Buy A Buick Regal over a BMW 328 or Mercedes C250? Consumer Reports Say’s Yes!

By CityFella Wouldn’t you really want to have a Buick?   If you under 75 the answer is usually no or your kidding right?   When the average American thinks about a Buick , they remember Grandpa’s car, big powerful and floaty. The last big floaty Buick , the Lucerne was sent to the farmContinue reading “Buy A Buick Regal over a BMW 328 or Mercedes C250? Consumer Reports Say’s Yes!”

The Best Cars That Almost Nobody Buys

If sales volumes accurately predicted quality, we might think Justin Bieber were a better musician than Mozart. But in many areas of life, the most popular things are not always the greatest. That certainly holds true for cars: the Ford F-150 and Toyota Camry may be the two top-selling vehicles in America, but that doesn’t necessarily mean theyContinue reading “The Best Cars That Almost Nobody Buys”

2011 Chevy Cruze-The Caddy of small cars (Sac-gas 4.16)

While the mid size (Honda Accord, Ford Fusion and Toyota Camry) is far and away the popular segment in the United States, the activity this year is the compact segment with 6 new models. This year the american manufactures has taken the lead.   For many years with the exception of the Ford Focus, theContinue reading “2011 Chevy Cruze-The Caddy of small cars (Sac-gas 4.16)”

Ford is taking no prisoners

2010 is Ford year . Ford overtook Volkswagen as the best selling name plate in Europe.  In the US, sales are up, (24% in April) its market share is the highest since 1977.      Sales  are up on nearly every model  except the Mustang.     The new Chevy Camero with its newer design and more powerful moreContinue reading “Ford is taking no prisoners”