Bullying Around The World: 11 yo Spanish Student Leaps from Window

The parents of an eleven-year-old boy who was driven to suicide by school bullies have published his heartbreaking goodbye in a bid to highlight the case. Diego threw himself out of the fifth floor window at the family home in Villaverde on October 14th after complaining that he was unhappy at school. But before heContinue reading “Bullying Around The World: 11 yo Spanish Student Leaps from Window”

Germany: hits back at bullying

Bullying stock photo: Shutterstock As footage of violent attacks on children by their peers increasingly finds its way onto the internet, a court in Lower Saxony on Monday handed three-year sentences to perpetrators of a May assault on a 14-year-old girl. It was only by chance that the victim did not suffer serious and potentiallyContinue reading “Germany: hits back at bullying”

Yuba City Students stand up to Anti-Gay Bullying

Onkar Singh endured taunts, slurs and physical threats from classmates for years before he came out of the closet. And once he openly told people he was gay, the name-calling and bullying grew even worse. Now president of the River Valley High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance Club, the sophomore joined nine of his peers Thursday toContinue reading “Yuba City Students stand up to Anti-Gay Bullying”