A man and his money (A look Back)

Past behavior is often the best predictor of future behavior, and the same is true of success.  Donald Trump has a secret, its behind curtain number three.  The public is not invited as it reveals everything he holds so dear. A image of sucess  Donald Trump 1990: a Percursor? Donald Trump appeared with Barbara WaltersContinue reading “A man and his money (A look Back)”

50 Cent: My flashy lifestyle is all fake

50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) appears in Manhattan Supreme Court on July 21Photo: Pool photo By: Julia Marsh and Beckie Strum/Page Six It’s a counterfeit 50 Cent! The rapper, ordered to testify about his finances in Manhattan Supreme court Tuesday morning, said that his over-the-top displays of wealth — the bling, the Lamborghinis, BentleysContinue reading “50 Cent: My flashy lifestyle is all fake”

Minus 50 Cent…… ” FLASH BROKE”

By CityFella Dramatization   That bitch ain’t gonna get a dime of MY Money!  I’ve got lawyers,and people working for me! Flash Broke! Who knew Curtis Jackson, aka 50 cent was having money problems and was  broke down, busted.  The poor, poor man has to sleep in his 21 bedroom home in Connecticut Probably eatingContinue reading “Minus 50 Cent…… ” FLASH BROKE””

Despite Bankruptcy: Detroit Plans Downtown Hockey Arena

Amid all the uproar in Detroit lately about impending bankruptcy, endangered pensions and possible sale of precious artwork, there’s been surprisingly little buzz about a topic that tends to ignite controversy whenever it arises in U.S. cities. That would be the use of public tax dollars to finance sports stadiums. In Detroit, the Ilitch family’s proposedContinue reading “Despite Bankruptcy: Detroit Plans Downtown Hockey Arena”

Sacramento Downtown Arena : (Thoughts of Stockton) Voters should Approve Funding

Sacramentans can exhale, the Kings are staying and the Maloof‘s are gone.  Mayor Johnson  efforts must be commended . Once the celebrating ends and the last bit of purple confetti is swept away, reality begins. A few weeks after the council approved a non binding  $258 million term sheet.  City Manager John Shirey told theContinue reading “Sacramento Downtown Arena : (Thoughts of Stockton) Voters should Approve Funding”

Slam, but not quite a Dunk (Power Balance(The Name on the Kings Arena) files for bankruptcy protection)

It may not be a question of if, it simply may be a question of when. The Power Balance name has been on the building known for more than 20 years as Arco Arena since March.  The company filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  The company knows for its bracelets  settled a  class action suit inContinue reading “Slam, but not quite a Dunk (Power Balance(The Name on the Kings Arena) files for bankruptcy protection)”