This is going to hurt, Volkswagen

By: Jamie Kitman/Automobile Magazine If one can call a battle with cancer a “personal Vietnam,” as writer and critic Susan Sontag once did, then maybe it is fair to term the lyin’-cheatin’-pollutin’ scandal that Volkswagen brought upon its house its personal nuclear holocaust. I mean, kaboom: VW’s loud proclamation that its new line of turbodieselContinue reading “This is going to hurt, Volkswagen”

See the Hits and Misses from the 2015 LA Auto Show (what car moves you?)

By: Automobile Staff LOS ANGELES — The most-talked-about debuts here are the Fiat 124 Spider, Mazda CX-9,Buick LaCrosse, and Lincoln MKZ. That’s four of the three all-new debuts for this show — the MKZ is a mid-cycle refresh, with a new interior, front clip, and optional twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6. And yes, you read that correctly:Continue reading “See the Hits and Misses from the 2015 LA Auto Show (what car moves you?)”

Fresh from the New York Auto Show. Its Lincoln vs Cadillac

By: Joseph Capparella/Automobile Magazine.  Lincoln and Cadillac, America’s preeminent luxury brands, are both in the process of reinventing themselves. This year’s New York auto show saw the debuts of the 2016 Cadillac CT6 and the Lincoln Continental Concept, two full-size luxury sedans that are at the forefront of their respective brands’ transformations. Did Lincoln stealContinue reading “Fresh from the New York Auto Show. Its Lincoln vs Cadillac”

How Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche Plan to Shock Tesla

      By: George Kacher/Automoblie Magazine, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche are about to invest a combined 6 billion euros (about $7.5 billion) in new high-end electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids due out between 2018 and 2021. Their target: the American upstart from Silicon Valley. Ten years ago, when Elon Musk’s outfit was still a cottageContinue reading “How Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche Plan to Shock Tesla”

HELLCAT II: Who needs a 4dr American Sedan with a top speed of 204?

Who needs a $65,000 Dodge, that will out run nearly every BMW,Mercedes, Jaguar and most other cars under $200.000 A friend who drives an German car concedes the Dodge would win in a straight line,but say’s Europeans cars are superior in the curves.  How many drag races take places in curvy places. Imagine, being atContinue reading “HELLCAT II: Who needs a 4dr American Sedan with a top speed of 204?”

MMMMMMMustang….. 2015 Review

2015 Ford Mustang GT Premium Review By Michael Jordan/ Automobile Magazine West Hollywood, California—The 2015 Ford Mustang comes to life in the parking lot of Mel’s Drive-in, a retro-style place in Hollywood where you can still feel the 1960s. With the car eager underneath our throttle foot, we turn right on Sunset Boulevard and drive awayContinue reading “MMMMMMMustang….. 2015 Review”

Automobile Magazine Test’s Cadillac’s Newest Two Door

  By: Joe Lorio/Automobile Magazine LITCHFIELD COUNTY, Connecticut–Of all the luxury nameplates, Cadillac appears most determined to carve out an identity as the brand offering the liveliest driving experience. (We’re strictly talking passenger cars, of course—the new Escalade doesn’t exactly beg to be taken to the Tail of the Dragon.) Following the ATS sedan and the recentContinue reading “Automobile Magazine Test’s Cadillac’s Newest Two Door”

Shootout: 2014 Kia Soul vs 2014 Toyota Corolla

By: Greg Migliore/Automobile Magazine The Toyota Corolla is an undisputed heavyweight among small cars. It has a seemingly permanent place on the list of the Top Ten Bestselling Nameplates. It’s reliable, fuel-efficient, and affordable, and it’s been around forever—well, 48 years, anyway. During that time, Toyota has sold nearly 40 million Corollas. But the small-carContinue reading “Shootout: 2014 Kia Soul vs 2014 Toyota Corolla”

The Best Cars That Almost Nobody Buys

If sales volumes accurately predicted quality, we might think Justin Bieber were a better musician than Mozart. But in many areas of life, the most popular things are not always the greatest. That certainly holds true for cars: the Ford F-150 and Toyota Camry may be the two top-selling vehicles in America, but that doesn’t necessarily mean theyContinue reading “The Best Cars That Almost Nobody Buys”

Chevy Volt-Vauxhall/Opel Ampera production on hold……Problems or fine tuning?

With US gas prices over $4. gallon in many cities?   A 93 miles per gallon* car should be selling like Adele’s CD’s.    Thursday, General Motors told employees in Detroit and Europe the Chevy Volt/Opel Ampera  that production would put on hold from March 19 to April 23. The shut down will effect 1,300 employees  in Detroit. The Chevrolet Volt,Continue reading “Chevy Volt-Vauxhall/Opel Ampera production on hold……Problems or fine tuning?”