America Strikes Back Cadillac’s New Vision

By CityFella There was a time when you knew a Mercedes Benz was a Mercedes Benz and A BMW a BMW front to back, the vehicles were unmistakable.  Today, not so unless your looking at the grill. Today, they disappear into a sea of Toyota’s, Nissan’s and Hyundai’s.   Audi and Jaguar have taken aContinue reading “America Strikes Back Cadillac’s New Vision”

Russia: Fewer Auto Workers Making More Vehicles

Andrei Makhonin / Vedomosti Workers having a rest at automaker AvtoVAZ, which has downscaled its human resources by a quarter since 2008. The total head count in the automobile industry has shrunk, but output has grown, a testimony to improving labor productivity in the country, a news report said Monday. Companies that produce cars and car components have reduced their staff by 29Continue reading “Russia: Fewer Auto Workers Making More Vehicles”