Get Kevin Johnson

October 20th was to be a special day for Sacramento’s Mayor Kevin Johnson. A day so special his office requested the council meeting be moved to accommodate ESPN’s premiere of the documentary “Down in the Family”   A film about Sacramento fight against Seattle to retain the Sacramento Kings Franchise. ESPN reportedly pulled the documentaryContinue reading “Get Kevin Johnson”

Opinion: Bill Cosby ‘In Less than 100 words’

People are drawn to celebrity.  Through the years I have witnessed women, vying for the attention of musicians, men in professional sports, and minor league baseball players   Women, going to a strangers room, to be in the presence of a celebrity. Based on my experience, it was difficult to believe Bill Cosby, the celebrityContinue reading “Opinion: Bill Cosby ‘In Less than 100 words’”

Bill Cosby America’s Dad: Is Silence Golden?

By CityFella If your over 40 years old ,your probaley not familiar with the  Australian born rapper/singer Izzy Azalea.  She is the current “IT” girl and newest celebrity.   Fame is what she wanted, what she is rapidly learning is the price of fame, her privacy.  In the you tube video she simply wanted eggs.Continue reading “Bill Cosby America’s Dad: Is Silence Golden?”