm Lee. I lost interest in the Village because of traffic, soContinue reading “Questionable Priorities and the Dream”