Japan: Majority of firms cutting jobs and pay to survive pandemic

A woman crosses a street in Tokyo’s glitzy Ginza area on Tuesday. | AFP-JIJI By: Tetsushi Kajimoto/Reuters A majority of firms said they have taken steps — from layoffs to pay cuts — to cope with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic on the world’s third-largest economy, according to a monthly poll.   The governmentContinue reading “Japan: Majority of firms cutting jobs and pay to survive pandemic”

The Preposterous Success Story of America’s Pillow King

Former drug addict Mike Lindell’s multimillion-dollar idea came to him in a dream. By: Josh Dean\Bloomberg.com As so many great entrepreneurial success stories do, the tale of Mike Lindell begins in a crack house. It was the fall of 2008, and the then 47-year-old divorced father of four from the Minneapolis suburbs had run outContinue reading “The Preposterous Success Story of America’s Pillow King”

All This and A Bag of Chips

He was the first person in his family to complete college. A natural salesman he has sold everything from nuts to cars.  He married his girlfriend from college and they have three children. He and his wife are well respected in their community as they enthusiastically volunteer in their church and local schools.  He andContinue reading “All This and A Bag of Chips”

Old Sacramento Deserves More Than a Notion

  Sacramento’s Premier tourist destination is in need of more than occasional attention from the city.  The number of for rent signs seems to be increasing monthly.   On the weekends the area is bustling with tourist, in horse drawn carriages and filling the restaurants.  During the week there are few tourists and with fewerContinue reading “Old Sacramento Deserves More Than a Notion”

Secrets of the penny candy jar: From Tootsie Rolls to Necco wafers, the real story behind every nostalgic treat

Whether you loved Milk Duds, Pixy Stix, the Circus Peanut or the Charleston Chew, these histories are sweet By: Susan Benjamin Excerpted from “Sweet as Sin” One of the beauties of the penny candy store was how you collected your stash. Some candies were unwrapped, and you picked these up with a small scoop, aContinue reading “Secrets of the penny candy jar: From Tootsie Rolls to Necco wafers, the real story behind every nostalgic treat”

Dollar Madness on 12 & S

It was coming and long overdue, I had to let go of my blue dustpan.   It was abused over the years ,walked on, sat on,  its been a part of my household for over four years now.(wiping a slow tear) But I had to let Betsy go.. (yes it has a name!) I haveContinue reading “Dollar Madness on 12 & S”

Germany: Man blows up house inflating air mattress

A German man cause more than $100,000 of damage to his rented house after trying to repair an inflatable mattress. Being new in town, he had no furniture – and now he has no windows or doors. The 41-year-old, who has not been named, had moved to the town of Diepholz in Lower Saxony andContinue reading “Germany: Man blows up house inflating air mattress”

A place where everybody knows your name

Jenny Konkin and brother Josh Konkin unload items for the Whole Way House fundraising picnic at the Prospect picnic area, Stanley Park on Saturday, July 20 2013. Photograph by: Gerry Kahrmann , Vancouver Sun When Jenny Konkin and her brother took over running the Avalon hotel in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside from their grandmother three years ago,Continue reading “A place where everybody knows your name”

Italy’s small shops face extinction

An estimated 21,000 small shops have closed since January Twenty-one thousand shops have closed in Italy since the beginning of the year, according to figures released today by the retail association, Confesercenti. If the rate of decline continues then 43,000 will be shut by the end of the year and there will be no smallContinue reading “Italy’s small shops face extinction”

Snap Upload, A New York Subway Slobway Star is Born

If you see something, snap something. Straphangers are exposing slobs who have turned our trains into the New York City schlubway. Scores of Internet photos show slovenly passengers picking their noses, massaging their feet, clipping their toenails and eating smelly food. One cringe-worthy snapshot shows a woman with her pants pulled down and her bareContinue reading “Snap Upload, A New York Subway Slobway Star is Born”