Why I call my male freinds king

(iStock) By:Malcolm-Aimé Musoni/Washington  Post Male friendship is often mocked, in the many “bro culture” memes and the jokey way we invoke the word “bromance.” For both men and women, it’s easier to laugh and ridicule than to accept that genuine love between male friends is real, and can be wholesome and completely devoid of toxicContinue reading “Why I call my male freinds king”

Nigger (Part 10145) Nigga (Part 27)

By:CityFella The world stopped for a brief moment. For a few seconds the people in Concourse B, at the busy Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport between Gates 23 and 25 was in a state of suspended animation after two white girls screamed  there’s my nigga to a black girl.   The white girls had that suburbanContinue reading “Nigger (Part 10145) Nigga (Part 27)”

Detangling racism: White women’s fixation with black women’s hair

The ongoing obsession with black women‘s hair is now the stuff of art shows. One, in particular, raises questions BY BRITTNEY COOPER This post originally appeared on Crunk Feminist Collective. Pictures from a new exhibit by photographer Endia Beal called “Can I Touch It?” showcase several white women, all corporate execs, who agreed to get a “black hairstyle” andContinue reading “Detangling racism: White women’s fixation with black women’s hair”

Quite Possibly the Worst Online Dating Profile … Ever and Beyond

By Lucia Peters/Betty Confidential With this Austin man’s list of girlfriend requirements, it’s no wonder he’s single. And no, we’re not exaggerating. Ladies, meet Sleepless in Austin. Like so many, Sleepless in Austin is on a quest. What kind of quest, you ask? A quest… for LOVE! Unfortunately he happens to be so bigoted that it’sContinue reading “Quite Possibly the Worst Online Dating Profile … Ever and Beyond”

Dear angry white conservatives: Chill out The Sky is not falling

All is not lost with Romney’s defeat — but it may be time to tune into a different news station Dear angry white conservatives who are mourning Mitt Romney’s loss, If Fox News is any indication, many of you are dismayed, upset, and befuddled by Mitt Romney’s loss to President Obama. Some of these feelingsContinue reading “Dear angry white conservatives: Chill out The Sky is not falling”

White Men Dating Black Women (its a different world)

“ For a Black girl she looks good, but I like my women pink”    the comment was from a co-worker at the UA Movies4  in Fresno, California  where I worked while I  was a student in college. The women, was Mona( Tracy Reed) who was the serious object of desire of T.C (Franklin Ajaye) inContinue reading “White Men Dating Black Women (its a different world)”

First Miss Black France causes controversy

Controversial beauty contest “Miss Black France” crowned a Senegalese student in Paris this weekend. But the event, picketed by far-right protesters, has divided opinion in France. Mbathio Beye, a 21-year-old Senegalese student of marketing strategy in Paris was crowned Miss Black France . Romy Niaba, a 22-year-old political science student of Ivory Coast descent, andContinue reading “First Miss Black France causes controversy”

How Losing My Hair Helped Me Find Myself

“Is my HAIR falling out?” I was trying to quell the panic in my voice and my head as my husband and I stood in the bathroom mirror. I think he muttered some niceties, you know, the way husbands do in an effort to keep the dust down. But I didn’t need him to confirmContinue reading “How Losing My Hair Helped Me Find Myself”

My White Brother in Law*

Oh to be a fly on THAT wall.  The  black (man) fiancee  is coming to dinner  and it’s not Sidney Poitier.  I’m sure there where quite a few questions from the Lodi family. Black People in Lodi? Marrying someone out of my race, wasn’t a total shock from my side of the family, my life wasContinue reading “My White Brother in Law*”

Black and white twins

James and Daniel are twins. What sets them apart is that one is white and one is black – and the differences don’t end there, as Joanna Moorhead discovers James (left) and Daniel Kelly, twin brothers The two teenage boys sitting on the sofa opposite are different in almost every way. On the left isContinue reading “Black and white twins”