Australia says YES to same-sex marriage

Marriage equality could be legal by Christmas after 61.6% of participants in the voluntary survey approve a change to the law Marriage equality advocates in Melbourne celebrate as the result of the postal survey is announced. Photograph: Scott Barbour/Getty Images By: Paul Karp/UK Guardian Australia has taken a decisive step towards legislating marriage equality byContinue reading “Australia says YES to same-sex marriage”

Australia: Gay couples can’t get married. But they can adopt. Huh?

Oliver Jacques/ News Corp Australia Network There was once a time in this country when people got married, then had kids. But if you’re gay in Australia today, you’re allowed to adopt children, but forbidden from marrying the one you love. This makes no sense at all, especially since our prime minister once lectured us thatContinue reading “Australia: Gay couples can’t get married. But they can adopt. Huh?”

Australia: Analysts Warn President Donald Trump would be a ‘disaster’ for us

By : Matthew Benns/The Daily Telegraph AU Australian National University political analyst Dr Norman Abjorensen yesterday said: “Even the most impartial observer would think Donald Trump as president is a little bit scary.”   US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump / Picture: AP Dr Abjorensen said Mr Trump might look a lot different if heContinue reading “Australia: Analysts Warn President Donald Trump would be a ‘disaster’ for us”

Australia: Married men are happier than married women

By: Wendy Tuohy/Perth Now When a 10-year study of Australians in live-in heterosexual relationships finds married and de facto men are happier with their situation than the women they live with are, then we want answers. Lots of them. The latest Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia survey will have many women lying awakeContinue reading “Australia: Married men are happier than married women”

GO GRACE! The 67 year old Icon performs topless in Sydney

She Got This………   From Perth Now GRACE Jones is still as body confident as ever, so much so that the 67-year-old had no qualms performing topless in Sydney last night. With only some tribal bodypaint, a waist-length corset and string bikini brief to cover her modesty, the Jamaican-born singer took to the stage andContinue reading “GO GRACE! The 67 year old Icon performs topless in Sydney”

Australia: Mom post picture of a man on Facebook labeling him a Pedophile tearfully apologizes

THE mother who posted a photo of an innocent man on Facebook labeling him a creep — which then went viral — has tearfully apologized for her actions after receiving death threats. The Knox woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she had received death threats after she mistakenly believed the man was taking photos of her children at aContinue reading “Australia: Mom post picture of a man on Facebook labeling him a Pedophile tearfully apologizes”

Australia: She is an absolute hero

   Legal loopholes exposed … Pattaramon Chanbua kisses baby boy Gammy at a hospital in Chonburi province By: AP AND NETWORK WRITERS/ NEWS CORP AUSTRALIA THE Abbott government is considering intervening in the case of baby Gammy — the Down syndrome child born to a Thai surrogate — saying the little boy could be eligible for AustralianContinue reading “Australia: She is an absolute hero”

ITALY: In the sticks “Che cavolata!”

Rural life can be lovely and charming, even idyllic, but it also comes with downsides.   By: Elisa Scarton Detti/The American/Italy  A couple of weeks ago, my pitiful green thumb and negligent watering habits sounded the death knell for my hydrangeas, and I consoled myself in gossip. There is nothing more satisfying about living inContinue reading “ITALY: In the sticks “Che cavolata!””

She’s so FANCY (you already know!) Australian Iggy Azalea is blowing up the airways

If you listen to top 40’s  radio, you all ready know- she’s in the fast lane from LA to Toyko.  How fast? Iggy (born) Amethyst Amelia Kelly has made history by simultaneously snagging both the number one and two spots on The Billboard Top 100, making her the first artist to do so since  The Beatles wayContinue reading “She’s so FANCY (you already know!) Australian Iggy Azalea is blowing up the airways”

Dying to be white (changing skin color)

BY:DEBRA KILLALEA/ Perth now WHEN Dominique Maber was bullied so badly at school, her only wish was that she had white skin so it would all stop. The then teen thought she was being teased and taunted because she was one of a few people growing up in a town where everyone else was lightContinue reading “Dying to be white (changing skin color)”