Ooh Ahhh “Sally’s Fake Orgasm Was A Group Effort”

One of the film’s key pleasures is its carefully organized structure. Even critics who were mostly negative about the film appreciated this, with 7 Days confirming: “The scenario is full of symmetry and recurrence,” and The Village Voice remarking on the film working “by reprises, choric refrains.” Indeed it is designed around paired or matchingContinue reading “Ooh Ahhh “Sally’s Fake Orgasm Was A Group Effort””

2013 Oscars: All About Seth

The Oscars went in a new direction this year in the form of  Seth MacFarlane.  This isn’t first time the show has taken a new direction, however no host for the Oscars has been as controversial. By the numbers the Oscar show is one of  the most watched telecast in the world, it is seen live in over 100 countries. Continue reading “2013 Oscars: All About Seth”