Them and They on Right Wing Radio

Close-up of the 1965 AM radio

“Many of them are ill-educated and have tattoos on their foreheads, and I hate to be generalized about it, but it’s true. If you look at all the educational statistics, how are you going to get jobs for people who aren’t qualified for jobs?”

“:Bill O’Reilly 4/11/16 Regarding African American Unemployment.


I’ve listened to a lot of right wing radio in the last few days as I drive thorough the southwest.  Much of  it was entertaining and insightful.  Left wing radio is difficult to find unless you have satellite radio and  I like hearing from both sides.

One topic on Am radio in Albuquerque yesterday was race relations.  According to a Gallup poll, concerns over race have reached 15 year high.   Of course this topic would begin as I am nearing my hotel after a long drive.

The host and some of the callers believed with a black president, race relations should be better.  He went on to say, that things are much better for African Americans when you compare today to the sixties.

All the callers were white. Many of the callers blamed Obama for fanning the flames of racism.      Other were mad, blaming black people, some believed the racism was reversed with black people being racist towards white people.   The terms, them and they was used frequently.

One man said he was a redneck married to a black woman and they worked in the same office and he was angry!      Another man called in to say that  white people love African Americans, we love the players (sports).   One man  said he worked for a Police Department and was up for a promotion and was told the next seven promotions would go to black officers and that when he began resenting blacks.

A man said his  daughter was pasted over for a black child in a private school.  Trump is gonna make things better as people are mad!

The host and a caller quoted Martin Luther King (content vs color of a persons skin) and wondered what he would think if he were alive?

I wondered where were the callers of color?  Albuquerque has a small black population but a large population of Hispanics. Where were my Latino brothers?

So I pulled over and called the station.

When they picked up I said “Black Man here”

On air, I told  him, Obama is a single drop of rain.  To expect the one drop to change the course of this nations is unrealistic.    The first women , the first Jew, will have challenges.

As a baby boomer, I have seen and been a victim of discrimination.  Have seen black and brown people having their basic rights discarded.  To see it again via Social Media is difficult and serves as a reminder that little has changed.   This is the first time for young black and browns seeing this for the first time.   We’ve known about it for some time. but to see it played out again and again with very few officers convicted for killing unarmed people is  just a very painful reminder that our lived don’t matter!

The Host was very respectful and didn’t hang up.  Which happens when I call right wing radio.       As I made the left turn towards my hotel.  It occurred to me, the reason no one of color didn’t call in, few people of color listens to right wing radio.

I wish I could have said, for the one white person passed over for a black. Means hundred of blacks and people of color was passed over and one exception was made.

I wish I could have said, despite all the laws on the books.  People of color ,women and gays are still discriminated against.  If you name is Jesus, Soon, Meja, Lekisha, Ramirez, Jackson you may (despite your qualifications) not get a response from your resume.

You address may determine if your resume will be considered.  IN 2016.

In 2016, you may have one black, one latino per office. Successful Integration is when the workplace  reflects the community.

They and Them

I can almost always tell, if someone knows more than one person of a different race.or culture. This person is comfortable with nearly all people.

The person who has a single friend or co-worker or acquaintance  who is of a different race or culture.   Will often say, ” I have a white friend and they……… or use the term those people.      Often becoming an authority on an entire race or culture based on an  interaction with a single person.  The person who has little contact with people outside their race often use “Them” or Those people.

How often do you refer to a friend and their family as :They, They or Those?

I have never introduced someone as my Chinese friend and while I have been black all my life, I am no expert on all black lives.

 Bill O’Reilly works in one of the most culturally diverse cities on the plant.  It is my second home.  I have seen two black men with tattoos on their foreheads, I’ve also seen Hispanics, Caucasians, and Asians with tattoos on their foreheads.  Its not common unless you live near a tattoo parlor and even then….



Mitt Romney “Gifts”: Original Thought or Memorex? (video) Hispanic Twitter Reactions

Once again, Mitt Romney one step forward, two steps back.   After his elegant concession speech last week  and the President agreeing to meet with him he tell his big buck donors he lost because of the “gifts the administration had given to blacks, Hispanics and young voters during Obama’s first term.

Was this another Romney Gaffe or was his simply using something he heard.?

 Bill O’ Reilly Nov 6th

Rush Limbaugh Nov 7th

Mitt Romney’s Latino ‘Gifts’ Comments: Hispanics React On Twitter


Muslim-Bashing Has Been in Style Since 9/11

So let me see if I get this straight: Jew-baiting is verboten, but Muslim-baiting is okay? That’s what Bill O’Reilly seems to be saying.

The Fox News network talk show host continues to defend the remarks about Muslims he made recently on “The View.” You know, the ones that led to Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar storming off their own show in righteous indignation and high dudgeon. You know, the one that indirectly led to Juan Williams being fired from his job at National Public Radio.

Yes, this entire episode has been a columnist’s bonanza. I could get, at least, a half dozen columns from this one episode. What should I write about?

– Goldberg and Behar pretending to have the back of every Muslim on the planet? If I were Muslim, I’d react to Goldberg and Behar standing up for me in one of three ways: I’d change my religion; I’d slash my wrists; or I’d change my religion and then slash my wrists.

– Williams’ goofy gaffe about being nervous seeing Muslims in “Muslim garb” boarding a plane? Darn, bro, don’t you know other brothers and sisters who are Muslims? I sure do, and most of them dress in nothing like “Muslim garb,” whatever that is. Most of them – bless their poor, sartorially challenged souls – dress the way I do.

– The way some white people feel the way Williams feels about Muslims when they see black men?

– O’Reilly’s naked Muslim baiting?

I’m going with number four.

After the incident on “The View,” O’Reilly did his own show on Fox and refused to concede that he’d made a blanket, bigoted condemnation of all Muslims when he said “Muslims killed us on 9-11.” If the terrorists had been black, even O’Reilly wouldn’t have made the statement, “Blacks killed us on 9-11.”

During the 1967 Arab-Israeli six-day war, Israeli jet pilots attacked the U.S.S. Liberty, killing several American servicemen. Can you imagine what would have happened if, say, a Louis Farrakhan had said, “Jews attacked the U.S.S. Liberty?”

In fact, we all need to take a look at the reaction to O’Reilly’s Muslim-baiting, as compared to Farrakhan’s Jew-baiting of years gone by. Quite the difference, isn’t it, especially in how the media covered both?
O’Reilly said that after Goldberg and Behar stormed off the set of “The View,” he got compliments from people when he went around the country. I’m sure Farrakhan got compliments from black folks when he went around the country after some of his more controversial comments about Jews. Did that make those comments right? And one of those comments Farrakhan never made.

Yes, that would be the one where he was accused of calling Judaism “a gutter religion.” He never said the word “gutter.” The word he used was “dirty.” And he never used the word “Judaism.” He was referring to those who equated Zionism with Judaism, as if the two are the same. They aren’t. One’s a political philosophy; the other is a religion.

And remember how the media tried to say the tape of Farrakhan making the comment was defective, and that they really couldn’t tell whether he said “dirty” or “gutter?” I heard the tape several times; Farrakhan CLEARLY said “dirty.” It’s as if the media’s hatred of Farrakhan caused their hearing to become defective.

O’Reilly feels comfortable in his Muslim-baiting because Muslim-bashing has become all the rage since Sept. 11, 2001. The Americans with their noses out of joint about “Muslim terrorists” and “Islamism” and running around saying that, “Islam is the devil’s religion” had not one bad word to say about Islam before Sept. 11.

In fact, when Muslims were killing …..commies after the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, we LOVED Islam. We even provided the Muslim fundamentalist nut jobs that opposed the Marxist government in Afghanistan – the one the Soviets were trying to prop up – with money and weapons. One of those Muslim “holy warriors” fighting the Russkis was some guy named Osama bin Laden.

Name sound familiar? You’re darned right it does. Our incessant meddling in the affairs of foreign nations, our obsession with fighting communism at any cost, even if it meant embracing questionable allies, came back to bite us in the derrière in a big way on Sept. 11, 2001. Now, O’Reilly and other Muslim baiters are concerned that Islamic terrorists pose a threat to the world.

Some advice to Bill: we should have let the Soviets do ‘em in when we had the chance, pal.

By: Gregory Kane,

NPR vs Juan Williams: Just Sayin for Friday Oct 22

Juan Williams: The Statement

NPR CEO Vivian Schiller:  NPR Position

Juan Williams comment about Muslims was  controversial.   Racists?  I don’t think so .  The statement makes me uncomfortable  however, his sentiments is shared by many.        After listening to Ms Schiller statement it seems NPR  commentators are not allow to have an viewpoints .    Wish leaves me a bit confused, in his capacity as commentator having a viewpoint seems  to be a part of his job.   I’m not a fan of Mr Williams,  I’m not sure why, could be his position of the Fox news.    I am a supporter and contributer to NPR and will continue to be.  Having said that, his dismissal from National Public Radio my home for varied opinions was wrong.

“just sayin”

Liberals aren’t Funny

In the tense ,pivotal scene in the movie “Moonstruck”  grandpa say’s “someone tell a joke”

The same could be said to host’s of  Liberal talk Radio.  Conservative’s get it.  before he appointed himself God Rush Limbaugh

 was extremely funny.

Today’s Bill O’ Reillyis

funny and very entertaining.

Love it or hate it Conservative talk radio seems to have a rhythm and if you remove the rhetoric, it seems as if they are winking at the audience.  Many progressive or  liberal hosts seem to beat the listener down. Look what Bush has left us, the Republican are evil people, drive a Hybrid, the earth is dying.

Air America (March 2004-January 2010)

The goal was the be the progressive-liberal answer to conservative talk.  They opened with star power, Al Franken and Janeane Garafalo.  Many in the industry felt,one of the major problems with Air America was the talent wasnt from Radio.  The only true radio professional was Randi Rhodes.

Air America exaggerated.   Perhaps, they believed  with George W in office Americans would embrace an alternative voice.  It overstated the funds it had, money needed to promote the network.  In a very short time  Air America’s  air time was reduced in many markets a victim of low ratings.    With little  or no revenue coming in, Air America couldn’t pay the rent on the stations they owned and in  less than two years after the start of the network, chapter 7 .    The  last light was turned off in January.

Local Talent

Sacramento’s Lone lefty, Christine Craft

is incredibly intelligent,  for many years she was a TV anchor ,she is an author and a few years ago became an attorney.   When I first moved to Sacramento, she was an island of sanity.     Ms Craft ,,like Rush and others she argued or cut off those who disagreed with her point of view, smart she was, entertaining she wasn’t.    Ms Craft is currently a fill in host of San Francisco’s KGO Am 810.

Ray Taliaferrobeen a voice in the Bay Area for several decades.  He was one of the first black TV anchors and has been a fixture at KGO since 1986. ( he’s on from 1am to 5am).  Ray’s stichk is simple, Republican and Conservative bad and Democrats good.  If you disagree, you’re an idiot.  Slow night? Let’s insult a white caller,  “You’re a silly white woman a disgrace to the kind and bright citizens of Livermore”

The Gold Standard in broadcasting belongs to Ronn Owens,

a fixture

on KGO since 75 is the highest rated broadcaster in Northern California and the only broadcaster who beats Rush, in the same time slot.(9am-to 12pm)  He has been nominated to the “National Radio Hall of Fame’ three times (including this year)  He has won the “Talk Show personality of the year” and is currently #13 of the 25 greatest Radio Talk show host of all time and he won the prestigious “Marconi Award”   He is funny,charming, love opposing views and entertaining.  he is the cornerstone at KGO.

Exceptions to the Rule

Randi Rhodessuspended from Air America in 2008.  She reportedly called Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton whores at a radio event in San Francisco, history was made. she is smart and funny she is heard(12am to 3pm) in the Bay Area on Am 960, Santa Barbara am 1490 and  am 1150 is Los Angeles. on XM Radio Channel 165.

I am still mourning the loss of Stephanie Miller  I should have know better, Sacramento’s KSTE is very conservative and  with the exception of  The Tom Keykis show, liberal or progressive talkers usually last three to six months.  To best describe the Stephanie Miller Show , its like a morning drive time show without music.    Actress, comedienne, Miller is everywhere.  she is the daughter of  conservative Us Rep William Miller who was Barry Goldwater’s running mate in the 1964 Presidential Election.

Miller is often the left’s mouthpiece on conservative talk shows on the Fox Network.   Her  radio audience refers to her as “mama” .   Her show is hysterical, she loves the right .  She can be heard nationwide and on (6am-9am)XM satellite 167, In the bay on 960am, and KTLA 1150 in Los Angeles.  two words catch her.

Will there be another progressive network? Not anytime soon. the industry has taken a hit.  The economy has taken a toll, revenues are down, no multi million dollar contracts this  year.

An alternative voice is needed in the country.  Yes, there will always be those who insight, anger and those who  blindly believe.  At the end of the day, radio is entertainment and the trend is  conservative talk rules.  In the future ,conservative talk may become something else.   Until that happens if your liberal and you want to go into broadcasting, tell a joke.




And the Pink Brick Goes to……………….

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For the very first time in the 40 year history of the ” Pink Brick Award: the recipient is an “Out” gay person.

This faux award is an opportunity to highlight an individual or organization that has done significant harm to the LGBT community. It is also an opportunity to educate the public about the Pink Brick recipient and relevant issues of concern in the LGBT equality movement.

For 2010, the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee awards California State Senator (R-Bakersfield) Roy Ashburn (applause, applause, applause)

Senator Ashburn has served in the California state legislature since 1996 and has an extensive voting history of opposing LGBT rights, including his overwhelming support of proposition 8, which denied equal rights to LGBT citizens.

Last March, Senator Ashburn was arrested for drunk driving after left Faces, a popular gay bar in Sacramento with another man in a state issued car.  Since his arrest, he has admitted he is gay and claims his voting record reflect his constituent views. He said he would continue voting on behalf of what he sees as the majority viewpoint in his district,even if that means voting against LGBT civil rights.

SF Pride’s executive director Amy Andre’ ” By selecting Senator Ashburn, the LGBT community is sending a strong message to the world that LGBT people-especially those with the political power and privilege to further LGBT rights have a responsibility toward liberation for all”

Other Pink Award recipients include:  Miss California contestant Carrie Prejean for her efforts against marriage equality.   Fox TV’s Bill O’Reilly for his sensationalist reporting on the LGBT community. Former President George W . Bush for his support of an amendment to he U.S. Constitution that would define marriage strictly between a man and a woman.  California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of his veto of the bill that would allowed same-sex marriage in the state.