Australia: Blind Date she’s 68, he’s 73

Tom Hunter. Credit: Simon Santi   By: Krystal Sanders/ Perth Now TOM, 73, SAYS: I suppose like everyone I am looking for that special person to become your partner/ friend/ lover to complete your life. I didn’t know who I was meeting or, what my date looked like. Jan was early and beat me to our meetingContinue reading “Australia: Blind Date she’s 68, he’s 73”

For Your Consideration

God has a sense of humor  You’ve reach a certain age.  The beginning of cruise control.  Life is easier, the world isn’t coming apart and if it is, whatever!   No rugrats, no teenagers professing their hate for you ! No braces, no tuition, no late night calls for money.  Dinner when ever we want.  Cruises,Continue reading “For Your Consideration”

Old People Should be banned from Facebook

I have a theory, Facebook decimated the country with people over 40 going on Facebook.   When Facebook was just being used by College Students it was fun, cool.   It was old people is how we got Trump.  With them sitting on Facebook all day, spreading fake news, saying Muslims are trying to take over theContinue reading “Old People Should be banned from Facebook”

Go ask Ma and Pa Canington they know the way

  Sometime in the 70’s or 80’s someone said “If you don’t use it you lose it”   With the advent of digital and cell phones.  Few of us can memorize phone numbers.  If someone said to me, gimmie your oldest child’s telephone number or ill kill you . That would be the day I wouldContinue reading “Go ask Ma and Pa Canington they know the way”

Hotel Confidential: Fake, Fake, Fake, News!

Civility is getting difficult to find in these Trump times.  For some, Fox News is the only place where one can find the truth, and for them ANY OTHER  news channels is NOT acceptable.   Arguments and sometime fights are taking place in hospitals lounges, restaurants and hotels over the news channel. The disagreements aren’t notContinue reading “Hotel Confidential: Fake, Fake, Fake, News!”

I gotta go, and I GOTTA GO RIGHT NOW!!!

  If you are a person of a certain age, you know what I’m talking about.  For others this is Russian. Long gone are the days when you could ignore the pressure.  Play Tennis, lube a car. Today, you have to plan ahead to avoid Armageddon!!!  “What’s that smell” Sometimes, I think I’m still sixteenContinue reading “I gotta go, and I GOTTA GO RIGHT NOW!!!”

one two three four five six seven eight nine ten: Eddie Murphy’s tenth child is en-route

Picture: Google Fifty Seven year old Eddie Murphy, and Australian Model Paige Butcher is expecting his tenth child.   Her first child with Murphy and his ninth child (Izzy) is 2..  His oldest is 29.  They’ve been Bood up for six years . Thanks for counting   CityFella

Geezer Logic

It sucks to be Mark Zuckerberg these days.  Facebook’s data breech, the Russians, fake News, his company has failed America.   His punishment is appearing in front of the Senate Commerce and Judiciary Committees.  He has to sit through hours of requests and questions and not appear to be condescending or superior to members of the Committee. Continue reading “Geezer Logic”

Grey hair grows faster

Oh my fucking gawd! I’m thirty. It was devastating, my youth! Turning forty was less shocking however, I spent the first two years of my forties saying I was thirty nine. One day, I noticed a grey hair in my goatee, I didn’t think anything about it. A few days later there were three, allContinue reading “Grey hair grows faster”

Ford Woo’s Baby Boomers and Dog Owners

(Photo: Ford Motor Company) By: Phoebe Wall Howard, Detroit Free Press Ford is to unveil its redesigned 2019 Transit Connect Wagon on Thursday at the Chicago Auto Show, positioning the seven-passenger vehicle as an affordable alternative to the minivan for entrepreneurs, pet owners and grandparents. “Not everybody needs the DVD player and built-in vacuum,” saidContinue reading “Ford Woo’s Baby Boomers and Dog Owners”