Black Friday seems to be a thing in Israel

  But the difference here: The stores are not swamped with shoppers like in America (though the pace of shopping is noticeably brisk). By: Marcy Oster/Jerusalem Post  JERUSALEM (JTA) — I was watching late night network television on Saturday night – that’s not terribly exciting here — when I was slammed with a string ofContinue reading “Black Friday seems to be a thing in Israel”

CityFella Travels: Interstate 10 Pensacola Florida

It was Thanksgiving that brought me to Pensacola Florida. The merging of families from California and Puerto Rico. Pensacola, Florida is located in West Florida several hours away from Tampa, Orlando and Miami.  Many people know Pensacola for the large Naval Air Station.  During Thanksgiving most of the hotels in the area were full. PensacolaContinue reading “CityFella Travels: Interstate 10 Pensacola Florida”

Black Friday in Denmark: The new Halloween?

Danish newspapers advertise Black Friday sales. Photo: The Local The Growth of the American shopping ‘holiday’ Black Friday is expected to reach new levels in Denmark this year In recent years, it has become the norm to see children (or even adults) dressed as wizards, vampires or superheroes in the last week of October inContinue reading “Black Friday in Denmark: The new Halloween?”

DoorBuster: Chronicles of a bargain Hunter

Never say Never…….. I have long wanted an mega screen TV, one so large that passing planes could see its glow from 35,000 feet.     For years, I would ask anyone who would listen for a 40, 50, 60, 80 inch TV for my postage stamp of apartment. Every,Black Friday the stores would enticeContinue reading “DoorBuster: Chronicles of a bargain Hunter”

Americas Dead Malls: What Have We Lost? (Includes Sacramento Area Malls)

The golden age of the mall is long gone, and many of the malls are, too. One consultant predicts half of U.S. malls will close in the next decade. By Melinda Carstensen They’re a blight on America’s suburban landscape: hulking dead shopping malls, many with boarded windows, sagging rooftops and parking lots full of weeds.Continue reading “Americas Dead Malls: What Have We Lost? (Includes Sacramento Area Malls)”

BOGO Gone?

I love shopping!  LOVE shopping!   Hate crowds,! HATE CROWDS!    Hate shopping malls filled with people  not watching where they’re going,  I hate the smell of Cinnabon.  I hate Costco on weekends with scores of people grazing, “Oh look tri-tip”  I wish I had Elvis Presley money, where the mall would stay open justContinue reading “BOGO Gone?”

After three years Wal Mart employee earns $8.90 per hour-Massive Black Friday Strike Planned

After three years Colby Harris ears $8.90 an hour at the Wal Mart in Lancaster Texas.  “ We have to borrow money from each other just to make it to work”        “I work full time for one the riches companies  in the world and my kids get state health insurance and  we are on food stamps.  SaraContinue reading “After three years Wal Mart employee earns $8.90 per hour-Massive Black Friday Strike Planned”