Sticky Fingers: “They knew Epstein liked young girls”

The average non millionaire/billionaire wouldn’t have seen the light of day.  Sex with several underage girls under 15? Not the light of day.  Of course the average Joe, wouldn’t have defense attorneys Gerald Lefcourt, Alan Dershowiz and Ken Starr representing them. Jeffrey Epstein exploits with underage girls date back to 2005.    The registered sexContinue reading “Sticky Fingers: “They knew Epstein liked young girls””

Trump: Is it in his Kiss?

What is it about Donald John Trump?  That makes him so bloody irresistible that people discard every thing they know is true to get his approval?  Some go so far as to go to jail for this man.    A man who’s loyally is limited to his last name. Well respected individuals who have spentContinue reading “Trump: Is it in his Kiss?”

We have an African American and here she is…..

  Could someone offer her a chair? I think one of the reasons that black people loved Bill Clinton, is he knew black people, had black friends.  He and Hillary, didn’t seem out of place in a black church and didn’t need to bring a prop, when he spoke to people of color. Unfortunately, theContinue reading “We have an African American and here she is…..”

World’s confidence in US leadership under Trump at new low, poll finds

In just under half of the world’s countries – 65 out of 134 – US standing collapsed, by 10 percentage points or more. Photograph: Kham/AFP/Getty Images   Approval for US falls to 30% from 48% under Obama ‘Historic low’ of Gallup poll ‘sets a new bar for disapproval’   By: Julian Borger/UK Guardian Global confidenceContinue reading “World’s confidence in US leadership under Trump at new low, poll finds”

Stormy Daniels is a feminist hero

     And we owe it to her to give her the respect she deserves in her fight to break her silence If American history has taught us one important lesson, it’s that sex scandals — in all their forms — can be more powerful than whispers of corruption when it comes to pushing a politician out ofContinue reading “Stormy Daniels is a feminist hero”

F Everbody! DT Goes Lower! (25 Days of Madness to Go)

  “KRAZYTOWN” THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS Its very possible the number of women who said DT has touched or fondled could very well match or exceed Bill Cosby accusers. Jessica Leeds, Rachel Crook, People Magazine’s Natasha Stoynoff and Mindy McGillivary are just some of the women who have come forward. Donald Says False Attacks! DonaldContinue reading “F Everbody! DT Goes Lower! (25 Days of Madness to Go)”

“Show me your friend’s and I’ll tell you who you are” A look inside Donald Trump’s Team

  I was incredibility insensitive when I called Miss Machado those names and I’m sorry and I hopes she accepts my apology.  That’s what he should have said. With less than 2 months to go DT has double downed on this 20 year old story featuring the former Miss Universe Alica Machado from Venezuela. ThisContinue reading ““Show me your friend’s and I’ll tell you who you are” A look inside Donald Trump’s Team”

Love Hate and Hillary

Its August and the head shaking isn’t over. Week after week  just when you think Donald Trump has peaked, he tops himself again.  Coasting in the shadows is his primary opponent Hillary Clinton. Unlike Trump she seems to avoid the press, avoiding questions. I’m a fan of Hillary Rodham, I’m attracted to her drive andContinue reading “Love Hate and Hillary”


I remember turning twenty one, it meant that I was official.  I turned twenty one in New York City it was the seventies.  At twenty one I had all the answers in the cosmos and knew absolutely nothing. At twenty one, I wanted everyone to love me and pushed nearly all forms of common senseContinue reading “TWENTY ONE (Before ML)”

Bus 6062 From Atlanta to New Orleans

The original plan was to drive from Atlanta to Austin Texas, until the Rent A Car Company told me they where going to give me a huge gas guzzling SUV, free was gonna cost me nearly $400 in gas. So what’z a Sacramentian to do at 1045pm at the Atlanta airport?   Heck take the Bus.   My daughter ravedContinue reading “Bus 6062 From Atlanta to New Orleans”