Kaepernick, activism and politics. The NFL doesn’t know how to stop this row

Colin Kaepernick

The quarterback is still unsigned but the protest he launched has grown, raising uncomfortable questions about race and activism for NFL owners – and fans

On Wednesday afternoon, the NFL will be forced again to confront a story it must wish to go away. At an hour when the league’s employees should be hustling home from their New York office they will walk into a rallyon the street outside, organized to ask the same inexplicable question that has perplexed many for months.

“Why is Colin Kaepernick  still unsigned?”

The NFL season begins in two weeks and the quarterback who took the San Francisco 49ers to within seven yards of winning the Super Bowl four years ago does not have a job. His absence isn’t difficult to explain. His refusal to stand for the national anthem last year as a way to draw attention to racial inequality in the US has apparently made him toxic to the league’s owners who fear a backlash from white fans and corporate sponsors offended by a perceived lack of patriotism.

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Is Colin Kaepernick really being blackballed?

Is Colin Kaepernick really being blackballed? news 1x1.trans

By: David L. Love/The Grio

Is the NFL blackballing Colin Kaepernick because of his strong political stance in support of black people? What does this mean for other athlete-activists that dare to walk in his footsteps? This is one we need to examine closely, because African-American athletes have a long tradition of standing against injustice and the powers that be. The black community knows all too well what they will do to you if you step out of line.

The vocal, controversial and highly political Kaepernick is a free agent and has not been picked up by an NFL team. The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback could very well end up on another team. For example,Texans coach Bill O’Brian said they’re considering him. Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh insists Kaepernick will be signed and is not being blackballed, and it is “intellectually lazy” to think otherwise. Still others believe he is a free agent because of his high demands — he wants $9 to 10 million and a chance to start — which makes for a smaller market for Kaepernick.

Will Kaepernick land somewhere? Perhaps. But Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks thinks Kaepernick is being blackballed by the NFL owners. “I’m sure he is,” Sherman said on ESPN’s First Take Friday. “It’s difficult to see because he’s played at such a high level, and you see guys, quarterbacks, who have never played at a high level being signed by teams. So it’s difficult to understand.

Spike Lee seems to agree. The filmmaker took to Instagram to defend Kaepernick: “How Is It That There Are 32 NFL Teams And Kap Is Still A Free Agent? WTF. Smells MAD Fishy To Me,Stinks To The High Heavens. The New York J-E-T-S Need A Quarterback.”


Say what you will, but Colin Kaepernick is one of those rare individuals who, when faced with the prospect of making millions, decides that the money alone is not enough. In the 2016 season, he angered many patriotic white folks when he decided to take stand by siting down and taking a knee during the national anthem. Because Black Lives Matter, and black folks have had enough as of late. Political protest — whether against police violence, racial oppression and inequality, as Kaepernick has done; or otherwise — is the most potent form of patriotism. And it remains to be seen if the patriotic, All Lives Matter crowd that chants “USA!” and boos black protesters such as Kap will save any of their vitriol for their president, who apparently wants to make Russia great again.

If it is true that Kaepernick is still unemployed because the league is punishing a black man for daring to stand up for black people and causes in a highly politicized way, it would not be the first time. The fish smell that Spike Lee spoke of is decades old. Fifty years old. That’s when Muhammad Ali was stripped of his title, his license, his career and livelihood — and nearly his freedom — when he was drafted by the Army in 1967 and refused to serve in Vietnam because, as he said, “No Vietcong ever called me n*gger.”

The following year, at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, American medalists John Carlos and Tommie Smith — along with Australian Peter Norman — participated in the iconic black power salute against racial and economic injustice. The men were suspended, thrown out of Mexico, made outcasts, with their lives ruined. Now that’s what blackballing looks like.

What happens to Kaepernick next is a test for the black community, to see how much the powerful will be allowed to wage warfare on us without a response, and whether other black athletes and celebrities will keep quiet for fear of retaliation. We’ve been here before, and we know the drill, which makes it all the more important that Kap and others receive our support when they stand up for the community.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta S9 Ep5 Saving Chocolate Boys

Cynthia cakes and houses. Kenya cake, Atv’s and crazy boyfriends. Kandi and Todd, Mama Joyce, honey and handcuffs.  Phaedra Democrats and Grenades. Porsha clothes and hair. Sheree, police drugs and chocolate boys.  Its all about episode 5

Single Ladies got to hang by themselves 

Its Kenya and Cynthia in a cake store designing a cake for Matt’s birthday. In Kenya’s design she wants to make a replica of a Gucci belt Matt lost.  Perhaps it didn’t cross her mind to buy him another belt, but its the thought that counts right?  Cake 4 EveryBody!

Kenya is planning a couples ATV outing for Matt’s birthday and tells Cynthia being single she probably didn’t want to go anyway.  (Isn’t Kenya and Cynthia besties ? )  Kenya pours more salt into the wound  by inviting couples to the event as Cynthia .

Later, Cynthia and Noelle visits a large six bedroom home. Peter wants Cynthia to sell the home they shared.   While Peter doesn’t have a financial stake in the home, Cynthia views the move as a fresh start and places a bid on the 949k house.

Will The Old Lady Restaurant Damage Todd’s and  Kandi’s Marriage

Construction on the “Old Lady Gang” restaurant is way behind schedule and Kandi isn’t happy with the progress or Todd’s words about the progress.  Peter Thomas, Cynthia soon to be ex husband drop by .  He tells Todd that his marriage to Cynthia is over. Partly due to being in business together.  This makes Todd think about his marriage.

Mama Joyce comes over to baby sit, she can sense there is stress between the two and says they work hard especially Kandi.      She arranges alone time for the two. She has outfitted their bathroom with wine, sex toys and handcuffs.  Kandi seemed a little weirded out (who wouldn’t be) by her mothers encouragement and Mama Joyce takes it down another notch by asking to borrow Kandi’s revealing outfit she bought for Todd’s eyes only.  Todd applies honey to Kandi’s body and before the show becomes sex in Atlanta, we move on.

Missing at the AVT Park

Matt and Kenya, MATT and KENYA, matt and kenya.   Kenya has a secret, her man ani’t showing up for his birthday celebration.   The Manboy is pissed !  He saw an ancient picture of Kenya and Jay-z (she was in his video wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the day)  this sent the Manchild into a tissy and he got on his Big Wheel and peddled off to California to see his big sis.  This is Kenya version anyway

Kandi, read through the tea leaves and asked Kenya to come clean. Where’s Matt?    Kenya still MADD for the boy asked the Senior Couple for advice. Yes, with Phaedra-Apollo and Cynthia and Peter divorcing. Todd and Kandi are the senior couple.   Kenya want to know how does their marriage work, with Kandi and her millions and Todd works

Saving the Chocolate Boys 

Phaedra has been invited to attend the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, she asked Porsha to attend.  She was a member of a panel on gun violence  just before leaving to the conventions she learns another black man was killed by the police.

Back in Atlanta, Sheree gets a late night call from her 19 year old son Kairo.   Her son Kairo was arrested for a DUI. According to Kairo, he was smoking pot and got pulled over for an expired tag. She is worries how he will be treated by the law because of his skin color. She reminds him of when they attended a rally in Washington DC where parents who have lost their children to police violence. Where they heard mothers giving over their child’s deaths.  Good children, like Kairo who were killed at a young age.  She tells him  “You have to work harder. You have to be better,”

Sheree feels Kairo doesn’t get it and feels his father might be more effective.  Bob’s  opening statement, made her do a double take as he thinks medicinal marijuana is good and better than opioid’s and  he has a medical marijuana card. He recovers sort of by urging his son to never drive and smoke or spend time with people who condone it.

Back in Philadelphia we hear from  Jahvaris Fulton, older brother to Trayvon Martin and director of The Trayvon Martin Foundation,  who tells the panel, “There’s not one simple answer. It’s definitely a combination of you have to build relationships with police in the community and you have to ban semi-automatic weapons.”

Phaedra drives to see Apollo in prison. On route she learns— someone went to her office with a grenade to blow himself and the office Up!   She worries if someone knows where she lives?  Freaking out, she arranges a safe place for her kids and her mother who ultimately calms her through prayer.   Dammit Someone call Olivia Pope stat! 




Terence Crutcher shooting reminds us that blacks are treated worse than dogs

Image result for terrence crutcher

By: David A. Love/The Grio

Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man, was shot to death like a dog by the Tulsa police last Friday. But in America, not even dogs are treated the way black people are these days.

On Sept. 16, Crutcher, 40, was on the road with his stranded SUV. After police responded to a 911 call concerning his car, Crutcher was gunned down.

They claimed he was armed, but there was no weapon. Someone in the helicopter taking the video is even heard saying, “That looks like a bad dude too. He might be on something.”

One officer, Tyler Turnbough, tasered the poor man, while the officer who took his life, Betty Shelby (who should be in jail), said Crutcher was not cooperating with police. And yet the video shows he had his hands up.

The man needed help, and yet he found himself in a great deal of trouble not of his own doing. They shot him, and then they left him there on the ground — like a dog, or worse than a dog — the way they always leave us when they seek to take us out of this world.

Tulsa police chief Chuck Jordan called the video disturbing and asked the Justice Department to review the case. And we know how that usually turns out.

Meanwhile, had these cops put down a dog the way they killed Terence Crutcher, there would be national outrage and a call for these officers’ heads on a platter. Actually, there wouldn’t have been time for that, because those cops — most certainly Officer Shelby — would have been under the jail. Because Americans love their dogs, but do not love black people. And certainly, many of the Blue Lives Matter, White Lives Matter and All Lives Matter crowd would be participating on the frontlines of the protests, because while they believe black people are animals, dogs are their best friends.

Everybody loves dogs. Dogs are very helpful and loving pets that provide companionship. Dogs were also used to hunt down slaves in this country, and during Jim Crow, the police unleashed dogs on protesters to tear into their flesh. That is, two-legged dogs, as Malcolm X called them, sicked four-legged dogs on peaceful civil rights protesters. So they served a useful purpose.

Meanwhile, let us not forget about the city of Tulsa, the place where Terence Crutcher’s murder took place.

Tulsa was the home of Black Wall Street, the thriving African-American community of Greenwood. On May 31, 1921, a white mob decimated Tulsa’s black community on the ground, while staging an aerial bombing, burning down nearly every last home and business. Hundreds were lynched, and thousands were left homeless. Tulsa still has not come to terms with its sins — the wholesale slaughter of its black residents 95 years ago — and it remains the single largest massacre of black people in the U.S.

This is a society conditioned to accept, even embrace the genocide of black people. Could anyone imagine the slaughter of hundreds of dogs? Of course not. But black people are another story. After all, we are dangerous criminals and thugs, so they tell us.

Cops took us out on the slave plantation with reckless abandon and with the protection of the law, and today it is no different. They tell us we’re always up to something, unworthy of empathy, even our babies. Besides, no one understands the challenges police officers face on a daily basis, so they say.

And with no police officers in jail for murdering Mr. Crutcher, we must ask what it would take to hold cops accountable for taking our lives. This is a nation that will suspend a black football player for protesting racist police violence before it suspends a cop — much less arrests or indicts her — for the murder of a black man, woman or child.

When you ask how Terence Crutcher — like so many other black souls — can meet such a horrible fate without any consequences, remember that while dogs are “just like people,” black folks are regarded as less than human.

We always were, and no video will change that.

Love Hate and Hillary

hillary clinton 1

Its August and the head shaking isn’t over. Week after week  just when you think Donald Trump has peaked, he tops himself again.  Coasting in the shadows is his primary opponent Hillary Clinton. Unlike Trump she seems to avoid the press, avoiding questions.

I’m a fan of Hillary Rodham, I’m attracted to her drive and intelligence.  She had been a political person most of her life. Like first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary was not interested in rose bushes or room restorations.    She demanded a place at the table and one way or another she was going to be heard!

Republicans hate Bill and Hillary. Hundreds of millions of dollars has been spent to indict one of both the Clintons and nothing’s stuck. From Whitewater, President Bill Clinton’s impeachment to Benghazi  With each accusation, scandal or investigation, the couple came out of it stronger and more popular.

Gallup Inc, has been conducting surveys for nearly eighty years.  Hillary Rodham Clinton’s  name has  been atop the the Most Admired Woman in the United States a record twenty times.  This is more than any other person male or female.

So how does the Most Admired Woman in the US and in the world, become untrustworthy?

For some Republicans she will never be trust worthy, if its not Whitewater, or Vince Foster,  its Benghazi. These voters will never support anyone named Clinton.

For me its the E-mail controversy.   Its not that I believe she’s done anything wrong.  Its the air of arrogance .  Sure other politicians have used their private e-mail accounts . But that was 2012, 2008.   This is 2016!  The year of the angry American.  Traditional politicians are the enemy and you cant get more traditional than Hillary Clinton.  Some her responses  are Trumpesk as she attempts to paint a picture of innocence.  When she said she told  a consistent and truthful story about classified material on her emails, and FBI director James Comey backed her up.   The response from some cynics was yeah uh huh.

What was refreshing about Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump was their ability to talk directly to the public and the press without the canned responses.  Hillary the professional politician uses 40 words when 15 would get the job done.  In the year of the Angry American this reads deceptive.    Her internal hard drive sticks to message and stalls when questioned.  Her responses are often reprogrammed and filled with political cliches.

At the joint conference of the National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists,a few weeks ago.  She stayed on message and missed an opportunity to connect with both groups to solidify her message.

She owns the boomers black and brown, this group has a positive  history with the Clinton’s.   Millennials struggle with tradition.  Some of the Millennials weren’t born when Bill Clinton was President.   With smartphones in hand, some of  black and brown Millennials have problems with some of the policies during his administration.

After President Clinton signed 1994 crime bill, more private prisons were built and young black men received longer sentences. In 1996, President Clinton signed the  Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act this law subjected hundreds of thousands of people to arbitrary detention, fast-track deportations, and family separation, effecting a disproportionate number of Hispanics.

At the National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists members initially thought there would be Q&A questions submitted by Twitter, this didn’t happen, in fact no one in the audience were allowed to ask questions. (This is common at her campaign stops) . Hillary stayed true to script. Talked about Blacks and Hispanics in general terms, she failed to connect with the audience, an audience filled with bloggers and people on social media. Losing the opportunity to learn about issues important to this demographic.  There where about four or five questions asked by the panel.  Her responses were misdirected and dry.   One of her responses transported me back to the 60’s as she nearly said, I have latino friends. 

I plan to vote for Hillary this fall. I voted for her in the primaries several years ago. I think she is an admirable women.  There is much to be admired.  Her drive and commitment has helped thousands of children.   She seems embarrassed when it comes to her achievements.  Some females aren’t comfortable talking about those moments.  Her husband Bill would be on Trump tower screaming about HIS accomplishments.   She has been in politics most of her life and in this political season her experience works against her. I would like her to be more accessible to the public and the press, to come clean about the e-mails in 150 words or less.

If the elections took place today she would be Madam President, however this August and November is a year away in politics.





AM I Next? Will I die this weekend?

All the lights in my car are operational. My registration will be current this afternoon.  Easily accessible copies of my vehicle registration will be placed in white envelopes throughout my car.  My wallet with my identification will be in the cup holder of my car.

I plan to  visit a commercial property a friend recently purchased in a rural county outside of Sacramento.    I have been stopped without cause, several times. It’s a given if your black or brown.  It doesn’t matter if your driving a two hundred dollar Toyota Corolla or a ninety thousand dollar Mercedes.

 I was stopped on Highway 16 on route to the Jackson Rancheria Casino with a young friend. I saw the officer give us a  look and knew we would be pulled over.   I didn’t say anything to her, I was just hoping she would remain calm.  A black man and a young white girl. Sure enough, he made a u-turn and turned on his lights.  He asked for my license and stared at the two of us. She was outraged, she didn’t understand, I waved my hand to calm her.   I think the event changed who she was.  No ticket was issued, we were allowed to proceed.  Recently, we shared that 15 year old story with her husband.

In light of Dallas, law enforcement agencies are advising officers to be vigilant.

I am saddened by the murders of the officers in Dallas sad for their friends and families.  I’m also sad for the families of  Dylan Noble(White Lives Matter 2) in Fresno, California or Alton Sterling of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Philando Castile of St Paul, Minnesota who were also murdered.

A few news pundits will look into the backgrounds of the police officers and dissect the backgrounds of the murdered citizens. Despite what we saw, perhaps their backgrounds caused them to be murdered by the police.

 Abdullah Muflahi, owner of the Triple S Mart decision to release the store video to the press instead of the police cleared up any misconceptions as Muflahi’s video does not appear to support the officer’s claim that Sterling’s gun represented an active threat: It appears to have been in a pocket and never reached his hand. Instead, the video shows Sterling pinned down, shot twice in the chest, and then shot four more times. Some believe the video might have  been suppressed by the Police Department

There will be more protest all over the country this week .

Some officers will be nervous, while they are professionals they are also human.  There are few people of color east of Sacramento. For some,brown skin is brown skin, doesn’t matter if your Indian, Latino, or from the Middle East and Black is always black.   Stereotypes fester when there is one race and  when there is no social interactions with people of different hues and backgrounds.  Some communities might benefit when it has officers who reflect the communities they serve.

SO, this weekend. I’m heading east to the foothills.  I’m not a gang member, I have no weapons of minimal or mass destruction. I don’t drink and the only drugs  can  be found on me is warfin and high blood pressure mediation.  I do happen to be a big and tall black man, intimidating to some.

I never plan to be stopped by the police,it’s never a goal.  I support the police, most are honorable some are friends. . But I also have history (DWB).  My concerns are real.  It is not a myth, unarmed black people are being killed.

Am I next? Will I die this weekend?


Them and They on Right Wing Radio

Close-up of the 1965 AM radio

“Many of them are ill-educated and have tattoos on their foreheads, and I hate to be generalized about it, but it’s true. If you look at all the educational statistics, how are you going to get jobs for people who aren’t qualified for jobs?”

“:Bill O’Reilly 4/11/16 Regarding African American Unemployment.


I’ve listened to a lot of right wing radio in the last few days as I drive thorough the southwest.  Much of  it was entertaining and insightful.  Left wing radio is difficult to find unless you have satellite radio and  I like hearing from both sides.

One topic on Am radio in Albuquerque yesterday was race relations.  According to a Gallup poll, concerns over race have reached 15 year high.   Of course this topic would begin as I am nearing my hotel after a long drive.

The host and some of the callers believed with a black president, race relations should be better.  He went on to say, that things are much better for African Americans when you compare today to the sixties.

All the callers were white. Many of the callers blamed Obama for fanning the flames of racism.      Other were mad, blaming black people, some believed the racism was reversed with black people being racist towards white people.   The terms, them and they was used frequently.

One man said he was a redneck married to a black woman and they worked in the same office and he was angry!      Another man called in to say that  white people love African Americans, we love the players (sports).   One man  said he worked for a Police Department and was up for a promotion and was told the next seven promotions would go to black officers and that when he began resenting blacks.

A man said his  daughter was pasted over for a black child in a private school.  Trump is gonna make things better as people are mad!

The host and a caller quoted Martin Luther King (content vs color of a persons skin) and wondered what he would think if he were alive?

I wondered where were the callers of color?  Albuquerque has a small black population but a large population of Hispanics. Where were my Latino brothers?

So I pulled over and called the station.

When they picked up I said “Black Man here”

On air, I told  him, Obama is a single drop of rain.  To expect the one drop to change the course of this nations is unrealistic.    The first women , the first Jew, will have challenges.

As a baby boomer, I have seen and been a victim of discrimination.  Have seen black and brown people having their basic rights discarded.  To see it again via Social Media is difficult and serves as a reminder that little has changed.   This is the first time for young black and browns seeing this for the first time.   We’ve known about it for some time. but to see it played out again and again with very few officers convicted for killing unarmed people is  just a very painful reminder that our lived don’t matter!

The Host was very respectful and didn’t hang up.  Which happens when I call right wing radio.       As I made the left turn towards my hotel.  It occurred to me, the reason no one of color didn’t call in, few people of color listens to right wing radio.

I wish I could have said, for the one white person passed over for a black. Means hundred of blacks and people of color was passed over and one exception was made.

I wish I could have said, despite all the laws on the books.  People of color ,women and gays are still discriminated against.  If you name is Jesus, Soon, Meja, Lekisha, Ramirez, Jackson you may (despite your qualifications) not get a response from your resume.

You address may determine if your resume will be considered.  IN 2016.

In 2016, you may have one black, one latino per office. Successful Integration is when the workplace  reflects the community.

They and Them

I can almost always tell, if someone knows more than one person of a different race.or culture. This person is comfortable with nearly all people.

The person who has a single friend or co-worker or acquaintance  who is of a different race or culture.   Will often say, ” I have a white friend and they……… or use the term those people.      Often becoming an authority on an entire race or culture based on an  interaction with a single person.  The person who has little contact with people outside their race often use “Them” or Those people.

How often do you refer to a friend and their family as :They, They or Those?

I have never introduced someone as my Chinese friend and while I have been black all my life, I am no expert on all black lives.

 Bill O’Reilly works in one of the most culturally diverse cities on the plant.  It is my second home.  I have seen two black men with tattoos on their foreheads, I’ve also seen Hispanics, Caucasians, and Asians with tattoos on their foreheads.  Its not common unless you live near a tattoo parlor and even then….